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Ultimate Desk Setup | Wolverine Edition

so my perfect desk setup series is now called the ultimate desk setup because there is no such thing as a perfect setup it may be perfect to me but other people have different tastes whether they prefer a certain color scheme they don't like the keyboard choice or just they don't like the theme in general so I threw away the WordPerfect and now ladies and gentlemen welcome to the ultimate desk setup Wolverine edition so I know how much you guys love time-lapse videos my time-lapse PC builds on one of the most popular ones on YouTube so I put together a very long time lapse build of this entire setup actually I think it's over 20 minutes long I'm not really sure but if it's already available I'll drop a link to us down below you guys should have some fun with that so let's start off with the PC that's powering everything now this is a lecture box my very first custom water-cooled PC that I built on the channel I did do a video on it to be sure to check it out in case you haven't already but it's rockin a 67 gk2 GTX 1080s founders edition in sli and 16 gigs of ram from g.skill I built it inside the allele EP co9 case and it was definitely an adventure to say the least it's actually resting on four custom 3d printed risers on a separate Alex your so that it doesn't take up any extra space from the main desk and speaking of the custom printed risers there I total of eight more that are holding up the concrete tabletop from Ikea a huge things to David for working with me on these and designing some really cool Wolverine style risers that fit perfectly with a set up steam he also custom printed the coaster and the phone stand but more on that later he did do a video on how he came up with a design as well as how he 3d printed them so if you guys are into the kind of stuff make sure to check out his channel and this video I'll have the links below it's actually some pretty cool stuff I just noticed it looks like I've horns sticking out of my head because of the claws that's hilarious so I decided to opt for an ultra wide monitor instead of the usual multi-monitor setup so I hit up Asus and I told them to send over their best ultra light gaming monitor so what you guys are looking at is the PG 3 4 8 Q g-sync quad HD monitor with 800 Hertz overclockable panel which I was able to hit within their menu this is a beast gaming monitor which is also great for productivity with it's 34 40 by 1440 p display I always tell everyone once you go ultra wide you never go back I got the monitor hooked up on a wall mount and hid the cables using a channel and for the rest of the cables I used a cable Raceway and ran all the cables through it and into a surge protector from anchor when you're putting together a pricey setup like this you want to make sure your investment is protected from random surges or circuit breaks the anchor six outlet power strip does just that and it comes with four additional USB ports with 2.4 amps per port giving your device's the fastest possible charge I also drilled holes for the keyboard and mouse and one more for the charging cable that's attached to the phone stand which was also 3d printed by David I ran a lightning cable through it and into the back of the monitor so whenever I need to charge I can dock my iPhone and use it up my iPhone also has the Wolverine theme with the yellow rubber inserts for the Advent case we got black carbon fiber skins for the back and my badass Wolverine wallpaper I won't tell you guys the price of the case that I'm using because a lot of you will freak out so I'll drop a link to the video I did with it if you want to check it out you guys already know how I get with symmetry so in order to balance the phone stand I had to add something on the other side so I decided to throw in a simple 3d printed coaster with Wolverine etched on it after all I want to protect the countertop as much as I can from scratches and if you think about it one of the most common things we put on our desks are drinks I also decided to keep a console for those exclusive games out there now this is no ordinary ps4 slim it's actually slightly modded besides the awesome skins that I applied on the ps4 I also upgraded a storage inside thanks to Seagate which by the way sponsored this episode I have created a 500 gigabyte internal hard drive to a total of 7 terabytes of space we got 2 terabytes from Seagate internal fire CUDA hard drive and 5 terabytes from their external hard drives as you guys know the standard 500 gigabytes sometimes one terabyte of hard drive space that comes with these consoles just isn't enough for serious gamers out there I think games nowadays take up to 25 to 30 gigs of space and that's just by running off the hard disk I'm not even talking about digital downloads this means that you have to constantly delete games to make room for new ones but with Seagate's fire CUDA gaming sshd you can not only increase the capacity to make room for more games but also increase load times I up to 5 times faster compared to standard hard drive discs and that's because these drives are flash accelerated installation was also very easy all I did was pop off the side cover remove one screw and pull out the hard drive cage and then swap out the old hard drive with the Seagate Barracuda after all that I downloaded the newest firmware for the ps4 and transferred it to the new drives along with all the previous files and games I backed up from the old drive of course there is a more detailed step-by-step video on how this is done I'll drop a link to that down below there's also the external drive route for those that want a more