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Top 5 Gaming Mice Under $25 - 2015

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and in this video I will be going over the five best gaming mice that you can currently buy under $25 as always I'll be showing my favorite and least favorite mice out of the five near the end of the video and you guys can find the links for each Mouse in the description section down below so with that said let's begin so first up is the all relly 4000 DPI optical gaming mouse with six programmable buttons and RGB LED color options it has a matte finish and features asymmetrical design which is great for both left and right handed users the DPI button on the top cycles through four different dpi settings which you can control from 250 all the way up to 4000 also each setting is attached to a color that you pick in the settings that's a really comfortable design and the back and four buttons are super easy to reach now I did gain for about 30 minutes on each Mouse and I found that the ala le Mouse was super responsive it's extremely light which helps while gaming because I have full control when moving the mouse around and time sensitive situations the only thing I don't like about this mouse is the scroll wheel it's slightly harder pressing it down compared to other mice but other than that it's a solid gaming mouse if those come with its own software that you can use to program all six buttons and here is the DPI settings menu over here you can assign a dpi setting for any color on the RGB chart and cycle through them on the mouse next up is the scroll x1 from a tech city it's a 2400 dpi optical gaming mouse with seven programmable buttons with three LED color options that include green red and blue unfortunately the LED colors are tied to the VPI cycle buttons so you are stuck with either color depending on what dpi setting you are using it has a matte finish for the surface with a classy plastic on both sides so it will attract finger prints this mouse is also only for right-handed users and has 60 grams of built-in weights for improved resistance the grip is somewhat comfortable and it's designed for both fingertip and claw style gripping the front and back buttons however are large and really easy to reach and when it comes to gaming it does a great job I honestly don't have any complaints that has really smooth move and it's responsive I grip my mice in cloth form and I can say that the scroll x1 feels great it slides really well on my mousepad however it's super slippery when I use it on my desk I just wish the LEDs will not attach to the DPI cycle buttons the x1 also comes with its own software although you can't customize the LEDs but you can definitely program all seven buttons as well as adjust the polling rate click speed and a few other options at number three we have the e-blue mazer - 2500 dpi wireless optical gaming mouse it features six non programmable buttons with a dedicated dpi button on the top it also has a matte finish for most of the surface however the bottom portion is made out of glossy plastic the only LED color option you get is blue and it doesn't even come with its own software so if you want to program the buttons you can only do that in game it's only designed for right-handed users and it's pretty comfortable in the hand the back and four buttons are also really close by making it super convenient to press and underneath you will find the switch to turn the mouse on or off as well as an option to turn the mouse on without activating the LEDs it does come with a battery and depending on your use it's expected to last anywhere between three to six months when it comes to gaming it's not as responsive as I would have liked to I mean I know it's wireless but I expected faster response times the best example I can give you guys is that it's like playing on a thirty Hertz refresh rate monitor now if you're playing racing or action-adventure games like Batman Arkham Knight then won't really bother you since you are most likely using your keyboard however for quick reflex games like FPS shooters I wouldn't recommend this Mouse if you're like me and hate wires and are looking for your Wireless Gaming Mouse on a 25 bucks then this is as good as it gets next up is the shark 35 hundred dpi optical Gaming Mouse it features 9 programmable buttons with two dedicated buttons on top for swapping between DPI settings it has a glossy plastic finish for the entire surface of the mouse with plastic sides and it also has a symmetrical design which is great for both right and left-handed users under the mouse you'll find a button near the top which switches between the color you selected and blue I'm not sure why they have a button just dedicated to switching to blue LEDs but it's there if anyone needs it it also comes with a cartridge with eight removable weights in it giving you complete control on how heavy you want the mouse to be which is pretty cool the design is very comfortable for all types of grip and the back and four buttons are convenient to press as well the LEDs unfortunately don't stay lit and instead you get a pulsating effect which can't be changed the only thing you can change is the speed of it pulsating from three different options gaming on this Mouse is awesome it's fast responsive and slides really well on my mousepad and it's even smooth on my desk the mouse buttons are very clicky and offers great feedback so even if you have headphones on you will feel the feedback I like how the middle LED light will display which dpi setting you are using and it won't mess with the actual LEDs of the mouse as stated before you can program all nine buttons using these software you can also adjust the sensitivity and polling rate along with access to seven LED color options last but not least we have the habit 2400 dpi optical Gaming Mouse with six non programmable buttons it has a button on the top to cycle through four dpi settings and as a matte black finish for the entire Mouse and it's only designed for left-handed users the habit Mouse has a much wider design compared to the other mice in this video even for my large hands the front and back buttons are a little close to my thumb and I find myself sometimes accidentally pressing it it does feature seven different led colors however you can't control them and the mouse will slowly pulsate between them also there is no software with the mouse to program the buttons or turn off the lights when it comes to gaming it gets the job done for the most part I mean it's fast responsive and smooth on the mousepad but it's really rough on practically any other surface so if you don't own a mousepad then I would strongly recommend you to stay away from this as it will damage the surface of your desk because of its wide design that's almost impossible to pick up the mouse quickly while gaming so if you're playing FPS games it's gonna be really annoying but I mean for only 10 bucks you get a decent Mouse now normally I don't include any extras but this time I have to give an honorable mention to the Z zu 2,000 dpi Wireless Gaming Mouse with seven non programmable buttons this mouse has the exact same design as the shark Mouse but instead it has a matte finish for the surface and it's Wireless it doesn't have any software so you can't program any buttons or change the LEDs but I wanted to give this an honorable mention because it's more responsive than the e Blu wireless mouse and as you much better it's still not better than any of the wired mice I went over in this video but if you guys have to have a wireless gaming mouse on-the-go then I would strongly recommend this one so my absolute favorite Mouse out of all of these is the shark without question it has an awesome design that's super comfortable and it's great for gaming because it's smooth and really responsive some added bonuses include it's very own software to adjust practically any settings to meet your needs and it comes with seven led color options my least favorite is the habit Mouse because it's too wide for me making it difficult to pick up during gaming and the back and front buttons are too close and I accidentally pressed them from time to time it's also a major turnoff not having a choice on the led colors but that's basically it for the video if you guys enjoyed it and want me to continue doing these top five videos and make sure to beat the crap out of that like button I do have a bunch of other top 5 tech videos as well so I'll leave a link to the playlist along with all of the mice that I featured in this video down below in the description section also let me know what I should feature next in my top 5 video by leaving a comment because that's where I get all of these ideas from but anyways thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next video you
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