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Top 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $50

what's up guys at that from tech source and in this video we're going to be taking a look at the top five mechanical keyboards under fifty bucks and you guys can find the links to all of these down below let's begin for the sake of not repeating myself throughout this entire video each of these keyboards have blew out two Moo switches which are basically Cherry MX blue equivalent so first up on the list is the Eagle tech kg zero 11 which goes for 49 bucks the base is constructed out of ABS while the back plate is made out of this brushed aluminum material which gets scratched pretty easily seriously I've only had this for about an hour and there's already a mark on it other than that the build quality is very sturdy the keys do feature this high-tech style font which is pretty cool and also features a Windows lock key and 100% anti-ghosting here's a quick typing sample a few things I don't like about this keyboard it doesn't come with a wrist rest only features blue LEDs which by the way you guys can adjust the brightness via function key and the size while typing I'm not able to reach the backspace button which is pretty inconvenient also there's about two inches of unused space near the top of the keyboard which is unnecessary and contributes to the overall size of the keyboard my overall rating on this keyboard is a solid eight the things I like about this keyboard aesthetics build quality numpad feature and the backlighting the aluminum backplate with the white key caps really looks nice and the LEDs are more intense due to the reflective backplate the sades k10 is the only other keyboard on this list with a full numpad it goes for $49.99 and features a full abs plastic construction with a gold backplate it also comes with a Windows lock key and anti-ghosting as well the keyboard is also the only one that I came across that has multiple colored LEDs basically each world the keys has its own color and they are not customizable so if you want an entire keyboard to be backlit in blue or red then you're Sol you can however change the animation and brightness using the function key there are a bunch of different style of animations from a wave effect all the way to a spiral effect which is pretty cool you can also change the speed of the animation by using the arrow keys here's a quick type example the things I don't like about this keyboard there is no wrist rest you don't have the ability to change the colors of the LEDs and the ugly backplate color I don't know about you guys but gold is a nasty color on keyboards speaking of colors the backlighting isn't as strong as the eagletech keyboard probably because of the non reflective and dark backlight color the things I like full numpad access sturdy build and cable management I love the fact that you have the option to route the wire at any direction you want from left to right or even just keep it in the center this is especially great for those that have a hole drilled in their desk because you can easily wrap the cable straight down for a wireless look despite the ugly gold backplate I might give this keyboard a solid 9 for what it offers these last big keyboards don't feature a numpad and are more compact first up we have the Tomoko MMC 0:23 which goes for around $38 the base is made out of ABS plastic with a metal backplate and it features anti-ghosting and key rollover and of course a Windows lock key for gaming perhaps its main feature is the fact that it's water-resistant you can pour an entire glass of water on it and it will still work without any problems it also features three drain holes in the back allowing the liquid to pour out of the keyboard things I don't like no numpad obviously no LED backlighting and no wrist support what I like about this keyboard is the fact that is water resistant and the construction feels very sturdy and the keyboard actually has a pretty heavy weight to it I would even go far and say that it weighs as much as my Corsair strafe this keyboard is a solid 7 next up we have my favorite keyboard out of the 5 in this video this is the key sound which is a 60 key mini gaming keyboard with only 5 rows of keys this means that there is a lot of overlapping basically the F keys are combined with the number keys up top and then you have the multimedia shortcuts near the bottom even the home and end buttons are overlapping with the page up and page down the base is made out of ABS plastic while the backplate is constructed out of aluminum but despite the size this is one sturdy keyboard I can't quite figure out why I love typing on this so much even more than my own Coursera Wave keyboard maybe it's the overall footprint or the satisfaction of feedback I get when pressing each key I mean whatever it is I really enjoy it here's a quick sample the negatives about this keyboard are you probably guessed it no backlighting with support numpad or even a windows lock key which I find very odd considering this is labeled as a gaming keyboard what's more is that it features anti-ghosting but only up to seven keys what I love about this keyboard is the compact form factor build quality and the feedback and sound from typing on it it also comes with a detachable USB cable which is perfect for cable management since you can wrap the cable straight down and do the desk assuming you have a hole in your desk furthermore it comes with a micro USB OTG adapter meaning you guys can connect this keyboard to your smartphone or tablet if it supports OTG overall this is a solid keyboard and I would definitely recommend this more for people who travel around and want a fully mechanical keyboard to use with their laptops or tablets for my experience with this keyboard the past week I'm giving it a solid eight last but not least we have the red dragon kumara that goes for around 40 bucks this is a backlit keyboard with red LEDs that feature an ABS and aluminum construction it's actually very similar to the Tomoko keyboard in terms of build quality and the layout of the keys with the exception of it being backlit it does feature Windows lock key anti-ghosting up to seven keys which is nice but it's lacking a wrist rest and a numpad I really don't have anything bad to say about this keyboard for the price it does what it's supposed to but because it's backlit with red LEDs imma give it one more point than the tomoko keyboard the Chamorro is an older version of the red dragon so if this keyboard is sold out by the time you watching this video I'll drop a link to their new version which is the exact same keyboard but with a newer and cooler design so that basically wraps up the top five keyboards under 50 if you guys enjoy my top 5 series or if this video was helpful make sure leave a like to show your support then you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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