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Top 5 Favorite Apps - Android

what's up guys it's at from Texas and today I'm going to be taking a look at five of my favorite apps on Android now all these apps are either free or have a free version available and are downloadable from the Play Store so with that said let's get right into it first up we have the droid optimizer this is a one-stop shop app for optimizing your Android phone when you open the app up you are greeted with a simple interface with clear and visible information like your unused storage and free ram when you click on the OneTouch speed up it will kill all the running apps and display how much ram it cleared up as well as what apps it closed now you can also whitelist apps that you don't want to be stopped when you run the optimizer as well what's most compelling for me about this app however is the ability to uninstall and disable system or manufacture install apps right from within this feature will greatly increase the speed of your phone when used properly for my security buffs out there this app will greatly improve the amount of information your apps can gather from you from within the privacy advisor menu you can see what apps have what permissions as well as potential threats that joy optimizer automatically picks out next up is Phoenix and it's currently my favorite Twitter application out there at the moment and trust me when I say that I've probably used them all I can tweet post and even geotag right from this third-party app which makes this Twitter replacement the easy choice when compared to the competition which often offers less than great UI design ttorrent is a staple app on my phone and now I'm saying that I mean I at least use this app once a day every day what it does is pretty much in its name torrent it allows you to connect to peer-to-peer websites like The Pirate Bay and others to download files and content straight to your phone when Apple announced continuity between iOS and OS X devices I have to admit that was a little jealous for my android phone I thought all phones should be able to seamlessly communicate with each other to relay information as usual someone went out and made an app for Android devices pushbullet will basically work like an account and extension to the Chrome browser once installed you can easily see notifications from your phone on your computer and even be able to pick up calls straight from your PC pushing links and files across both platforms is also extremely z and pushbullet makes my android phone experience a lot better all cast is another app I use on a daily basis it simply allows you to cast various media types to variety of compatible light by devices like gaming consoles that even Wi-Fi enabled TVs as well as chromecast of course when you couple this app with ttorrent you can make your Android phone a serious media powerhouse alright that about wraps it up for my top 5 used apps on my android phone let me know what you guys use on a regular basis on yours by dropping a comment down below as always if you guys enjoyed this video let me know by leaving a like and this is that from tech stores I will see you guys in the next video
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