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Ultimate Desk Tour - Ed's Desk Setup

we what's up guys and welcome to the long-awaited desk tour I've been judging other desk setups on my setup wars series so I think it's time for you guys to judge mine by leaving your feedback in the comment section down below by the way all the products mentioned in this video will be listed down below for anyone that is interested so with that said let's start from the most important thing on my desk which is big red my custom painted PC that essentially powers tech source I did do a video on it so I won't waste too much time but it's basically walking a 49 30 K CPU overclock to 4.5 gigahertz paired with two custom-painted 780 Ti is in SLI and 32 gigabytes of RAM packed inside the beautiful NZXT s340 case attached to the PC I have this two-in-one microUSB and lightning cable that I used to charge my smart phone speaker wireless mouse and my headphones whenever I need a microUSB cable I just pull out the top portion and whenever I need to charge my Apple devices I just connected back it's so much better than having two separate cables right next to the PC I have my iPhone 6 plus on the anchor stand rocking the dracco 6 case from dracco design if you ever noticed by now my favorite color combo is red and black so was a no-brainer picking up the black and red carbon fiber skins for my iPhone by the way these are from B brand and they have a bunch of other types of skins for smartwatches consoles and a bunch of other devices but I'll go to leave a link to their website if you guys want to check them out for yourself underneath the monitor is the anchor premium bluetooth speaker which is my personal favorite out of all of these speakers I have ever reviewed on a channel it's extremely loud clear and has an amazing base and I use it to watch movies and listen to music to get into my mood when I'm filming my videos to the left of the speaker is the Scarlett Studio 2i2 audio interface that I used to record my voice overs like the one in this video it sucked up to the CM twenty-five mic that came with the package and my trusty 80 hm vx headphones I have the mic hooked up to an extension boom arm to get it off my desk and it's really convenient for me when recording because I can just pull it towards me whenever I need to use it and then push it back when I'm done it's super flexible so I can raise it and lower it as well as rotate it as much as I want also on top of the audio interface I use some 3m tape and attach they transcend as the card reader for easy access when I'm done filming on my gh4 I just slap the SD card inside and transfer my files straight to my PC all the way on the left side is one of the newer additions to my desk setup this is the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset that I cover for cool tech of September this is hands-down the most comfortable headset I have ever worn the word cloud and its name is spot-on so these are compatible with pcs consoles and practically everything else that has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack the SFU 7.1 virtual surround sound comes with a detachable mic I use these mainly for gaming but sometimes leave them on while I'm editing and watching movies if I want something more comfortable the sound output is extremely clear and noticeably louder than my m50x is so I have to keep that in mind while editing the voiceovers I keep the cloud tools on the Thermaltake headphone hangar just because it matches my theme and it's one of the coolest hangars I have ever seen speaking of headphone hangers I have one more attached on the roof of my desk which is holding my FFT X's and my ghost Tech Bluetooth headphones this is called the anchor from elevation labs and I really like this headphone hangar because I use several headphones every day and I can hide them underneath my desk and keep them off my table which gives more room for other things I've been using this for the past three months now without any problems in fact it uses the same 3m adhesive tape that you can find on GoPro cameras so you know that this will stick pretty damn good I use the ghost tech headphones whenever I need to move around a lot or if I'm going places I mostly use them with my iPhone but they are a great pair of very light headphones that offers rich sound it does feature a microphone so I can accept calls as well and it also has a 3.5 millimeter jack that I can use in case it runs out of battery now let's take a look at my peripherals so I'm rocking the Microsoft Sidewinder x4 keyboard and the Logitech MX master wireless mouse on top of the xqo extended mouse I was never a fan of mechanical keyboards because of the key sounds it does get pretty annoying when I'm typing constantly which is why I stuck with the x4 keyboard all this time it's super quiet the keys are short for quick and easy presses and comes with a wrist rest I have used many mechanical keyboards in the past and I always find myself coming back to the x4 for the mouse I'm rocking the MX master from Logitech this mouse needs no introduction its notorious for being one of the best productivity mice in the world and absolutely love this thing it's really great for editing but I do use it for gaming sometimes without any problems now if I was a hardcore gamer I