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Top 5 Favorite Apps - iOS

what's up guys it's that back again from tech source and in this video I'm gonna show you my top 5 favorite apps on my iPhone right now I'm not gonna be naming any basic apps like Twitter YouTube or Instagram because most of you guys already know what those are so instead I'm gonna be showing off the apps I use daily that aren't as popular all the apps featured in this video are either free or have a free version in the App Store so without wasting any more time let's begin the first step we're going to talk about is after ship now you guys can trust me when I say I receive and send out a lot of packages on a weekly basis and having an app that conveniently tracks all of my packages is a must for me once you add your tracking number you can see the packages full history it scheduled delivery date as well as being able to share the tracking easily from within the app the next step we're gonna talk about is rainbow key now let's face it the iPhone stock keyboard sucks pretty bad which is why I use this third-party keyboard app it does come with a good amount of pre-made themes but what's cool about the rainbow key is that you can make your own themes from scratch you can choose your own background or upload one from your phone change the button shape and style along with the font and color you also have access to change the layout straight from the keyboard and also access to other styles of font and settings I personally use the lightning pre-made theme because I like the animation when pressing a key next up we have up flicks this app is essential if you're a Netflix user honestly I love Netflix but their interface is horrible and I can never find any new content to watch because their search system isn't the best but with this app you don't have to deal with any of that you can easily see what's released new on Netflix on a daily basis as well as being able to search for specific actors in the film or even specific directors but the feature that I probably like the most is roulette which as the name suggests gives you a random movie based on a genre and a minimum rating this is basically a Flixter for Netflix musi as the next app we're going to be talking about is probably my most used app it allows you to search for content on YouTube and have a convenient playlist of music you can play in the background like the normal music app from Apple this is really convenient because you no longer have to leave your screen on whenever you want to listen to some music on you - it works in the background even after minimizing lastly we have YouTube studio and this app is a must for any content creator out there on YouTube this is a convenient way to respond to commentaries and engage with fans as well as being an easy way to stay up to date with all of your analytics this app also allows you to edit some aspects of an already uploaded video straight from your phone all these features combined makes it really easy for me and any youtuber to keep on top of their channel even when on the go one of the main reasons why I'm so active with you guys in the comments section is because I spent a few hours each day constantly checking my phone and responding to comments straight from the app YouTube studio is my most used app followed by Twitter and Instagram well there you have it these are the apps I use constantly every single day on my iPhone if there are any cool apps for iOS or Android that you guys recommend for me to check out then let me know by dropping a comment down below so I can add that to my list and possibly feature that in an upcoming top 5 apps video that I'll be starting on the channel which leads me to my next question if you guys would love to see a top 5 apps of the month video on my channel for both Android and iOS then hit that like button and let me know in the comments section down below thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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