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Top Three Apps You Must Try - March 2017

what's up guys it's a from tech stores and welcome back to the March episode of top three apps you must try just like the previous episodes all these apps are available for free and the links will be in the description below first up we have war robots available on Android and iOS this game is a free-to-play third-person shooter that puts you on the frontline of hectic 6 vs 6 robot battles the objective of the game is very straightforward capture all five of the beacons or take out the enemy team to win the deep level of customization in this game will definitely keep players coming back for more you can choose from 24 robots with their own strengths as well as over 20 different types of weapons that can be selected to best match your playing style the overall simplicity of war robots makes it a must-have for anyone that wants an engaging game that they can just pick up and play at any time so number two we have photomask which is an extremely helpful tool for solving mathematical formulas and equations the app goes above and beyond the conventional calculator by being able to provide the answer to a question using the camera on your smartphone once the instant result is given fotomat will also detail step-by-step instructions on how to solve it and achieve that same answer that's pretty damn cool it's available on Android and iOS for free but there is an in-app purchase which unlocks slightly more detailed mathematical explanations to the solve equation the app will not only read text but handwritten problems as well which makes it a great tool for students and it can save you a lot of time there's also a smart calculator feature that will continually update in real time based on a formula or equation that is being typed our final apps for this episode is bullet Forest and personally it's one of my favorite mobile first-person shooter games this is a fast paced free-to-play title which is available for Android and iOS as always the game takes a lot of inspiration from a popular series such as battlefield and Call of Duty offering similar features such as weapon class customization and popular game modes this includes team deathmatch we for all conquest and gun games what really impressed me though was the wide selection of maps which kept the game very refreshing if you've ever played a mobile first-person shooter before then the control should come to you very naturally if you find a first-person shooters and want to kill some time on the go this game is definitely for you that is it for this episode as always if you guys enjoyed this month's elections make sure to leave a like and feel free to leave any apps suggestions for the next episode in the comment section because that is where I get my ideas from for the series thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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