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Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and it's been a while since I did a top 5 video and since the galaxy s7 is out I figured I'd put together a list of the 5 best cases let's begin so starting off the video is the crystal bumper case from Varys it's a two piece case with a transparent TPU layer that's surrounded by a PC bumper which obviously provides protection in the event that the phone drops it does have subtle curved edges which complement the curves on the s7 it also feels more natural in a hand the buttons are really easy to press without using any force at all and the cutouts are large enough to fit most third-party accessories however larger headphones like the m50 X's will not fit in a jack the case does have a slight lip so if you do place your phone facedown it will protect the screen the same goes for the camera and the back I do like transparent cases due to the fact that it doesn't hide the design of the phone and in my case I can show off the skins I've installed which by the way if you guys aren't a fan of cases and still want some protection you should definitely check out the brand's adding your skin is very minimalistic but at the same time it provides protection against scratches but I'll drop a link below if anyone's interested in checking them out if transparent cases aren't your style then the high profile is your next best option you get the same TPU material which has a brushed metal look and a hard bumper surrounding the case that comes in several different colors the only real difference between the crystal bumper and this is the TPU material and the cutouts for the camera you get one large cutout on the high profile whereas you get two separate cutouts for the crystal bumper next up we have case ology cases which are somewhat similar to the previous cases in the sense that it's a two-piece as well a dual layer TPU material to encompass the phone with a polycarbonate bumper I do have to say that I prefer the Vera's cases over these since the edges are not seamless the bumper piece does not wrap around the rest of the case and it's noticeable when holding it in the hand also the construction isn't as 30 other than that the buttons are easy to press and the cutouts are good enough for standard accessories but once again they're not big enough for larger 3.5 millimeter jacks the back of the case will definitely protect the EPOC shooting camera although i don't really feel too confident about the front of the phone the edges aren't raised by much it almost looks flush with the phone so i would definitely be careful laying it face down I do like the material in the back there this one has a three-dimensional pattern that feels pretty cool whereas the other case is made out of genuine leather at least that's what they claim on their website honestly it kind of feels like fake leather at number three we have our first bulky and most expensive case in this video this is the UAG wallet case not only does this case offer more protection in the previous cases but it also has a compartment to hold up to four credit cards if you don't mind the extra bulkiness of course I don't know if it's only my model but it seriously took some strength to pry open the case which was not attractive at all hopefully it gets loose when you use it multiple times other than that the buttons are pretty easy to press and the power button has a tactile grip which is a nice touch as far as the cutouts are concerned I'm really surprised that it's even large enough for bigger jacks like the m50x is the rear camera has definitely protected since it's very deep in there and the front is also protected since the edges are raised just enough because of the design and the material of this case it's definitely not the most comfortable when holding it in the hand but if you guys want a case that will do its job and protect the case with storage to hold your cards then this is something you should look into I just wish the case wasn't this bulky or uncomfortable to hold otherwise I would use it personally next up we have the spigen tough Armour series once again you get shock absorbing TPU and a polycarbonate shell the tough armor series are a bit pricey when compared to other cases but you do get what you pay for speaking does make some of the best cases out there and the tough armor series is no different the edges are flat which provides a solid grip and the volume and power buttons are flush with the case they are really easy to press and it doesn't stick out like the other cases it has a stealthy look to it and I like that the cutouts are also large enough for even bigger 3.5 millimeter jacks which is nice and the case provides a fair amount of lip to protect the front of the phone overall this is a really solid case and I have nothing bad to say about it last but not least we have the eye blazing armor box this is a three-piece case that comes with a screen protector well technically it's a two-piece but it does come with a belt clip which swivels 360 degrees this case is more aimed towards construction workers and people who like the outdoors since it can practically protect your phone from a tank the flaps on the microUSB port and headphone jack are there to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside and although it's a nice feature I kind of find it inconvenient to constantly remove it just to plug something in with that said I'm glad the cutouts are at least large enough to fit most third party accessories and even larger 3.5 millimeter jacks if you have a charging dock or a phone stand this might not be the best option for you since this case will definitely get in the way out of all the five cases in this video I have to say my favorite one is the virus high pro shelled I love the minimalistic design and how it feels in the hand without adding much bulk to the phone it's also more affordable compared to the others and I think for the value it offers a lot all the cases in this video will be listed down below if anyone is interested in checking them out but that will do it for the video if you guys enjoyed it and want to see more top 5 videos like these make sure to go ham on that like button to show your support thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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