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Top 5 Gaming Headsets Under $50

what's up guys it's that back again from Texas and welcome to the top five gaming headsets that you can currently buy under fifty bucks this is part of my top five cool tech series and if you guys are new to the series I'll go and drop a playlist to my other videos so you guys can check out after this one but without wasting any more time let's begin so before I begin all the headsets featured in this video will be linked in the description section down below and it also be a mic test at the end as well so first up we have the sades Archmage headset it's compatible with pcs only and comes in just under $20 with an optional yellow color as well the mic is located near the front which is an adjustable and near the back of the left ear cup you can find the volume controls the headset is super light in fact it's the lightest out of the five featured in this video it's extremely flexible and the ear cups are very comfortable and cover the entire ear which is great for blocking outside noise this headset does not have any sliders and instead features a decompressing belt which adjusts as you put them on it comes with the standard 3.5 millimeter audio jacks along with a USB plug to power on the LEDs in terms of sound quality you get really clear audio with some light bass now if you guys are looking for a headset with a deep heavy bass then these are not for you honestly for just under 20 bucks these are amazing for gaming next up is the creative fatality gaming headset it's available in only black and red and comes in at just under $30 it features a detachable noise cancelling boom mic which is also flexible and the headset is extremely light and features plush material for the ear cups which isn't my preferred choice since it gets my ears pretty warm after an hour of use the headband construction does feel a little flimsy but it's insanely flexible with somewhat rotatable ear cups that can also pivot inwards depending on how big your ears are development padding on ear cups around the entire ear which provides excellent noise isolation so you can get lost in to your music or game it does come with standard audio jacks and a control box to mute the mic and control the volume it also has a clip located on the back the sound quality is really great the headset can be used with gaming and listening to music since it offers a really nice bass then again I didn't expect anything less from creative who also makes some on the sounding speakers known to mankind I can't make a top gaming headset video without including turtlebeach they make some of the best gaming headsets out there and the air force x12 gaming headset is no exception it's compatible with PC and Xbox 360 however you can use it with the Xbox one as well if you purchase a separate adapter which I'll also link below so this comes in around $40 and features a built-in mic and mic monitor so you can hear what you're saying I'm not really a fan of mesh cushions but I find the headset quite comfortable to wear these are over ear headphones which means that it completely covers the ears for amazing noise isolation the ear cups also swivel slightly and tilt to give you a more comfortable fit the mic is flexible the headset is flexible it has a very solid build overall so the headset comes with an inline amp which gives you a choice to control how much space you want to hear along with options to control the mic and the game and chat volume separately for connections it comes with these standard audio jacks and USB to power on the headset along with optional RCA and 2.5 millimeter cables the sound quality is amazing on the x12 so you get extremely crispy highs and very deep lows especially when you increase the base levels if you aren't afraid to spend a little bit more for a much better built and sounding headset then the X 12s are for you next up is arguably one of the most popular gaming headsets in the world this is the Logitech G 230 gaming headset which a lot of you probably already heard of it comes in two just under $40 and it's compatible with PCs and the PlayStation 4 if you connect it to the controller the build is really sturdy and it's extremely flexible as well this is an over-the-air headset and the ear cups are made out of mesh cushions like the Air Force X 12s nonetheless it's extremely comfortable to wear it also comes with a rotatable noise cancelling mic the ear cups have a 90 degree swivel and also a slight tilt to offer the most precise fit you do get a control box to mute the mic and also have access to volume levels and comes at a clip as well also for connection it comes the standard audio jacks the sound quality is amazing the 40 millimeter drivers deliver high-quality stereo sound for immersive gaming experience it has very crispy sound with a great bass overall a very solid gaming headset this next headset definitely wins in the looks department this is the Eco Pro over ear gaming headset it comes in at just under 30 bucks and it's available in white and it's compatible with both ps4 and pcs I haven't tried it on the Xbox so I'm not sure if it would work on that console the design is very similar to the Said's arc mage that I covered first on the list the mic is built-in on the left ear cup and behind it is where the volume wheel is located the head band is also similar it doesn't have any sliders and instead has a retractable belt that adjusts as you put them on the headset isn't as flexible as the others but nonetheless it's really comfortable to wear the cushions are soft but the inner material comes in contact with the ear and it's a very unpleasant feeling mainly because of the cobweb design inside for connections you have the usual audio jacks and the USB cable to power on the LEDs of the headset which pulsate and switch colors slowly as far as sound is concerned it has a lot of base the highs aren't as clear as I would have liked but overall a decent sounding headset for both gaming and listening to music last but not least I want to give an honorable mention to the edx city scroll gaming headset it's priced right under 20 bucks and it's compatible with pcs only it's very lightweight and durable headset with a built in rotating mic and the ear cushions are soft and comparable however it's pretty small for my ears which ends up kind of folding them so if you guys have big ears then this is probably not the best headset for you you can adjust the volume using the knob located on the control box and it has a standard 3.5 millimeter audio jacks and the USB to power on the LEDs on the headset the sound is pretty good considering it's only 20 bucks you get good highs good meds with a pretty good base overall but yeah a really good solid gaming headset for just under 20 bucks alright so moving on to the microphone quality test for each headset here are the samples testing the microphone quality on the sades Archmage gaming headset testing the audio quality on the creative fatality gaming headset testing the microphone quality on the turtlebeach air force gaming headset testing the microphone quality on the Logitech G 230 headset testing the microphone quality on the eco pro gaming headset testing the microphone quality on the scroll gaming headset so my favorite out of the six goes to the Logitech G 230 headset hands-down I love the rock-solid design the amazing sound quality and the comfort level for just under 35 bucks you get a really solid gaming headset from a company that you can trust my least favorite was the Eco Pro headset the comfort level just wasn't there for me and the sound quality wasn't up to par I think it's lacking crystal-clear audio and this has too much bass for my taste well there you have it my top 5 gaming actually 6 gaming headsets that you can currently buy under 50 bucks which I personally handpicked by me if you guys enjoy the series and want me to continue doing these top 5 series make sure to smack the crap out of that like button to show your support and let me know what I should feature on my next top 5 video by dropping a comment down below as always if you guys are new to the series feel free to check out my previous top 5 videos and I'll go ahead and drop a playlist link down below thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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