would most likely use a gaming mouse but for being only casual this works just as well last but not least is the extended mousepad that I recently picked up I've been using the Corsair extended mousepad for the longest time but when I saw this one I knew I had to pick it up it has a pretty cool shape with a red border that complements my color scheme now although I'm not a big fan of the Scorpion logo or the text on the mousepad the keyboard pretty much covers up most of it anyway so it doesn't really bother me now on to the monitor this is the LG 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor that I have hooked up to the awesome ergo tech freedom arm so the story behind this monitor is this I start off with a triple display set up a few years ago and then moved on to a dual 4k display set up from Samsung which was great but when LG sent me this 34 inch monitor I immediately fell in love personally I find that a single ultrawide monitor works best for editing watching movies and especially gaming it's just much more immersive and you get no ugly bezels in between all of your content is right there in front of you and you don't need to move your head from one side to the other with a multi display set up the monitor arm I'm using is the ergo tech freedom arm freedom is damn correct this thing gives you the option to position your monitor in any way you can think of you can raise lower pivot turn and tilt to any degree you like this thing is incredible if you guys are looking to get your monitor off your desk pretty much cleaner look then you should definitely check this thing out now instead of paying full retail price for this you guys can actually get it from a strop which is a group buying website they have a bunch of cool tech products that you can vote on to unlock super low prices but I'm gonna leave a link to their freedom arm down below so you guys can request one for yourselves daily these are also a huge part of my desk these are from friends of you and they are wireless I can control the lights using my smartphone and access pre-configured settings from my notifications tab without having to open the app it's available for iOS and Android and I'll leave a link to the led scripts in the wireless bridge that you will need to change the colors wirelessly I've also been getting a bunch of questions regarding my desk so this is the vertex which stands for vertical desk it's basically a motorized desk and its height can be adjusted by pressing on either of these arrow keys this desk is probably the most important part of my setup because I use it constantly every single day I edit for long hours at a time and it's nice to stand up once in a while to stretch the back since sitting down for long hours at a time is bad for the back there are a lot of adjustable desk out there but the reason why I chose the word desk was because of its huge surface area this is one of the very few if not the only adjustable desk that has a 72 inch width and a 30 inch depth for the tabletop which is big I mean you can fit my PC ultrawide monitor and a bunch of other stuff and still have extra room it's so great that I even use a second one just for my videos another thing I keep on my desk is this game of Thrones coaster now this comes in a set of four but since I represent House Targaryen I use the fire blood coaster I rest my drinks on it and it protects my desk from getting water stains or scratches and oh yeah it's black and red the chair I use is from flash furniture now it's no dxracer but I find this one extremely comfortable and comes with lumbar support for the lower back I'm six-two and it's kind of hard finding a tall chair to rest my head against until I came across this one it also comes with armrests and has a red outline that matches my setup I had this for over two years and it hasn't given me any problems and overall very solid and comfortable office chair last but not least I want to go over my cable management because I think that's extremely important when it comes to any desk setup my cables were all over the place before and it was atrocious so I picked up a 6 outlet surge protector from Orrico to bring my setup back to life so they have them in two four six and even eight outlet variations and these are extremely light I basically attached some 3m tape on the back and stuck it to the roof of my desk and then proceeded to plug in everything including my PC into the surge protector what's help from cable drops as an added bonus it comes with five smart charging ports which will detect the device that's plugged in and deliver the fastest charging possible I'm just glad I was able to clean up my cable management tremendously and if your cable management is slacking then this is the answer to your prayers like I said I'll leave links to everything in the description section along with the cable drops I used but yeah that's basically my setup it's nothing over the top I like to keep things as clean as possible and only leave the essentials on my desk that I use daily if you guys like my setup then make sure to slap the crap out of that like button and if you didn't feel free to dislike and leave me your feedback in the comment section down below thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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