convenient way of storing games the benefits of having an external drive is convenience lots more storage space and the ability to be mobile let's say you're going over to your friend's house well you can simply bring your external hard drive with you instead of the entire ps4 just plug it in and launch any game you want straight from the external drive but do keep in mind that the saved data does not get transferred so you guys have to transfer the save data from ps4 to ps4 via USB or the PlayStation Plus online storage so if you need more space or faster load times than your ps4 then these sigue drivers will get the job done I'll drop a link to them down below if anyone is interested and just for my subscribers out there I'm giving away two PlayStation 4s and two of each of the drives I just talked about all you guys have to do to enter is just comment down below whether you want the PlayStation 4 or one of the Seagate drives you can pick either the two terabyte internal fire CUDA or the five terabyte external drive for the winners will be selected in the comment section and I'll announce them on Twitter at the end of June but back to the ps4 so as I mentioned before I did slap on some dban skins and I didn't go with the yellow because their color didn't match the yellow I had throughout the setup and it wouldn't have looked good so instead I went with concrete which actually ended up working better because it gives up a nice contrast with the darker concrete tabletop if you guys want to check out some for yourself I'll drop a link below in case you guys are wondering the wall going decal on it was actually added separately and I think it adds to the theme of the set up along with the decal on the reservoir of the PC the keyboard is from royal grudge and it's actually custom painted in yellow with custom black key caps from two different keyboards and also picked up the SteelSeries rival 100 gaming mouse which perfectly now the mascot is one of my favorite pieces of this setup and it's actually custom made by inked gaming I couldn't be more happier with the design that came up with and the quality of their mouse pads are some of the best I've seen anywhere you can basically send in your design and pick the size of the mousepad you want and then they will send it over as simple as that as long as the image is not copyrighted you are good to go I mean sure there are a bunch of mouse pads out there with a variety of different colors sizes even designs to choose from but having one custom made just for you with the perfect color scheme and design and size that's pretty awesome but anyways check them out guys I'll leave a link down below I think they actually have an excel on the website if you guys use text or ten you guys get 10% off their entire store and also if you guys like my mousepad they do have a variety of different options to choose from that you can pick up for yourself as well so what else do we have here some painted IKEA shelves that are holding up the Edifier e 25 speakers and if you guys have been following the channel for a while then you already know how awesome these speakers are since I talked a lot about them before I actually have a pair of these for my set up in red and I just love the alien-like design and the sound quality is amazing I use them mainly for watching videos and listening to music but when I'm gaming I like to throw on the coarser void wireless headset which is resting on a hanger underneath a desk I love the fact that these are wireless and the best part is that I can switch between the PC and a ps4 through the USB receiver also down here I like to keep the controllers and I stand that way they are easy to reach and don't end up scratching the surface and while we're down here let's talk about cable management it was actually pretty easy thanks to the channel Raceway which is holding up most of the cables I was able to run the wires from the monitor keyboard and mouse through here and out the other end which is then plugged in to the inker outlet you guys can't see the outlet now because I use some 3m tape and hooked it up behind the alux drawer I also use some cable clips to ensure that some of the wires don't hang down overall I think it did a pretty decent job other than that I did add a few figurines and props near the top to add to the overall personality of the setup we got the popular Logan bobblehead a Wolverine statue for Marvel now and in the middle are you watering claws made out of real stainless steel everything was carefully measured and planned out to make sure the distance between the shelves are equal as well as it being parallel with the monitor and desk same with the speaker shelves and pretty much everything else you see in this setup symmetry is important to me and I feel like I did a good job putting all of this together but you guys be the judge so that is if it is video hope you guys enjoyed it believe it or not it took me about five months to make this video from planning it to ordering the parts dealing with brands and even setting it up I mean it took a long time so if you did enjoy leaving a like honestly I would appreciate it if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike as well and leave me your constructive criticisms down below what you didn't like about the setup maybe what you liked what you would have changed differently anyways if you guys need to the channel also consider subscribing because I love making these setup videos in case you missed episode 2 I'll leave that down below it's a really cool white and green cell setup anyways I love you guys thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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