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Top 5 Best Graphics Cards Under $200 - Early 2016

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and welcome to the top five graphics cards under $200 for early 2016 I might be going over temps the benchmarks and specs and give you guys a summary of which of these cards has the best bang for your buck at the end of this video so the way sing a number time let's begin the five graphics cards that I'll be testing in this video are the following the zotac gtx 750ti gigabyte r7 370 msi r9 380 EVGA gtx 950 and an EVGA gtx 960 by the way you guys can find all of these cards linked below if anyone is interested to keep the comparison fair I picked up the 2 gigabyte variants for all of the cards but you guys are interested in the same exact video for the 4 gigabyte variant make sure to drop a comment down below letting me know the PC that I'm using to run the benchmarks is man tix that has a 6700 K which is overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz to ensure that there is no CPU bottlenecking it also has 16 gigabytes of RAM a dark rock pro 3 CPU cooler and an MSI z170 i motherboard the smallest and cheapest of them all is the zotac gtx 750ti coming in at 104 99 on Amazon and please keep in mind that prices do fluctuate depending on when you're watching this video if you just say 10 33 megahertz base clock with a 128-bit memory bus and features one HDMI one DisplayPort and a single dl DVI port the gigabyte r7 370 goes for around 150 bucks and has a base clock of 975 megahertz but a 256-bit memory interface it also features one HDMI one DisplayPort and both DVID and I ports it also comes with a dope looking backplate the msi r9 380 goes for around $180 and has a base clock of 980 megahertz 256-bit memory interface and features these same ports as the r7 370 the EVGA gtx 950 goes for around 160 dollars and has a base clock of 11 90 megahertz a 128-bit memory interface and features three display ports one HDMI and one bullying TBI and finally the EVGA gtx 960 goes for around $190 and as a base clock of 1279 and a 128-bit memory interface with these same ports as the gtx 950 before we jump into the benchmarks let's take a quick look at the temps as you can see the two coolest cards on idle goes to the zotac gtx 750ti and the gtx 950 coming in at just 30 degrees Celsius followed closely by the r7 370 and the hottest card goes to the r9 380 please keep in mind that these temps may vary depending on your PC case airflow room temperatures and a few other factors I'm just showing you these for comparison reasons during full load the 750 Ti is by far the coolest card and the r9 380 is the hottest followed closely by the gtx 960 the r9 380 is also the loudest card and you guys want to hear sound comparisons in my next video make sure to leave a comment below for 5 spec benchmarks the r9 380 takes first place with a score of 78 45 followed by the gtx 960 then we have the 950 and third place r7 370 and fourth and lastly the gtx 750ti running the Unigine Heaven benchmark we can see that the 750 Ti had the lowest average fps whereas the r9 380 took the lead at 60 6.9 followed closely by the gtx 960 similar results were shown during the Metro last light benchmark with the 380 being on the top and once again closely followed by the gtx 960 and then the 750 Ti all the way on the bottom but when it came to GTA 5 surprisingly the gtx 960 took first place with an average FPS came out of 106 with a 380 coming in second with 105 instead once again the 750 Ti stays in last place so based on these scores and the current price of the graphics cards here is your price / performance scores the best bang for your buck graphics card goes to the zotac 750 Ti with a score of 1.93 and the second best graphics card for the money goes to the EVGA gtx 950 surprisingly the r7 370 and the gtx 960 are a little too expensive for the performance they are are compared to the other cards if you want to gain a noticeable amount of performance and games and have a little more to spend then the gtx 950 is the obvious choice in terms of budget however if you guys want the best possible performance under $200 the r9 380 is the obvious choice over the gtx 960 if you guys enjoyed this video or if it helped you out make sure to leave a like to show your support and let me know what type of GPUs you want me to do in my next top 5 GPU video you guys want me to compare all of these 750ti variants like the EVGA Asus ZOTAC and all those all you want to see a high end GPU comparison I can type the next 980ti the r9 theory and all of that whatever it is let me know in the comments section down below and as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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