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Top 5 Graphics Cards Under $200 - 2016

so you have $200 or less to buy your next GPU that's probably why you clicked on this video unless you're broke in are just watching this because you're bored I'm not going to bore you guys with any specs and a bunch of nonsense I'm just going to show you the prices and then jump into the benchmarks and at the end of the video I'm going to give you guys a recap and show you guys the performance per dollar for all of these graphics cards so the top 5 GPUs that cost $200 or less are the following the EVGA GTX 1063 gigabyte variant that goes for $1.99 and please keep in mind that these are the prices at the time of making this video and they will change over time we also have the msi RX 470 also going for $200 however this one has a $15.00 mail and rebate but i'm not going to count discounts we also have the asus strix r9 380 that's going for 190 then we got the gigabyte gtx 1050 TI overclocked edition for 160 dollars the asus strix RX 460 overclocked edition as well for $135 and finally as a bonus card the new gigabyte gtx 1050 which retails for 120 dollars here is a list of the PCI cables needed to power each GPU and you guys can pause the screen to check it out if you need more time and finally here is a list for all the port's that each card comes with for benchmarks I use my trusty old test bed that's rocking me 59 30 K that's overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz 16 gigs of RAM and an Asus x99 Strix motherboard just to make sure that there are no bottle making in the results I've also reran fresh benchmarks for all of these cards using the latest drivers so with that said here are the benchmarks so what did we learn here well if you want the best graphics card for $200 the obvious choice is the EVGA GTX 1060 / the RX 470 it also has the second highest score in terms of price to performance now if you want the best bang for your buck the gtx 1050 is the obvious choice coming in at just two dollars and eight cents per FPS the second card it gives you the most value is the gtx 1060 like i just mentioned and then in third place is the RX 470 regardless in the end it comes down to what your budget is and how much you are willing to spend there is definitely a huge gap between the performance of the gtx 1050 TI and the gtx 1060 for only 40 dollars i would definitely save up and buy the gtx 1060 instead but if you only want to game in 1080p and want to get the most value out of your money the obvious choice is the gtx 1050 once again I'll drop a link to all these cards down below surprisingly the GTX 1060 is also the smallest card out of the six which tells you guys size does not matter so a lot of you guys keep asking me ed where do you get all your music from to use in your videos well I actually have a few sources but the main one is audible in fact the music that you guys are listening to right now in the background as well as the benchmark music that you guys listened to earlier are both from audible if you guys haven't heard of them audio blocks has one of the largest stock audio libraries on the internet with over a hundred thousand audio clips loops music and even sound effects the reason why I like using them is because all their audio clips are royalty-free which means I won't run into any copyright issues now normally the subscription will cost 99 dollars a year but just for my subscribers only they are offering an exclusive $50 discount so you guys can get an entire year for just $49 that's unlimited downloads for music sound effects and even loops so definitely check them out if you guys are interested visit audio blocks comm slash holidays or click on the link down below I'm gonna give huge thanks to audio blocks for sponsoring this episode thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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