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what's up guys inside back again from Texas and welcome to the long-awaited office tour this here is the headquarters of Texas and I'm going to be giving you guys a quick tour by the way everything you guys see in this video will be linked down below in the order that you see them so it's easy for you guys to find them so that wasting any more time let's start the show alright so starting off the tour I'm gonna start off from the first entrance this is where I usually walk in and to the left of that we have a little clip here to hold my earphones so whenever I'm on the way out I can just simply we have the fruit here and then move on over here is one of Justin mother's finest pieces of work lots of you guys been asking me where I get my wallpapers from and I get them from Justin Mahler's website I think it's called facets da la and you guys can check them out I'll drop a link down below for you guys but I basically purchased one of his artwork and I had it framed and I put it on the wall just cuz it looks so badass over here is a bunch of stuff going on but quickly I'm going to show you my pretty cool trashcan this is the automated trashcan for a bunch of lazy people like myself but basically you hover over it and it opens up and then slowly closes which I think it's pretty cool I don't know why I'm showing you my trashcan but anyways over here we have a bunch of bunch of things going on first thing we'll talk about is the wall of tech which is a bunch of product boxes EIC I've used these personally and even for the channel and I absolutely love the quality and I guess you can call it the tech sources approved products because these are products I enjoy using and I personally approve their quality that we've done did I say that so down here is the docking station that I use for my smartphones and their basic purpose is to rest here and charge up until I use them in my videos for comparison's there's really no other reason to have this but I kind of don't want to keep them locked up in a drawer somewhere and I figured I would showcase their beauty by docking em over here so back here I have some cable drops hooked up to micro USB cables so I can use to charge the phones there's a USB type-c like Kable basically for all types of smartphones in case you guys haven't noticed black and red is my color scheme and you'll see that throughout the channel and I'm sure a lot of you guys are already sick of seeing this color combo but that is what I'm into and I do have a custom skin on these they're from the brands I've used actually a few other skins before but nothing matches the level of precision that the brands offers and if you guys don't believe me I'll drop a link down below so you guys can check out for yourself another cool modification I did with this table is a hidden drawer down below here I've attached it to the roof of the desk and just offers a bunch of storage space so I have my laptop some power banks my unboxing knives and some USB Drive so it's a really cool addition to any desk really another cool small modification I did is attach the gh4 battery charger under the desk so basically which down and I grabbed the batteries without looking and that kind of just really cleans up the overall look of the desk and I kind of memorized where it goes so bring it down there snap it in place good to go also moving further this way is the lounging area or the gaming area if you call it I got my PlayStation 4 console over here with the Nitro charger I've actually mentioned this in the cool tech September video but it's like a docking station it's magnetic it's really cool snap in place and it charges automatically um this year is the samsung 55 inch 4k Smart TV the only purpose of this TV is either Netflix or YouTube that's basically all I use it for come here chill on my couch we have my iPad and I have this hooked up to the TV so I can pair it with the YouTube app and I watch my YouTube videos on here and some occasional gaming on the PlayStation 4 console which I'm sure you guys have noticed is also skin by D bands there was one more thing I want to show you guys before I move on and this actually came in a few weeks ago I haven't had a chance to make a video on it but this is the 100,000 subscriber silver play button that I received I was so stoked to get this in the mail but I can't wait to mount this at my new place speaking my new place I haven't actually told us to anyone but yeah I'm moving out of this office in November as you can see I'm actually running out of space to put my products in and PC parts so that's kind of what's going to happen in November there will be a vlog stick around real quickly in this corner just some minor things here like some paper plates napkins for food trash bags and then here are some boxes for the smartphones that I've used in the past nothing really special but let's go to move on to the good stuff on that side so this is the filming area I guess you can start off with the lights I'm using two soft boxes from flora easy softbox I've done this the hard way but I've used many cheap lighting before and they always break down after a few months so I've learned my lesson I'll spend a little bit more for lighting that way it last you a long time I had this for almost two years now it's been rock-solid I love the quality on these so does a few tripods I use for filming most of these products are from madam photo because I absolutely love their quality and that's not a plug I live it by man photo products I don't know the name for most of these and I'll have a link down below but this is the mobile tripod set up this is what I use to grab a nice if you walk around with because it's light as you can see it's got the camera or slider and another Manfrotto fluid head but for basic videos that really don't require much movement this is the setup I use moving on to the other complicated setup this is the other tripod set up I have we got the photo tripod you got the fluid head and another fluid on top of the actual slider this slider is from I footage this is the carbon-fiber shark slider with the wireless motorized unit attached on it let me guys let me show you guys a quick demonstration so comes with this really cool remote control and you can basically control a wirelessly that's the point but I want to show you guys how smooth this thing is I use this for most of my cinematic videos for the slide shots and the pans and all that but come in