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Top 5 Favorite Apps - Android

what's up guys is that back again from tech source and in this video I'm gonna go over my top five favorite apps that I use daily on my Nexus 6p let's begin so guys I have a confession to make I'm one of those guys who would constantly spend money on in-game purchases while I'm playing my clash of clans or hearthstone the games are so addicting that it's only a matter of time before I start tossing my money at it but you know what I discovered Amazon Appstore a few days ago and they're amazing Amazon coin system which I wish I would have known before it would have saved me a lot of money and in fact I've been using the Amazon Appstore instead of my Google Play Store on my Nexus 6p and I'll explain why you see if you buy a game on Google Play Store or purchase in-game items you are paying the full price and your money is gone that's it you get nothing back but if you buy games or in-game purchases using Amazon coins you not only get a discount but you actually get Amazon coins back in select games so you're actually saving money every time you spend them let me elaborate one of my favorite games on my phone is hearthstone now if I want to buy a new hero it costs $9.99 if I pay directly with my money or I can choose to buy it with 999 Amazon coins which is equivalent to eight dollars and 80 cents so I'm already saving a dollar 20 I hope that makes some sense to you guys but because of the Amazon coin system I no longer use the Google Play Store unfortunately it's only available for Amazon and I enjoy the vices but I'm gonna drop a link down below if you guys want to check it out so I guess I'll start the list by going over hearthstone which is one of my favorite games I play whenever I have free time it's basically a card game created by Blizzard and originally this was released for the PC but now they made a mobile version you basically go head-to-head battling with an opponent by summoning cars that you gradually collect and win throughout your matches it's extremely addicting to play and really easy to learn you can even verse opponents online for competitive ranked play the second app I use on a daily basis is the Leo privacy guard which is your phone's very own security system that's a bunch of features my favorite being the app lock instead of having a lock placed on your entire you can choose to lock individual apps let's say I have some photos that I don't want anyone to see well I just simply log on to the app and put on a lock on my photo so every time the app is accessed it will prompt for a passcode break and alert is another cool one basically if someone gets ahold of your phone and tries to guess the passcode on any one of the apps the phone will take a selfie of the person after a set amount of attempts which you can select from you could then view the photos on the app itself my third favorite feature is the safe box let's say you don't want to lock your entire photo album and only hide specific photos you basically access the safe box through the Leo privacy app and add the photos you want to hide it stores them into the safe box and deletes the originals from your phone and you can do the same thing for video files as well the third app I use daily is called go keyboard and the basically gives you a bunch of options and customizing your phone from themes to plugins and even changing the font of your entire smartphone my personal favorite is the cult of Moto font with the default keyboard theme and I think it adds a really nice clean look to my phone and then before we have color notes I personally hate Evernote and it's not as user friendly as I would have liked which is why I switched to the color note app you can make checklists color code your notes to easily organize them and it even has a built-in calendar for reminders it's simple straight to the point and I love using it lastly I use the YouTube app not because I make youtube videos but because I like the Amazon version better you can exit the app and it will still play in the background which is perfect for listening to music the only downside is that you can't maximize the videos in full-screen but if you're just listening to music it works great so those are my top 5 favourite apps that I use constantly on my Android devices I'm going to leave a link to the Amazon App Store down below so you guys can try it for yourselves don't overpay for apps or in-game purchases guys honestly use the Amazon coins instead and you will save a boatload of money as they bonus to my amazing subscribers I made it to the end of this video I'll be giving out $110 Amazon earth codes and all you have to do to enter is just follow me on Twitter and drop me a comment down below I also want to give a huge thanks to Amazon for reaching out and letting me know about this app and also for making this video possible thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you and then video
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