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Top 5 Best Headphones Under $200

lots of guys inside from Texas and in this video we'll be going over five of the best headphones that you can currently buy under 200 bucks and you guys can find the links to them down below in the description section let's begin so starting off the list is none other than the audio technica m50x is and it's no surprise that these have been one of the highest rated pair of headphones in the market and chances are you either heard of them or are wearing them right now while watching this video the quality of these headphones are amazing you get aluminum sliders with a soft cushion pad for the head bands which are also extremely flexible I really like how portable these are - you can basically fold them up and take them wherever you go the ear cup cushions on the other hand are really soft and the ear cups are large enough to go over my ears which also provide excellent noise isolation with that being said these aren't the most comfortable to wear over long hours at a time the most I can wear these headphones before they start hurting my ears are approximately 2 hours the attention to detail is also something to note on these audio technica does a great job when it comes to their quality check and they make sure every inch of their products reflect that speaking of attention to detail I've added some awesome carbon fiber skins to my m50 X's so it better matches the theme of my setup but if you guys own a pair of m50x says I want to pimp out your headphones like I did be sure to check them out by clicking on a link in the description section down below the sound quality is also the same as the m50 S you get really rich deep lows balanced mids and detailed highs the only noticeable difference between the previous model is the detachable cable I would recommend these headphones for media consumption mixing music video editing and even gaming they are that good next up on the list are the bose soundtrue headphones and what i noticed as soon as i put these on was how extremely light and comfortable these were in fact these are one of the most comfortable headphones i have ever worn the cushions completely surround my ear which also provides excellent noise isolation from ambient sounds I also do like the fact that it comes with a detachable cable with a built-in mic and media controls and I'm really happy with the length of the wire coming it has 66 inches you do get a plastic matte finish on the headphones with aluminum sliders and these are also extremely flexible the ear cups rotate about 90 degrees and the headband can be stretched out quite a bit practically are guaranteed to find a comfortable fit at first I thought these look a bit flimsy but don't be fooled at the plastic construction these can be twisted and stretched out quite a bit without a problem it does come with a need carrying case so I would advise storing these in there for travel now let's talk about the sound quality the low end on these headphones are very deep and well defined but the bass isn't really over-the-top these headphones are not for bass heads but moving on to mid-range I noticed some areas that lack in definition but overall the mid-range has plenty of depth and very nice clarity same goes with the high-end I hear a lot more detail on my sound that I didn't catch on other headphones overall these headphones lean towards the accurate side but not as accurate to be used for monitoring audio these headphones focus more towards sound that's pleasing to the ears but overall they are great for gaming media consumption and non hardcore sound monitoring a number three we have the v-moda LP 2 or L p-squared headphone depending on how you look at it it comes in an exoskeleton carrying case with two threaded cables one with a microphone and remote control and one without you also get two replaceable ear cup shields a carabiner clip and a quarter inch audio adapter which is great if you plug your headphones in an audio interface the build quality is on another level v-moda is known for their military-grade construction the air phones are made out of metal and Kevlar with a matte black finish and like the previous two headphones these two come with a detachable cable with a built-in mic to take calls in terms of comfort I'm not that satisfied with these to be honest their cups are not large enough to surround my ear and instead rest against my ears which becomes uncomfortable having them on for over an hour with that said the noise isolation isn't that great either compared to the other over-the-ear headphones in this video it's not as flexible as well the ear cups pivot in and out but that's pretty much all the flexibility you get with these now let's talk about the sound quality these headphones are geared more towards bass heads and DJs the low end is really deep and full and somewhat overpowering the difference is night and day coming from the m50x s and even the bose soundtrue the sound is definitely not on the crispy side if you guys want a more clear and open sound the v-moda and class something you should look into instead the meds aren't as money compared to other base oriented headphones and highs are very detailed I wouldn't recommend this for gaming or monitoring sound but for listening to music or watching movies these will do great I like the past three headphones which were closed back the sign Heiser 598 are open back audiophile grade headphones definitely not the best looking pair of headphones I've seen but man are they comfortable to wear the plastic frame and construction of the headphones contribute to it super lightweight and the ear cups are enormous it will practically fit any ear the pads are made out of wheeler which are extremely comfortable the ear cups have just enough movement both horizontally and vertically to get you a nice snug fit now because these are open back headphones there is no noise isolation and lots of sound leak will be present it does come with a detachable cable but unlike the previous headphones these don't come with a built-in mic or remote and instead you get a quarter inch jack as its default connection with a 3.5 millimeter jack as an adapter so let's talk about the sound these are claimed to be an all-purpose pair of headphones great for gaming media consumption and even monitoring sound I will tell you this though the sound is crispy and clear and I've noticed this while gaming I can actually hear the footsteps of an enemy approaching around the corner the bass on the other hand isn't something to praise about Sennheiser isn't known for their hard-hitting bigs so if you're looking to rattle your brain with these headphones you need to look elsewhere the mid-range is definitely present and perhaps the strongest of the three the vocals are extremely clear and everything comes together really well which brings the music to life and you can thank the amazing wide-open soundstage for that overall these are one of the best all-purpose pair of open-back headphones for under $200 that you can buy and I recommend this for all types of media gaming and even monitoring sound last but not least we have the AKG 267 Tiesto headphones now these are close back full sized around the ear sealed headphones construction is metal leather and plastic whereas the ear cup frame is made out of aluminum and the artificial leather cups are large enough to cover practically any sized ear which also provides a nice seal to isolate outside noise in terms of flexibility these can stretch and twist without any problems the ear cups can also rotate a full 90 degrees as well as fold inwards which makes it great for travel by using the include caring bag on the bottom of the headphones you will notice two mini XLR connectors allowing the user to plug in the headphone cable into either side now it does come with two sets of cables one coiled and one straight that also comes with a quarter inch adapter on the ear cups there are two inner rings on each side which can be rotated to adjust the base levels you can set them to Studio Club or stage the studio setting gives a more flat base moving it up to Club it raises the base about two decibels and lastly the stage setting bumps it up by seven decibels from the studio setting the overall sound is nicely neutral with a good base punch and a non fatiguing treble overall I would recommend these for DJs and even people that are looking for a nice pair of sealed headphones for media consumption and gaming these are actually a lot cheaper on mass drops if you guys are thinking about picking up a pair don't pay full retail price for them math shop is a group buying website that offers a ton of tech products at a cheaper price so make sure to check them out by clicking on the link down below if you're interested so those are my top five picks of the best headphones you can buy on their 200 bucks now if you guys enjoy the video or if this video helped you out let me know by leaving a like as it does help me out a ton also let me know if there's a specific top 5 video you guys want me to work on or a different price range of headphones you guys want me to do by dropping a comment down below as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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