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Top 5 iOS 10 Features | WWDC 2016

what's up guys is that from texas and i just got finished watching the world wide developer conference and he already top five things I took away from it let's start off with the improvements to messaging there were a few updates introduced here but my favorite is Apple's decision to open up the SDK and allow for the third party apps to be built into the messaging experience so for example you could without ever leaving messages use square cash to transfer money to another user the second notable change to messaging are the new ways of interaction like being able to send different sized emojis and dynamic bubbles that grow and shrink to allow different ways of expression messages and pictures also now have a way of being sent with an element of surprise users will have to swipe or tap particles away to reveal a received picture or message and finally the last cool thing I saw what messaging was the full screen effects one of the examples shown were of birthday balloons flowing in the background of the conversation when the keyboard happy birthday was sent I just think this makes the messaging experience a lot more animated and fun the second notable change coming to iOS 10 are the improvements introduced to Siri there are a few changes here with the most notable being the third party integration with iOS 10 we should see things like being able to call an uber start work out sending payments to friends and much more Apple's keyboard also is getting a major overhaul with the help of Siri it will now be able to use Siri to offer suggestions like calendar availability and intelligence scheduling based on what you're typing third on my list is the reworked Maps application it's getting an all-new design that makes it easier to access the controls the app is also more proactive and has better search filters something they're also doing is adding quick controls to be able to see nearby gas or food stops that go along your route and sticking with this theme of opening up SDKs Maps has also received its treatment third-party apps like uber and open table can build functionality straight in like ordering a ride or booking a table they've also improved the infrastructure of the app with live traffic conditions finally being available all the changes might just bring me back from google maps but the jury's still out on that one the fourth change is the addition of the new home app this makes it a lot easier to interact with your home kit supported accessories so controlling your lights they're almost locking your doors are easily accessible through one app instead of a bunch of third party ones the home app also includes automation with the geofencing and scheduled tasks so for example having a garage door open and the jacuzzi start up when you pull up to your house I mean I don't know about you guys but that sounds freaking cool and finally my last favorite change to iOS is probably what gets used the least nowadays and smartphones the phone application now carriers can include information on your screen when you receive a call which is a big plus for me because I get a ridiculous amount of spam call so this should cut out a good amount of those they've also included the ability of voicemail transcripts which is basically text from what was said in the voicemail this is definitely a cool feature and I can see this saving me a lot of time instead of listening to the entire message I can basically skim through the entire text but overall I was somewhat disappointed with the whole conference not because of what Apple presented but the lack of any new hardware I was really looking forward to some of the new macbooks but i guess i left the week until their next event as far as iOS goes they brought some cool things to the table and definitely improved on some things that needed it but overall nothing was mind-blowing but that pretty much wraps up this video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video
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