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Top 5 of the COOLEST Tech - April

the lithium card is a very thin portable charger that will juice up your Android or iPhone device without the need to carry around bulky power banks it's even thin enough to fit inside your wallet click on the screen or the link below for more info what's up you guys that said from tech source and I'm kind of taking a break from all the smart phone videos I've been doing recently and in this video I'm just gonna share with you the five coolest tech products that I found with the past few weeks so I'm gonna start from the bottom number five and move my way up to the number one coolest product that I found if you guys enjoy the series definitely let me know by leaving a like and a comment down below but other than that let's go ahead and start the video okay so starting off with number five we have chordbuddy and this is basically a cable holder with a motion sensor nightlight it comes in four different colors and has a pretty cool design that also costs only 20 bucks so basically the lights will light up when it detects motion near the device which basically helps you find your smartphone or even help with grabbing the right cable it does have only three spots unfortunately so if you have more cables than this then it probably won't work out for you another downside to this product is that it requires two double-a batteries which isn't even included with the package although I'm pretty sure they did this to eliminate the device from having extra cables sticking out of it by the way I will leave links to all the products in the description section if you want to check them out number four we have the you board monitor standby you talked SIA and this is a really cool fancy looking glass monitor stand that can easily clean up the look of your desk it cost around 40 bucks depending on the color and it comes with either black or white stands with the option of having a black tinted glass instead of the usual clear glass not only is it a stand but it also comes with three built-in USB 2.0 ports on the side with an optional cup holder and a smartphone holder now those do come with a stand however it is optional and you can decide not to install them if you don't want to as far as clearance is concerned you get twenty one point six inches of length eight point two inches of width and three point three inches in height it can also support up to 20 pounds of weights which should be enough for large monitors and full size laptops now if glass isn't thing there's a slightly cheaper version from citta she called the f1 stand and this one comes in either black or white and has four USB ports along with an audio microphone port as well and can hold up to 22 pounds so slightly more than the you board the dimensions are also similar with the option of adjusting its height by an inch if you want more clearance underneath for the third spot we have the cell yuan epic key word here is epic ultra portable full-size virtual keyboard that doubles as a multi-touch Mouse now we'll see a bunch of concepts of virtual keyboards but this is the real thing surprisingly with very positive reviews so it is a bit pricey but what you get is essentially a portable keyboard that you can take anywhere with you it's compatible with iOS Android Mac OS X 10 and above along with Windows and BlackBerry 10 devices it is connected with bluetooth and features a 660 million lithium battery that's rechargeable and I also gave you three full days of use the only downside to this product is that you need a flat solid surface to type on it doesn't work on glass or other surfaces also there's a learning curve you don't get the same response when hitting a key like you do on a keyboard so you have to rely on the sound effects from the device to acknowledge that you have pressed the key another thing is the response time it will never be as fast and efficient as an actual keyboard because the sensor has to pick up what key you are pressing and process it so using it for gaming or editing would be a disaster however if you want a keyboard just for typing that you can fit in your pocket and I think you will enjoy this product for number two we have the arm one levitating Bluetooth speaker this has actually been successfully crowdfunded and it's basically the world's first levitating bluetooth speaker it cost around 200 bucks which is kind of pricey and it comes in either black or white and pre-orders start shipping in May or June of this year actually order this last year in August when it was still fresh and I'm still waiting for my device to arrive and I'll definitely be doing an unboxing and review of it once I get my hands on it but nonetheless it deserves to be number 2 on my list because of its innovative design I mean it's a floating speaker what else do you see this the m1 gets you 12 hours of continuous play and up to 33 feet of wireless range the speaker even has a built-in microphone so you can accept calls and talk on it but one of the coolest features I think on speaker is the fact that you can steal your pair another arm one speaker together and have a little surround sound set up for your videos which i think is cool as far as the sound quality of the audio I can't really tell because I don't have the unit on hand but make sure you guys stick around for a video on that once I get it all right so the number one most interesting tech product goes to the ring doorbell it is the world's first and only battery-operated Wi-Fi enabled HD video doorbell system that you can control with your smartphone or tablet regardless of where you are in the world you can choose to power the doorbell using a built in rechargeable battery that's rated to last up to a year or you can power it using your existing doorbell wires and you won't have to worry about recharging it so the ring doorbell features a 720p HD wide-angle lens and it captures every activity detected by its motion sensors which makes this an amazing video surveillance product as well you can adjust the zones and range of the motion detector as well as the frequency at which the app notifies you when it detects motion when someone presses the doorbell or if the ring detects movement you will receive a notification and you will be given an option for a live video feed so you can check out and communicate with anyone on the other end it also has night vision so you're covered when the Sun Goes Down but I think that the best feature about the ring is the fact that it records and stores the footage on a cloud so you can view them whenever you want through the app on your smartphone or tablet so the ring has a few faceplate color options and it goes for 200 bucks but if you use the code in the description section you can get $20 off the total price if you want to know more you can check the link to their actual website right below and you guys can also find all the links on the products that covered in this video as well so that is it for the video thank you so much for watching if you guys enjoy the video please hit that like button that basically tells me that you enjoy watching these types of videos and once again all the links to the products I covered in the video will be in the description section down below and make sure you guys are subscribed for more content like this in the future other than that thanks again for watching this is Ed from tech source I will see you guys in the next video
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