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ULTIMATE Giveaway - 400,000 Subscriber Special!

I think it's time for a giveaway so I was gonna wait until I reached 400,000 subscribers but I didn't want to make you guys wait until the end of this month so I just said screw it let's do the giveaway now I have lots of amazing prizes to give away so make sure you guys watch this entire video for the important details but before we get into the good stuff I have a few announcements to make so first up my wallpaper a lot of you guys have been asking me where I get my wallpapers from facets da la is the website and also my good friend Phillip actually took the wallpaper I'm using now and he custom made different colors so if you guys want to pick one up to match your setup you can now do that by clicking on the link down below and downloading them huge things to you Phillip next announcement is t-shirts after being harassed many times many times by you guys I finally managed to get off my ass and make some t-shirts for you guys so I have black and white t-shirts and many different designs and reasons why have so many is because I'm trying to figure out which ones people are willing to buy and which ones have the worst design so I limited each t-shirt to like 50 so I can determine which ones are more popular than the others so yeah they are in limited quantity so you won't see most of them ever again and I'm actually sorry if they do get sold out by the time you are watching this video I will bring back four or five of the most popular designs early 2016 so you didn't get a chance to pick one up then you will in a few months I'll drop a link to my t-shirt page down below for anyone that's interested alright so onto the giveaway portion of the video the first prize we have is a hoverboard but not just any hoverboard we got the official text source of a board that was featured in the cool tech under 500 a few months back I've only used this for like a week and there are some scuffs here and there from falling and nearly killing myself but then on that it works 100% without many problems even if you guys got a new one it will take you five minutes to scratch the crap out of it anyways I do have to say that this is the only giveaway item that's not international just because it's going to cost me a fortune to have this ship out of the country but everything else you see in this video is available for us and anywhere else in the world next up we have the ever-so-popular $1,000 titanium iPhone 6s case that I did a video on and the best part about it is that you get a brand new iPhone 6s case with your choice of V brand skins they were also custom engraved whatever you want on your case next up we have a console of your choice either a ps4 or Xbox one brand new this one is obviously mine but you guys get to choose either a ps4 and Charlet bundle or an Xbox one Gears of War bundle and I also throw in some dban skin so you can pimp out your console last but not least we have the grand prize a $1500 ultimate gaming PC with gaming gear an FX 8320 processor NZXT X 61 CPU cooler an r9 390x graphics card with the MSI 970 gaming motherboard he also gets 16 gigabytes of RAM one terabyte of storage space packed inside be sexy and the XTS 340 razor Edition case obviously I had to keep a theme consistent we have msi parts so why not go with MSI gaming gear we have the MSI Interceptor Gaming Mouse GK 701 mechanical gaming keyboard and an MS ideas 502 gaming headset also throw in one free steam game of your choice so you can start gaming immediately not only am I going to build a PC myself but I'm also going to install a fresh copy of Windows and also install and update all the drivers and even overclock the CPU so whoever wins will get the most performance out of the PC so I will be doing the time-lapse build on my channel but you guys will find the gaming benchmarks on my cousin's channel check it out and for those of you who've been with me since the beginning already know who he is his name is Bob he's my cousin he's been helping out text source and essentially made text source what it is today honestly if he never approached me two and a half years ago and asked me to create a YouTube channel I wouldn't be here sitting right now talking to you guys let alone even do this amazing giveaway so I owe all of this to him but yeah he will be doing his own thing he'll be running the channel full-time by himself and about a month or two and I think right now he only has a channel trailer but there will be a lot of collabs between me and him and also even host some giveaways on his channel but if you guys are feeling awesome it would mean a lot to me if you were to subscribe to his channel especially if you want to see the gaming benchmarks video and other really cool tech related content by the way he doesn't even know I'm doing this video so being pretty crazy surprised once he checks his channel alright so how do you enter to win these amazing prizes well here are the requirements so I teamed up with mobile strike and spades plus to make this happen both of these apps are available for Android and iPhone mobile strike is an MMO strategy game somewhat like clash of clans but with a modern military theme you can build and defend your base and even go on the offense with your army to steal and collect loops spades on the other hand is a very popular and simple card game each player gets a turn to throw in a card and the person with the highest number of the same color suit wins each round there was one exception though and it's that spades are worth higher than any other card so throwing in one with a mix of other color suits will automatically win that round so for my US viewers the requirements are simple all you have to do is download one of the two games by using the referral link down below for one entry if you want to increase for the giveaway you can download both of the games I did leave a link to the apps in the description section all you have to do is click on it and enter your phone number and then you will get a text message with a link to download the app if you're downloading the app just to enter for the giveaway unfortunately it will not count use the app for a few days and for a mobile strike you have to actually reach level 6 in order for it to count for one entry so whichever game you guys download make sure to use the referral link down below so I can track you guys for the giveaway entry so that's for my US viewers for my international viewers you guys also have chances to enter twice one entry for commenting on the Facebook post about this giveaway and one more entry for sharing this video on Twitter or Facebook I know that's a lot of information so I'm gonna recap well quickly for my US viewers you guys have two chances to enter you get one entry for each game you download by using the link in the description section and actually playing the games to qualify mobile strike requires least level 6 to get credit for my international viewers one entry by commenting on the Facebook post and a second entry by sharing this video on Twitter or Facebook the final requirement is to leave a like on this video and drop a comments down below voting on which two products you guys want to enter for unfortunately you can't enter for all of them you guys get the options to choose from two of them I know that there are a lot of requirements and I'm really sorry for that the only way I can afford this giveaway is by teaming up with a few apps I will announce the winners on the 15th of January on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so be sure to follow me there for all of the updates and announcements believe it or not I've actually had past winners who never claimed their prizes within 24 hours so I was actually forced to pick alternate winners I want to let's giveaway by saying thank you to everyone I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and I'm really grateful to have amazing subscribers like you guys this channel is on fire right now and it's thanks to every single one of you guys for sharing my videos for leaving feedbacks I owe everything to you guys thank you so much I hope this giveaway shows my appreciation to you guys even if you don't end up winning but best of luck to everyone winters thank you guys so much again for watching and I'll see you in the next video you
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