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Top 5 Gaming/Productivity Monitors Under $200 - 2015

what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to another top-five tag video if you guys remember a few months back I did a top-five gaming monitors under 150 bucks and if you guys somehow missed that video I'll drop a link to it down below or guys can click on the card up there but this time around I decided to raise the cap to 200 bucks and go over the best gaming and productivity monitors that you can currently buy so with that said let's begin so all the monitors I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the order that you see them so it's easier for you guys to find them starting off with number one is the BenQ 24 inch LED monitor with a 1ms response time and a 75 Hertz refresh rate I'm gonna go on record now and say that this is the most affordable gaming monitor that you can currently buy that's under 200 bucks this has a TN panel and also features a VESA mount and built-in speakers it doesn't have any height adjustability but you can tilt it for better viewing angles for ports we have one DVI VGA and two HDMI along with your usual 3.5 millimeter audio jacks number two we have a wide monitor for those who prefer single display setups not quite in the realm of ultra wide but wide enough this is a 25 inch LED monitor from LG that has a 5 ms response time and a 60 Hertz refresh rate not quite hard core for gamers but if you are not playing competitively and want an awesome affordable monitor for productivity and the 25 um 57 should be on your list to check out it has a 2560 by 1080p IPS display with srgb over 99% to give you the most accurate colors the monitor also comes with a VESA mount option and two HDMI and a single DisplayPort next up is the 24 inch monitor by Ben Q this monitor has a 2 ms response time with a 60 Hertz refresh rate TN panel you can't adjust the height but you can tilt the monitor and it features a VESA mount option in the back along with one HDMI IN one DVI port this is the most affordable display on the list and the closest you will find to Gaming monitor and number four we have yet another Bank you monitor they are killing it in the budget gaming department this one is a 21.5 inch LED monitor with a TN panel as well it features 1ms response time and a sixty to seventy five Hertz refresh rate depending on your graphics settings if you hook up your console to this monitor you will only get sixty Hertz which is plenty just like most monitors on this list you can't adjust the height only the tilt angle four ports you get one HDMI one DVI and a single VGA port but unfortunately it doesn't come with a VESA mount option so you're forced to use the stand I also don't like the ugly looking yellow frame I don't know what binky was thinking going with this design choice but if you have a black and yellow set up then I suppose this would fit right in next up is the Acer 27 inch IPS monitor with super thin bezels this one is more for productivity due to the IPS panel instead of TN it also has a 5 ms response time with a 60 Hertz refresh rate so not really aimed at gaming per se the water does come with built-in speakers which are said to be pretty bad and it's not very compatible as well if you choose a VGA DVI and a single HDMI port but what makes this monitor awesome is the super thin bezels and IPS display which will give you the best viewing angles and bolder more vivid colors so if you're planning on going with a multi monitor productivity setup you should definitely give this a try I do have two more bonus gaming modernness to go over and this is for anyone with a slightly larger budget at number 6 we have the asus 24-inch TN display monitor with a 1ms response time and a 144 Hertz were fresh rate this is it guys if you want the best specs for a gaming monitor you can't get better than this unless you want a higher resolution the monitor has built-in speakers as VESA compatible and comes with a DVI HDMI and DisplayPort the monitors height can also be adjusted and you can even rotate the entire display in vertical mode if you like that sort of setup last but not least we have the big daddy of all gaming monitors if a 24 inch display is too small for you then this is the next step up this is the 27-inch BenQ monitor with a 1ms response time and 144 Hertz were fresh rate it features a TN panel and you can adjust we hide and pivot the display into a vertical mode just like the previous asus model and you can also swivel the display 45 degrees to the left or right this monitor is also basic compatible and features two HDMI ports one DVI one VGA and one DisplayPort and a few USB ports so here's a quick recap of the monitors I went over if you guys need help on deciding which one to go with feel free to pause the video if you need more time so those are my top picks for the best gaming and productivity matters under 200 bucks if you guys enjoy these types of videos make sure to hit that like button to show your support and I can continue doing these so what products should I feature in my next top 5 tech videos let me know by dropping your comment down below also for those of you guys that are new to my channel or new to the top 5 tech series I did a bunch of them in the past and I'll leave a playlist linked down below so you guys can check them out if you're bored but anyways thank you guys so much again for watching this is that from tech source and I will see you in the next video
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