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Top 5 Nintendo Switch Accessories

what do I have semtex source and this is my top five picks for the best accessories for a Nintendo switch I know I'm like two months late but hey better late than never what makes the switch so compelling is its size you can easily fit this in a bag and game on the move and that's what I love about it so much however what this portability comes the job of protecting the device from damage I'd to pick up some products from encase to help us do just that there are a bunch of these carrying cases on Amazon but there are a few reasons why I went with this one over the others the first reason is that it holds the switch without removing the joique on controllers second it also holds 14 game cards and finally it has a small storage space that I found perfect for a small external battery it's a hardshell case so I don't have to worry about my switch being crushed in my bag and it's also being protected from the inside with soft materials and finally this one's a strange thing to note but I do like the quality of the zipper it opens up smoothly for those one the range for sixteen dollars in Amazon this is a killer deal so if you're looking for a low profile case you should definitely check this one out unfortunately the switches display is made out of plastic making it so much easier than blast to scratch this is especially bad considering the docking station issues where the rails inside would scratch the display this was a big topic at launch and needless to say a screen protector is necessary the tempered glass screen shields are a great solution now I won't get into all the benefits of glass over plastic but the big one here is drop protection I take my switch almost everywhere with me and the last thing I want is an accidental drop cracking my screen during the trip but the good news is with one of these on the glass protector will take most of the impact saving the screen from a crack and because it's glass it also feels better than plastic when dragging your finger across the screen what I know is you get two protectors and everything you need to install them highly recommend this deal so let's move on to our next product Nintendo's joique on charging grip now what separates this from the grip included with the switch besides the clear plastic is its charging capability to normally charge the controllers they will need to be connected to the switch which would pose issues when gaming on my TV with a load charge so with this we can charge the joy constant rollers while gaming and we can also plug it in via USB C to charge the controller's battery pack at the same time the charge McGriff is sold by Nintendo for $30 which is a bit pricey but in my opinion it is a must-have speaking of power my battery pack of choice is the Inca power cord 26800 the switches battery size is four thousand three hundred and ten million power so with the twenty six thousand eight hundred million power battery size of the Power Core we can charge a switch approximately five times it also features rapid charge that allows the power bank to be quick charged through the USBC port as well as fast charging technologies that fast charge both non Qualcomm and qualcomm devices to check the batteries remaining level there is actually a simple indicator light although I would have preferred an LCD screen but I think that's asking a bit too much for my power bank also the price would have been a lot higher this thing is the goat guys each full charge on a switch lasts about three hours and with five times the juice I can get about fifteen hours of game time on this thing before it needs to be plugged into a wall this is definitely a must for those of you who are always on the go so one design flaw the switch has is with the kicks and the way it is by default you can't charge the console with the kickstand open when in the tabletop orientation that's where the holy compact placed and comes in that's a simple solution that gives the user three different tilt angles it pretty much does exactly as advertised while keeping all ports and buttons accessible it does have rubber feet on the bottom to keep everything stable and from sliding and it works with a lot of devices it also happens to work with my fire tablet it's going for thirteen dollars in Amazon right now and I highly recommend checking this one out as well I'm starting to sound redundant obviously I recommend checking out all of these products on my list otherwise it wouldn't be in this top five video the final accessory in this list actually pairs great with the Hori kickstand the co soon grips are the perfect solution for on-the-go multiplayer gameplay it gives the thin and awkward to hold joique on controllers a more traditional console controller feel I tried this out with a buddy while playing Mario Kart and it works great you just slide the controller in and about it you honestly do get a more comfortable grip without losing any functionality they're made of plastic and a little cheap but I don't see them breaking unless you drop them from existence or don't really care for them you get two for the price of $13 and once again this is another must-have so that is if the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did and want to see more top 5 videos like these leave a like if you hate my guts and hate these videos leave it looks like that is cool as well all the parts mentioned in the video will be linked down below as well if anyone's interested I love your faces thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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