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Top 5 Gaming Keyboards Under $50 - 2015

what's up guys is that back again from tech source and in this video I'm going to be going over five of the best gaming keyboards that you can currently buy under 50 bucks so without wasting any more time let's go and start the video so the reason why it took me a while to upload this video is because I've been testing each keyboard so I spent a couple of days with each one to give my honest opinion when it comes to gaming and getting work done at the same time so I'll be giving my top three picks and my least favorite keyboard out of the five as well at the end of the video so starting off the list is the Logitech G 105 gaming keyboard with blue backlighting it features six programmable G keys which you can configure up to 18 unique functions per game including single key presses and complex macros it also features ghosting so you can press multiple keys at the same time without interference and it also has a Windows disabled key which is great for gaming as far as the build is concerned it's made out of plastic with a matte finish for the keys which is great sense of won't attract finger prints and skin oil it features custom key caps for the WASD and directional keys which is a pretty cool addition so the top portion is black while the bottom half of the keyboard is red which is weird since the keyboard has a blue backlighting so I'm not really sure what Logitech was thinking when they decided to do this here's a quick example of me typing on the keyboard on the back it features two rubber stands near the front of the keyboard and extended legs which will give you an inch raise as I mentioned before it does feature blue backlighting and comes with two brightness levels however they aren't as bright as I would have liked the room has to be pretty dark for you to be able to see the backlighting clearly overall this is a very solid gaming keyboard and the fact that it's made by Logitech means that you can rely on the quality I just wish it came with a wrist rest next on the list is the eraser Deathstalker keyboard now this is the essential Edition which means that it doesn't come with any backlighting so that might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people however you can pick up the expert version that comes with green backlighting for only about 15 dollars more if that is a must-have for you so this keyboard has a flat design I'm talking super slim it features fully loke cap chiclet keys and anti-ghosting as well it also has a gaming mode which basically disables the windows key so we don't accidentally press it while gaming the reason why the keys are super low is to minimize the key press time since it's not a mechanical keyboard all these keyboards are plastic so I'm just going to stop mentioning it on every single one of these but the keys itself are plastic as well with a matte coating and here's a quick typing sample on the back we have rubber stands near the front and the sides along with two retractable legs which will give you about an inch of raise I also love the fact that the Deathstalker comes with a wrist rest no doubt razer makes one of the best gaming keyboards and the Deathstalker is no exception given that you don't care about LED backlighting at number three we have the a gol 70 keyboard it features blue backlighting with an on and off switch ghosting and a windows lock key for gaming the keys have a mix of matte and gloss finish which doesn't attract fingerprints and it is a quick typing demo the keyboard also comes with a detachable wrist rest which is awesome and gives you the flexibility to choose whether or not to use it on the back we have some rubber mounts on all four corners and two legs that gives you a good inch of adjustment the design on the keyboard is really nice it has a knob on the top right which gives you quick control at adjusting the levels of your volume it also has LED windows on both sides which adds to the overall look of the keyboard I just wish they offer other colors than blue at number four we have the red dragon kirua it features seven backlight colours anti-ghosting a windows lock key and interchangeable WASD and directional keys the design is very similar to the Razer Deathstalker however the keys have a rubbery feel with a matte finish this is by far the quietest keyboard out of the five and here's a quick demo I love the fact that the keyboard comes with a wrist rest and it's super quiet for typing on the back we have rubber stands near the front and corners and as always you get one inch of adjustment not only do you get seven different colors of backlighting but you also get four levels of brightness that you can control on top of a pulsating effect that cycles through all the colors with two settings to control the speed for only 25 bucks this keyboard is a definite steal especially for gaming the last keyboard on the list is actually a bundle that comes with a mouse this is the cooler master storm devastated keyboard and mouse bundle it doesn't feature anti-ghosting but I've been playing smite and counter-strike without any problem so you can definitely hit multiple keys without any issues other than that there is no windows lock key and the keys itself have a grippy matte coating that isn't pleasant for me to type on at all but here's a quick demo also the brightness control is tied to the scroll lock button so you are forced to activate both the scroll lock and LEDs every time and vice versa the mouse itself is really comfortable to use it's a 2000 dpi mouse that has to be preset levels that include 1000 and 1600 as well it features two buttons on the side for forward and back while browsing as well as a dedicated button for adjusting the DPI on-the-fly hey that rhymes it also has a symmetrical design which makes it great for both left and right-handed users honestly for just around 25 bucks this is the best deal you can currently get for a keyboard and mouse combo especially if you're on a tight budget if you guys have an extra $20 to spend I strongly recommend picking up the octane version not only do you get 19 keys of anti-ghosting and 7 backlight colors that you can choose from but you also get a Windows disabled key and a much cooler mouse and keyboard combo since we're on the topic of keyboards there is one more I do want to mention on this list it isn't a gaming keyboard instead it's a foldable wireless keyboard that I've been using for this past few months this is the EC technology foldable keyboard that's practically the same size as my hand it's super thin and lightweight making it one of the best travel keyboards that you can currently buy it's compatible with iOS Android Windows and practically everything else that's Bluetooth compatible a single charge can get you up to 60 hours of use and there's virtually no lag while typing on it which is amazing the keys are nicely spaced and offers a very comfortable typing experience whether you are connecting it to your TV smart phone or even laptop you also sell a dedicated hard case cover for it that you guys can use as they stand for your smartphone tablet or whatever it is that you are connected to but you guys can find the links to all that down below so my top three gaming keyboards in order are the red dragon SEO and lastly the Logitech G 105 my least favorite is the cooler master keyboard and mouse combo simply because it doesn't offer a wrist rest and the keys have a rough grippy coating on them that isn't comfortable for me to type on the red dragon is by far my favorite because it has a dope design features multiple backlighting it's super quiet to type on and most importantly features a comfortable wrist rest the other two keyboards come in a very close second so that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it and want me to continue doing these top five videos let me know by leaving a like on the video also let me know what I should feature for my next top 5 video by leaving a comment down below and I'll go too and add that to my list but that's basically it thank you guys so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video thank God
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