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Top 5 Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Cases

so you brought the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus and now you're looking for a case to protect it well you came to the right place so I looked through Amazon the past few days and handpicked five of the best cases that got my attention all of these cases are compatible with both the iPhone 7 and 7 plus and as always you guys can find them link below for anyone that's interested but let's say you're not a case guy and prefer to keep the phone as thin as possible well then skins might be your best answer the one I have on my note 7 is from the brands and this is the new concrete material but they do have a bunch of different materials available especially for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus so make sure to check them out by visiting the first link below if you're interested alright so first up we have the ex Toria which is the most expensive case in this video coming in at $35 and that's because the bumper is made out of anodized aluminum this is actually a two-part case there's a tiny latch on the lower left that needs to be removed in order to slide out the polycarbonate shell the volume buttons are made out of metal which is nice however it does require some extra force to press down the cutouts are also nice and large near the vibrate switch as well as the bottom for the Lightning port and speakers I didn't find any issues docking the iPhone on my charging stand so safe to say that it's compatible with most third-party accessories I do like the tactile material near the back of the case and it actually has a carbon fiber version as well I also appreciate the fact that it comes with a raised lip on the front to protect the face of the camera on flat surfaces overall it's a very solid case and it's actually my favorite out of the five in this video I just wish the buttons were just a little bit easier to press moving to my second favorite case in this video the spigen slim Armour series with a card holder in the back this case is perfect for anyone that hates carrying around a wallet most of you guys know that I've been rocking my damn de Vera's case for the past year on my 6s plus and I absolutely love it this case is also very similar in terms of the card storage if you choose a slidable door which has enough space for up to two cards comfortably however if you don't mind the extra bulk adding a third card is definitely possible it does add a bit of bulk to the overall phone but that's to be expected the aeroshell is made out of flexible TPU and it kind of contours the shape of the phone with round the cadets are also large enough that it doesn't interfere with most third party charging dogs and the buttons are very easy to press however reaching the vibrates which may require some extra work since it's kind of recessed in there my third favorite case from this video is from silk and it's also a card holder but without a slidable door however with this you can fit up to four cards instead I do like the material of this case it's very grippy especially on both sides of the phone so I accidentally order the seven plus version without owning a 7 plus so I'm going to use my 6s plus for the demonstration one thing I noticed is that it doesn't really offer a raised lip so I would be extra cautious laying it face first on a flat surface other than that the buns are very easy to press and once again the cutouts are large enough even for most third party accessories next up we have the Zizou bolt that comes in a bunch of different colors in this case is made for people that want the most protection for their iPhone for only $18 you get a screen shield lanyard a holster belt clip and a kickstand it's also the bulkiest case in this video it has a fairly noticeable raised lip to protect the front of the phone and although it does feel somewhat unnatural in the hand due to the design in the back it definitely offers a good grip combined now with the optional lanyard and keyring and this phone won't be leaving your hands that easily the buttons are also fairly easy to press and the cutouts are large enough for most third party accessories the kickstand is a nice feature to prop up the phone and either vertical or landscape mode when watching movies and the added the holster clip is perfect for people that don't like carrying their phones in their pockets for having a bunch of accessories included and rated 5 stars on Amazon it's hard to believe that this case is only 18 bucks last but not least we have a very simple case for my minimalistic users out there this is pretty much a clear TPU case that offers protection without covering the beautiful design of the iPhone 7 it also features a magnetic kickstand if you guys really want to show off a skin on your phone and want protection at the same time then picking up this case will be your best bet who says you can't have the best of both worlds but other than that there's really nothing special about this case the buttons are extremely easy to press cutouts are nice and large and it will get the job done protecting your but if you guys want a clear case without the kickstand then I'll drop a link to that as well if you guys enjoyed this video and are feeling super nice dropping a like wouldn't mean the world to me as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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