come a little bit closer you guys can see how smooth it is you can adjust it to one millimeter a second look how look at smooth egos it's actually moving you can't tell that's how slow it is you can get closer if you want so yeah you can adjust the speed using this controller but the best part about it is all I need is one take before I used to use my hand and I would have to do with multiple takes but use this one time you're good to go yeah this is definitely one of the best investments I made for the channel quite far so the camera I'm using to film this video is the Panasonic gh4 which currently has the wide angle lens attached to it but I also have the Sigma 18 to 35 millimeter with the meta bones feed booster as well and I use that for on camera videos and close-up shots but if I want a cinematic style video the wide-angle lens is definitely my go-to lens so I'm liking what I used to record my on camera videos is the Sennheiser or Sennheiser I should say MK m KH 416 I can't even say that but yeah this is a really good microphone and solid I use this for set up Wars PC Wars and every time you guys see my face in front of a camera it's adjustable and it's pretty cool stand so I can get the right angle for my shots the microphone I'm using to record this video is actually the h5 zoom which is attached to the gh4 right now so it may not be as crispy so I mentioned this before this is the atomic Shogun 4k monitor that I use attached to the gh4 it's an external recorder that records on an SSD and also outputs 10-bit color it has an awesome 1080p display and it's honestly one of the best things I've purchased for the channel and I strongly recommend this for anyone making videos last but not least this is the table that I do my inbox scenes and reviews on this is the boy desk it's the adjustable desk I'm sure you guys have seen as many times my previous videos but anyways yeah this is basically the filming area this is where all the videos get done and shot moving on to the production and gaming area this is my setup I'm not going to go too much into death here because I do have a video on my setup tool you guys can check out by clicking on the link to the top right of the screen and I think as where it is so I got the 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor from LG this thing is hooked up to the ergo tech arm which can do a lot of pretty sweet things you can lift it up you can rotate this you can even bring it out yeah absolutely love this map you can basically do anything we can even tilt it this is the custom PC that is essentially powering tech source I did a video on this as well but it's a custom painted custom made PC I call it big red it has two 780 is a 49 30 K CPU bunch of good stuff in there definitely check out the video here I want info one thing I do want to show you before I leave is the LEDs I installed on the setup these are from friends of Hugh and I can control them with my smartphone it's pretty sweet actually did feature this in my cool tech video once again the link will be up there you guys want to check that out but I usually keep it on the red color to match my overall theme this year is my dxracer chair that was sent in to me a few weeks ago absolutely love this shirt I don't know why I didn't pick one up earlier it's great for gaming it's great for productivity it's got lumbar support and also support for the head or neck up here but yeah this is basically where I game and get work done my neat little station which is also on a desk like before alright so moving on to the second desk area this is a Bob station this is my alternate backup station where basically what gets done we have a hundred thirty four inch ultra wide curved monitor we have it on the Flex stand which is an equivalent to the Ergo tech arm it does the exact same thing it just looks cooler and it's in black so you can twist it you can rotate this you can bring it out lots of really cool stuff with this thing of course our products down here we got the another Logitech MX wireless mouse that's Z on the $650 PC I built for October which is going to be giving away video coming up soon and this is actually one of the really cool desks I have this is called a stand esque and it's just like the vertex but it's more advanced I would say there are some dedicated buttons over here that you can select that are pre-configured so let's say if I want number two press number two and it will automatically raise the desk to that configurate setting so you basically don't have to constantly hold your hand here to raise it up which is pretty cool it also has an automatic function so if you hold down the button for a second and let go it will basically go all the way down until it stops and the same way upwards so yeah this is the second station aka Bob station where he gets videos on for text source what's up with the wallpaper though LaBeouf's a legend dude alright whatever alright so by finally moving on to the final area of the office the poker table so yeah this is the executive poker table that you guys would see in Vegas but it's not as fancy of course we got cup holders for the players around we would have poker nights sometimes in the weekends but lately we've been slacking on our poker game over here is the lockbox where all the chips are and these are I think 14 grams I'm not really sure about the weight but these are really high quality poker chips so yeah that's basically it for the poker table not much really to talk about there and now I guess we can talk about the insurance one more time so we have a mini fridge over here which most likely has nothing in it that matters I saw it's been there since we moved in it's like a year and a half old we have a microwave to heat things up of course and a little table here right next to the entrance or exit if you way if you may this little valley tray VIP here I keep my sunglasses and my keys on it's just a nice place to keep these that way I don't lose track of them I can just simply grab it and then head on out so that's kind of what the purpose of this is yeah it's basically night that's the office I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did let me know by hitting that like button I recently had 300,000 subscribers and I owe it to you guys thank you so much for your support none of this would even be possible without you guys so thank you guys so much for your support I love you and I'll see you in the next video
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