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Top Three Apps You Must Try - Episode 5

what's up guys is MTAC Soros and welcome back to another episode of top three apps you must try just like all the episodes before all of these apps are available for free and the links will be in the description down below first up on the list we have vain glory which also happened to sponsor this episode this is a cross-platform online strategy game available on iOS and Android which takes many cues from the popular title the League of Legends but cuts it down to a mobile game which is easy to get the hang of the objective of the game is to takeover the opposing team by destroying their vein this is done through taking down armored enemy turrets players and minions once you have completed the first four stages in the game you can now enter a bot match which is where the game really starts to pick up there are two main different game modes to choose from brawl and standard while brawl mode requires less in-depth gameplay strategy the matches are a lot shorter making it perfect if you want to kill off just a few minutes standard mode is much more in-depth and sticks to the roots of a tried-and-true MOBA game now additionally you can create a party game to invite your friends and play with others online PvP mode has the option to choose from casual and ranked mode the latter of which unlocks when you reach level 10 and own 8 heroes each game match begins at the base sanctuary where players can buy items and regenerate health very much like League of Legends along the way you can earn points which can later be used to upgrade to characters abilities weapons and more it only took me a few seconds to nail down the game controls and the game really does a good job of navigating you around the menu when you just downloaded the game not only is vainglory a great casual game but it's also a competitive eSport with tournaments held it's an easy game to pick up but there is a learning curve but once you guys get the hang of it it is a very addicting game I highly recommend you check it out next up we have the today weather app which is an advanced yet minimalistic hub to see all of your weather info on top of displaying the temperature and weather details the app displays a beautiful image of the city which changes according to the time of day you have your usual 24 hour and seven-day weather forecast but the app goes much deeper with data such as air quality sunrise and sunset the next full moon actual temperature and air pressure just to name a few what sets this app is how extremely clean the face is everything is presented in a beautiful minimalistic interface that is very easy on the eyes there is also a social aspect to the app where you can share a photo you've taken alongside the weather conditions that are currently present the app is currently only available on Android for free but the iOS version is set to come out in two weeks lastly coming in at number three is a personal favorite of mine my fitness pal available on iOS and Android this app is the perfect choice for anybody that wants to track the foods and drinks they consume on a daily basis the app boasts a database of over 5 million foods and drinks complete with data such as serving size calorie amounts and even sugar content the app makes it extremely easy to love your breakfast lunch dinner snacks as well as water intake once you decide on a daily calorie goal My Fitness Pal will keep it displayed above your diary the app can also integrate with your smartphone or fitness tracker to include the activity data and the accompanying calories burned as well such as workouts or steps walked my most used feature of this app is scanning the barcode of various food products it's quick and almost always accurate providing the correct nutritional values for any item that I scan this all ties together with the weight tracking which can be done automatically via a smart scale or manually by inputting weight changes over time you can set a weight goal and the app will update you on your progress towards your goal so that will do it for this video if you guys enjoyed this month's elections make sure to leave a like and feel free to leave any apps suggestions for the next episode in the comment section down below because that is where I get these suggestions from thank you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next one
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