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Top 5 Gaming Mice Under $50

so I did a lot of top 5 videos in the past the top 5 gaming headsets monitors keyboards and even mice but since it's a new year I figured I'd continue this series and show you guys my 5 personal picks for the best gaming mice on their 50 bucks let's start the video first up is the popular Logitech G 300s Mouse it features 9 programmable controls and a gaming grade optical sensor that can be set anywhere between 250 and 2500 dpi you can also customize the led using an RGB chart through the software to better match your color scheme and has a much smaller form factor than others which is perfect for anyone that isn't looking for a larger gaming mouse also thanks to its symmetrical organ AMA cosine both left and right handed users will find it quite comfortable to use next up on my list is the Logitech G 700 s and now this one is both a wired and wireless laser gaming mouse with 13 programmable controls for on the side 3 on the left of the top left mouse button and 2 more under the wheel scroll you can perform simple commands or intricate macros with a single click of a button which is great for anyone that plays mmo's you can configure up to 5 DPI settings per profile from 200 to 8200 dpi and one of the main selling points of the G 700 s is the responsiveness it claims to execute commands up to 8 times faster than standard USB mice regardless if it's wired or Wireless it is rechargeable and you can get anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of pure constant gaming and this is one of the mice that doubles as a great productivity mouse as well if you prefer a more simple Mouse with less buttons the Razer abysus is one of the best out there now normally I'm not a big fan of Razer products because of how overpriced they are but I do make exceptions from time to time the business is a straightforward simple and clean 3,500 DPI Gaming Mouse with only three buttons and as asymmetrical organ AMA cos I niche is great for both left and right-handed users and it has dedicated switches on the bottom to adjust dpi and polling rate of the mouse one of the downsides of this Mouse is the fact that you can't change the LED color you are basically stuck with blue so Thea different color scheme for your setup you might want to look elsewhere it also has a flat surface which is great for palm grippers but if you're a clock gripper like me and are a fan of Razer products then the DeathAdder is your next best choice that's under fifty bucks it has more of an arch which claw grippers can appreciate and features two additional buttons on the left side for going back and forward once again the downside of this mouse is that you can't change the LED colors and it's only made for right-handed users a great gaming mouse for both left and right-handed users is the SteelSeries sensei it's well known for being one of the most durable gaming mice out there it features seven programmable buttons and tournament grade components you can't change the color of the LEDs but you can turn it on and off if you want or have it pulsate instead overall this is a really solid gaming mouse for competitive play and honestly I don't think you can find a better one 450 bucks there is a rubberized black version as well if white doesn't quite go well with your setup I do want to give an honorable mention to one of my favorite mice of all time the red dragon samsara that has a 16,000 400 dpi sensor with 13 programmable buttons and 5 color modes and lastly the M 901 Perdition which is targeted for MMO gamers with 18 programmable buttons up to 16,000 400 dpi and even comes at an eight-piece weight tuning set the only these are also fully customizable and it's available in a black model as well so that does it for my top 5 favorite gaming mice on their 50 bucks if you guys enjoy these top 5 series make sure to hit that like button and let me know what I should do on my next top 5 video by dropping a comment down below thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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