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Top 5 Overpriced Tech - Episode 1

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to my new series on the channel called the top five overpriced tech there's really no need to explain it it's basically in the title let's begin starting up the show we have a gaming mouse and it's called the GX gaming Morris X I don't know what's more retarded the price of the mouse or the name of it but what I find interesting about this is that there is no freaking description section how am I gonna give you my money if I don't know anything about it but I guess that's part of the mystery you pay almost 50 grand and get a surprise this probably isn't even a mouse maybe it's a foreign girl that doesn't speak any English that is sold through Amazon and code names like GX Morris X and fake pictures now let's read some reviews I've never had an orgasm from using a mouse before I think it's the braided cord amazing gave it to my son and he said he had to mortgage the house to afford a keyboard of the same quality definitely would recommend to anyone who will be receiving a small loan of a million dollars all right so this next item is actually way cheaper and more affordable than the last and just by looking at the title I don't know what the hell it is but after reading the description section and looking at the pictures it's apparent that these stylus pens are for God's let's be real here for a second now this isn't a ripoff because you get not one or two but three stylus pens and they are in different colors I'm actually thinking about buying one of these let's check out the shipping oh my gosh serious you charged me $11.25 for shipping three sticks I guess I'm gonna have to pass I sold my car and my kid off to a human trafficking ring to be able to purchase this item very satisfied with this stylus it fills the gaps it fills the gap left behind by my car and kid definitely worth the purchase next up you have a keyboard called seal shield silver Co now say that three times in a row seal shield silver seal seal shields silver seal seal shield silver seal I love I was priced at 49,999 dollars and 98 cents as if they're going to fool anyone bruh the two cents ain't persuading anyone I find it amusing that they're selling a keyboard at cost as much as an SL K 250 but can't afford a better camera to take pictures of the freakin keyboard I wasn't originally going to buy this because I found a cheaper one but the free shipping did it for me the split key arrangement is perfect for two people with two arms however with only one I find it difficult to use nonetheless it's a compact keyboard the picture is one by one scale and the keys really are just that close together the picture is not distorted every time I have grilles over it always gets them going right away 11 out of 10 with back so for adding that's the best review alright so this next one I gotta give some credit because look at that detail section this is how it's done alright so this is a super PC 12 monitors a prebuilt PC some speakers keyboard and a mouse for 89 88 this is what I found so amusing check this out configured for performance and stability all of our super PC computers are expertly manufactured for professional-grade computing and durability of life yet it has a freaking Radeon 7870 are you seriously kidding me if that doesn't convince you to buy this maybe this will it comes with a whopping one terabyte hard drive and 512 gigabytes of SSD guys you got storage for days what FPS does candy crush run in 60fps and it was answered by them so I mean at least they have a sense of humor best PC ever I mean the value here is astonishing 12 monitors and it's mediocre sound system I do not regret this purchase as it only cost me my left kidney now I can play minecraft with one full block for a screen test purchase you can make speaking of wall monitors this last one is an NEC 55 inch ultra narrow bezel video wall solution I think the most insulting thing about this is that they are charging you 454 dollars and 49 cents for shipping something that costs as much as a Tesla p85d having 45 cents do you really have to be that stingy and charge cents why not just round it down and charge I don't know like 450 bucks for shipping imagine watching porn on this thing I got laid by having this what's the best part about this monitor is that it's so HD that it deflects reality and creates a new reality based on what I'm viewing currently well this has been an interesting experience I gotta leave a link to the products mention this video in case you guys want to go and read the rest of the reviews it's hilarious stuff down there but that thing that will do it for this video if you guys enjoyed this series I guess leave a like let me know in the comments section and maybe I'll do it once a month or something thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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