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Ultimate Desk Setup Tour - Early 2016

what's up guys is that from tech stores and welcome to my desk setup tour early 2016 I've made quite a number of changes since last year so without wasting any more time let's begin so everything I mentioned in this video will be listed down below in the order that they appear so it's easier for you guys to find them but let's start off with my PC that's powering this setup this is big red my custom painted and modded PC running on a 49 30 K which are overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz and a gtx titan ex i upgraded from 2 780ti s2 to 980 TI s and then made the jump to to Titan X's only to realize that it was overkill and the performance difference was marginal so I took the other one out and kept only one the custom Titan X backplate is from the guys at v1 Tech and actually most of my monthly PC builds usually feature products from them because they do such an amazing job well like I said I'll have links below if anyone is interested apart from that I have 32 gigabytes of Corsair Dominator Platinum's 512 gigabytes of storage and raid 0 on both of my Samsung 850 pros and 250 gigabytes of space on my Asus radar PCIe SSD packed inside the NZXT s340 case making our way towards the left is where my new docking station for my iPhone 6s plus is located this is one of my newer additions to my setup that I actually featured in my cool tech on their 54 February I picked this one up because it not only looks cool but it can also support my iPhone even with a bulky case on finding a charging dock is extremely hard since most of the stands don't support bulky cases I love having my phone stand because not only does it keep my phone juiced up all day but I can see any notifications as they appear on my phone by next to that under my monitor I have the new anchor sound core Bluetooth speaker that actually replaced my previous anchor premium speaker 90% of the time I'm always wearing headphones but the 10% is when I'm actually shooting a video and I'm always listening to music otherwise I just can't focus it just gets me in the mood the sound core is really loud and has extremely crispy sound with a clear base the battery life is also pretty incredible now it states that it can last up to 24 hours on a single charge which is actually really accurate from what I've experienced overall it's an excellent sounding Bluetooth speaker that's not overpriced speaking of sound over to the left of my monitor is where my voiceover setup is located I have the scarlett 2i2 audio interface which is hooked up to my C m25 condenser microphone that actually came with the package I also have the newer boom arm attached so that I can position a microphone at an angle that's comfortable for voiceovers on top of the interface I attached the transcend as the card reader which is extremely convenient when transferring audio and video files after I've done recording the headphones I used to monitor my sound are the popular a THM 50 X's which have custom skins on to better match my theme these are from the brands and they actually have skins for the m-40 X's the M 50 s and a bunch of other devices like smartphones gaming consoles laptops and more so if you guys want to pimp out your devices make sure to check out the first link down below so when I'm not using my headphones they are resting on the Thermaltake headphone hanger which isn't flashy or anything it just looks cool and well it's black and red speaking of headphones I do have two other pairs resting on my anchor headphone hanger underneath my desk which are the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset and these so drop Bluetooth headphones the hyper X's are usually what I wear most of the time just because they are so damn comfortable I use them for watching movies listening to music and especially gaming whereas I use the snowdrops for when I have to move away from my desk over the years there has always been something missing from my setup until recently I have finally added some personality the acoustic films that I've attached on the walls not only absorb sound which helps improve the overall sound quality my voiceovers but also goes well with my black and red setup in the center I've mounted my most prized possession the silver play button awarded for surpassing 100,000 subscribers I've mounted that directly above my monitor to constantly remind me that I'm in the right path it's more of a motivational piece than anything really it reassures me that I'm doing something right I've also spent hours trying to make everything symmetrical and parallel with each other since I have major OCD another Neeley addition to my setup which also contributes to my personality is this bottle ladies and gentleman which you are looking at here is one of the very few black vodka drinks in the world hence the name black odd since I was born in Moscow Russia and I love drinking vodka what a better way to represent myself than with a black and red vodka bottle unfortunately this wasn't available in the States so I had to get it imported from the UK and I want to give you huge thanks to my buddy Ashe Taylor for helping me get two bottles of this and I'll drop a link to his channel down below so you guys can go over and thank him for me the bottle is resting on top of my game of Thrones coaster not because it's black and red but because I happen to represent House Targaryen on Game of Thrones if you guys watch the show let me know which house you represent in the comments section down below onto the gaming peripherals I use the Corsair strafe RGB keyboard and the Logitech MX master mouse which sits on top of an extended mousepad which actually recently replaced my reflex mousepad as you can see there are no logos anywhere on this mousepad which was the main reason why I replaced my previous one I definitely prefer a cleaner look so thank you to whoever it was on Twitter that showed me these finally the monitor that I'm using is none other than the 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor from LG I went from a triple monitor setup to a dual 4k monitor setup and then to this I had the monitor since June 2015 and I absolutely love it since I did a review on this back then I've never looked back that 34:40 by 1440p resolution is perfect for me when it comes to editing since I can fit everything on the same screen my productivity has increased dramatically now even though it has a 60 Hertz refresh rate I still use it to play games in fact I've been really addicted to blade and soul recently so I've been playing that for hours each day without a problem I also have it mounted on the ergo tech freedom arm which allows me to position it at practically any angle I want no setup is complete without LEDs now I've used some really crappy ones in the past that either fall off after some time or just die out but these these are the best and I can say that with certainty because they are not cheap I had these since April of 2015 and they have given me zero problems but what I love about these LEDs other than their amazing quality is the fact that you can control them right from your smartphone or tablet any setup can be made to look good on top but what about underneath the desk I recently spent the entire night and completely redone my cable management I actually have a video on cable management that will give you guys tips and tricks and you can find a link to it down below as well if it's already uploaded but what I basically did was attach a long cable Raceway on the roof my desk and ran the wires through they're using some cable clips to keep everything organized and hidden I also used some 3m tape and attach the power strip and power brakes against the roof so that they are not visible what I love about the surge protector that I use for my cable management is that it also comes with built-in USB ports which I can use to charge devices my iPhone charging dock is actually connected to it I only have one wire plugs into the wall which is the surge protector and the reason why it's hanging down like that is because my desk is motorized and I need cable slack so that it can be retracted as my desk Rises but overall I'm 100% satisfied with my cable management and more details on how I fix my cables will be in that video so make sure you guys stick around so my question to you guys is this is my setup worthy of the seal of approval be honest and let me know by voting using the strawpoll link in the description section also let me know what you guys think of my setup anything you would change or modify feel free to critique me as I have done on my setup boards I promise I won't ban you anyways that will do it for this video thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed it make sure to hit that like button and I will see you in the next video
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