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Top 5 Games on Android (Amazon Appstore)

what's up guys is that from tech source and in this video I want to be going over five of my favorite games that I play on my Android phone so before we get into the list I want to show you how I got these apps and there's actually a way to get a lot of them for free so if you go ahead and download the Amazon App Store through the link in the description you will be prompted to enable unknown sources and install the App Store apk file from there launch the application and search for any app you want the first game I'll be showing you is called where's my water and it usually runs for $0.99 on the Play Store but from the Amazon App Store it's completely free the objective here is to simply draw a path for the water to escape and reach the alligator you can get achievements by soaking the duck along the path and with all of these levels this puzzle game is a great way to keep yourself entertained next up we have one of my favorite racing games this is beach buggy racing and for a free game I was actually very surprised with how good the graphics were and how smoothly it can run on even a budget device if racing games aren't your thing that I got you covered with an awesome arcade style game this is orbital X an objective is super simple yet addictive the goal is to avoid hitting the increasingly difficult obstacles as your sphere travels around the track the fourth app is another puzzle game called Monument Valley while at first the concept of the game might seem a bit strange it can quickly become addicting and already found myself sinking an hour into it the objective is to help the character cross bridges and platforms by opening doors going up stairs or even sliding platforms the minimalistic graphics and calm soundtrack make this title definitely worth checking out for casual gamers finally at number five we have geometry dash now many of you might already be familiar with the game and how it works but basically this is the most addictive free platform game on Android the objective is to survive for as long as possible while your cube goes through a crazy track of obstacles along the way you can find spikes portals and bridges but what makes this game really unique is the endless level of stages coupled with the amazing soundtrack this is definitely a must-have game for any Android device now normally this would be a paid game but through Amazon's App Store this and most of the other games on this list can be downloaded for free for paid games like Monument Valley all you have to do is visit slash buy coins and here's where you can really save a lot of money by buying Amazon coins which is the virtual so you can make in-game purchases or even app downloads on a huge discount up to 25 percent Amazon often runs promotions where you can get 10% off so buying $100 worth of Amazon coins would give you a savings of $10 a great use for this with be in apps like hearthstone with in-app purchases where you can basically save a lot of money through buying coins instead of using Google Play so in addition to being able to buy Amazon coins on a huge discount they also give up to 25% back on a few in-game purchases which could be a great saving by the way all of these apps and the entire coin ecosystem works on both Android and Android fire devices I also want to give a huge thanks to Amazon for reaching out and sponsoring this video so that I can share this amazing service with you guys that's basically the thing guys so much for watching as always and I will see you in the next video
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