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Top 5 Best Microphones Under $25 - 2018

what's happening guys is MTX aureus welcome back to another top 5 video here on the channel I know it's been a while but I wouldn't be focusing on the best plug-and-play microphones under $25 and I've actually scoured Amazon and I found that the highest rated microphones under 25 bucks and I purchased them my selves none of this is sponsored here's a screenshot of the purchase order I also want to make it clear to you guys that these samples you here in this video coming from the microphones may not be the same from your end because of several reasons for example using cheap headphones or crappy sounding speakers the audio input coming from microphones also might be their friend and that depends on what device you use to record on for example recording on a desktop PC it's gonna sound better compared to a laptop or a tablet that's because of the sound cards or the onboard audio so to make this comparison as fair as possible I'm gonna record all these microphones from my desktop PC back at home and they're gonna be about 6 inches from my mouth in front of the keyboard so be pretty much like this alright so with that said let's start off with a clear microphone which can be used with the ps4 and PC it comes with a built-in adjustable stand with a gain control wheel and also a mute switch on the top of the neck the black and red design might be a deal-breaker for some people if they're set up heavily relies on a specific color scheme but other than that it's a solid mic for the price next up is the fie fine which is a USB plug and play microphone it comes with a tiny metal tripod that lets you only adjust the tilt angle and also comes with a removable windscreen the neutral color of the mic makes it perfect for most setups and the sound quality is very clear and crisp in fact you can even use this microphone to do voiceovers or a semi-professional audio work in the right environment next up on the list is the toner microphone which for some reason is very popular on Amazon it comes with a tripod that lets you adjust the tilt angle and a long red cable with a 3.5 millimeter jack the mic has decent quality it's definitely not the best from the list it does a great job blocking out the background noise in fact it does such a great job blocking out the noise that it has trouble picking up all the sound so if you talk very low or if the microphone is far from your mouth it's gonna sound like you're skipping some words but the price it's decent alright so next up is the sum gut now this is a generic BM 800 microfilm that gets rebranded by other Chinese companies however this one is the highest rated and the lowest price it does come with the immovable windscreen shock mount and an XLR to 3.5 millimeter jack now the downside of this microphone is that it doesn't come with a stand or a boom arm making this less attractive and kind of defeats the purpose of casting on there $25.00 since you have to buy a stand for it there is one out there that cost less than $10 and it works with this microphone and I'll drop a link below if you guys wanna check it out now the quality also isn't the best because of the 3.5 milimeter connection anytime you switch from XLR to 3.5 millimeter the audio quality suffers greatly and just for comparison here's the same microphone test however this time I'm using an XLR cable and I plugged it into my euphoria audio interface you guys can tell the huge difference in audio quality if you really want the best audio you have to use an audio interface and a microphone with an XLR output and last but certainly not least we have the e Barre USB microphone it's easily the worst sounding microphone from the list however for only $8 it's meant to be a cheap solution to microphones it's perfect for laptops and travel due to the small compact size obviously I don't recommend it for gaming or any serious audio work this microphone is perfect for people who just need a microphone and don't really care about the quality of it iso based on the sound recording here is the list of the best sounding microphone - the worst sounding microphone the FIH fine hands-down sounds the best coming in a little on there 25 dollars in fact I'm using this microphone to record this segment of the video following up is the sun-god with the audio interface connection then we got the clear microphone and then after that we got the sun-god microphone but this time without the audio interface so we're using the XLR to 3.5 millimeter cable and then in fifth place we got the toner microphone and last but not least the e berry which is the worst like I said however for the price it does get the job it's over all the fee fine is the best sounding microphone it comes at a stand no audio interface needed just simply plug and play for under 25 bucks this is the best sounding microphone you can currently buy now if you guys are really serious about your audio then I strongly recommend picking up the yuphoria I use it in my own setup it costs 30 bucks and if you combine this with any XLR microphone your audio is gonna sound much better than any plug-and-play microphone out there I'll drop a link to a few microphones I personally recommend that cost a little more but sound much better when using an audio interface I also drop a boom arm which is recommended for the XLR type microphones because you want to get it as close as possible to your mouth and also a link to all the microphones featured in this video I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know by dropping a like if you guys want to see more videos like these and let me know in the comment section below what other top 5 video I should focus on and what budget I should stay on there thanks again for watching I love your faces and I will see you in the next one
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