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Top 5 Best Desks - Episode 2

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to episode 2 of the best desks of 2016 now if you guys somehow missed my first episode I'll drop a link to it down below but before we continue I want to give a huge thanks to the sponsor of this episode dot tech as you guys know I have actually two dot tech domains one is Edgar Tech which will take you to my youtube channel and my most recent one is deal source tech which will take you to my website not only does dot tech give you a much cooler domain name but it also ties in well with the theme of my channel they're actually turning one on the 5th of August and to celebrate this awesome occasion with all of you tech enthusiasts there's a special offer from the dot tech squad you guys can now get your very own dot tech domain for $2.99 for a limited period what's more is that they're actually giving away a kick-ass drone to the person that has the most creative website so if you guys are interested in getting a new domain name and want to enter to win a drone make sure to visit Edgar get dot tech or click on the link below alright so starting off the episode we have the market up from beyond the office store now these are the guys behind the vertex which is the desk I'm using for my main setup so this is the new product that comes in several lengths and two different colors for the base either silver or black this is an adjustable desk so there's a switch on the right side that allows you to bring the desk up or down by pressing on the button unfortunately it's not automated so you do have to hold it down with your finger to adjust the height it does come with two cable raceways which is awesome and helping with the cable management and features a set of casters making it very mobile but the most coolest feature and my personal favorite is the fact that this can be flipped up into a whiteboard that's right guys this table doubles as a whiteboard and it comes with a set of markers and a dry eraser I do want to emphasize that this is not ideal for setups and instead is perfect for office or professional use I for one I'm excited to start using this in my office next year it's gonna help me so much when it comes to writing down schedules for projects upcoming PC builds video ideas and so much more I can use it as a desk whenever I need one and simply pop it into a whiteboard when I need to write some stuff down brilliant next up we have the IKEA McKay desk this is a very stylish and minimalistic desk that's perfect for single monitor setups with a PC on the side or a dual monitor setup with the PC on the floor it only costs $80 depending on where you live and they come in a variety of colors there's even some with different variations you can pick one up with a drawer on either side or get one without the standard version comes with two drawers on the top and a drawer on the bottom which you can use to store your PC or other items and it also comes to a rack underneath to help with the cable management there's a pre-drilled hole on the top that can be used to wrap the wires honestly for the price and the size of this desk it offers a lot of nice features this is definitely one of my favorites at number three we have the ultra dakota that goes for around 120 dollars and it's available in a few different variations and colors now this is an l-shaped desk that offers lots of surface area to work with there's a few reasons why this type of desk is great first off it's awesome for multi-monitor setups as you can sit in the corner of the desk and curve the monitors around you second you have lots of extra space for other devices like printers consoles lamps or other things there is a hole in the back for cable management as well as a backboard which is nice since you can pretty much hook up everything behind they're using some 3m tape and lastly there's a few shelves on the right side to store books or other miscellaneous items overall for the price this is a very solid desk at number four we have the very popular IKEA back hands desk that has a few variations there's a motorized version that cost about 650 bucks and a standard version for around 240 there's also a plethora of color options to choose from what makes the backhand desk very popular is the solid construction and size with a surface area of 63 by 43 inches you can not only keep your PC on the desk but also have room for a few monitors the legs are also adjustable to satisfy your height requirement and lastly it comes with a net underneath that will aid you in storing all of your cables last but not least we have the monarch specialties desk it's perfect for laptop or single monitor setups or it can even be used as decorative furniture it's definitely on the pricey side but I wouldn't buy this just for my setup instead I would buy it because it will look good with the rest of the furniture in my room in this case you are paying more for aesthetics than actual functionality but damn does that look sleek for $100 more you can pick up a different variation of the desk that comes with a shelf add-on this is definitely the perfect desk for anyone who loves the modern look but that will do it for this video if you guys enjoyed it and want to see another episode of the best desks for 2016 be sure to hit that like button I'll drop a link to the desks I featured in this video and thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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