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Ultimate Gaming PC #3 - BIG RED - Part Selection (4K) Part 1

this video was made possible by the unlocking company the fastest and most affordable way to unlock your phone what is up you guys it's ed from tech source and it's finally time we have done an ultimate PC one and two and now it's time for the ultimate PC number three aka big red I'm not exaggerating when I say that this PC is going to be something you have never seen before this video is part of a series which includes four videos the unboxing portion which you are watching now the build process the cinematic reveal of big red and finally the benchmarks and gaming all the parts I mentioned in this video will be listed in the description section and the same order as they appear for those of you that are interested so without wasting any more time let's go through all the parts starting with the case it was a no-brainer that I had to go with the NZXT h 440 case I have not seen anything as sleek as this and it has the color theme that I am going for which is black and red what I love about this case is not only is it a silent case but the fact that it's super clean the bottom portion covers your power supply it has two spots for SSDs which is exactly the number of SSDs that I'm going to install and there are no optical drive bays in the front to take up any space I'm pretty confident that my build is going to work so well with this case what makes the case soundproof are these foams that are installed on each of the panels up top you have your usual ports you have your headset your microphone two USB 3.0 ports followed by two regular USB 2.0 s and then right next to that is the power button and the reset button those of you that saw our ultimate PC number two should be familiar with this case since it was the exact same model but instead it was white okay so moving onto the motherboard currently the best and overkill motherboard money can buy the Asus Rampage 4 Black Edition once again it works so well with my theme so choosing this was really easy it has a ton of features including built-in Wi-Fi and an overclocking command center which requires an optical bait to utilize but I wasn't going to use it anyways to keep my build clean regardless I am still going to overclock my CPU using Asus intelligence software program once everything is put together now at this point I'm sure most of you notice that this is an extended ATX motherboard and it is currently not compatible with the NZXT case as it is written on their website well I really wanted this to work out so I got the motherboard anyways and made some modifications to make it work with my case and you can see what we did in the next video which is the build process if you guys are interested for the CPU nothing beats Intel so I went with the core i7 4930 K I didn't go with the 49 60 X because for the marginal performance difference it has a larger gap in price and it doesn't make sense to spend more money for something so small I have been very happy with Intel ever since I switched from AMD and like I said before I am going to overclock this bad boy to at least four point five gigahertz anyways moving on to the next component the graphics card I went with not one but two gtx 780 Ti is because I'm going to use this PC equally for gaming and 4k editing I have a lot of confidence that these two cards will bring me happiness now you may be thinking that this graphics card has horrible colors and doesn't go well with your theme you had in mind well you're damn right I'm gonna custom paint the graphics card to my liking which will also be in the next video in addition to the graphics cards I've also purchased two awesome black EVGA back plates for the graphics card I have seriously considered painting these red but later realized that there will be just too much red in the case and that I want to balance everything equally so I will be leaving these black now on to storages I have decided to ditch the hard drives altogether and go with a PCI Express SSD which has faster speeds than a regular SSD we are talking 800 plus read and write speeds now I went with 240 gigabytes because this is only going to be used for my operating system plus a few of my favorite games that I play constantly not to mention my editing software sony vegas pro 13 to really take advantage of the speeds I also got it because well I mean look at it it looks badass and it has my color theme that I'm going for so overall a really solid choice for my main storage now for my secondary storages I went with to 240 gigabytes of Samsung 840 pros and I'm going to run these in raid 0 to get the extra boost speeds and also to combine both into one large storage unit believe it or not I don't use that much space I get I think in my entire life I've never used more than 200 gigabytes of space at any given time most of my files I store online via Dropbox and the stuff I don't use I just delete like movies I have already seen or games that I already beat and such I keep my files organized and clutter free and these two SSDs are going to be plenty for me I don't like the silver that's around the SSDs years so I am going to custom paint these as well to match my theme since my PC is going to be a silent build I had to go with one of the best closed-loop coolers money can buy the h100 AI is the most popular choice for most gamers and it does the job really well I don't like the fact that it has all black so I am planning on adding some red to it somehow since I will be doing a lot of editing I had to go with 32 gigabytes of course tears dominated platinum Ram sticks with a speed of 21 33 megahertz these will definitely be useful for 4k editing even though it's overkill for gaming once again the silver bars have to go so I will be removing the top bars and paying them red to match my team going with a custom build I had to ditch the stock fans so for the pressure fans on my cooler I went with to 120 millimeters static pressure fans and for my rear outtake I went with the 140 millimeter airflow fan both from coarser of course I went with these mainly because you can swap the ring on it to match your theme so that was a huge plus and of course it was from corsair a brand that everyone can trust so to power all of these beast parts I went with the ax 1200 I power supply you can't go wrong with the ax I series fully modular giving you the complete control of what to connect 1200 watts is definitely an overkill for this build but I did get it to future-proof my PC it does come with a bunch of cables but I set the hell with those and brought in my custom red cables which are also from Corsair so to paint all the custom parts I mentioned in this video I picked up high heat resistant paint from dupli-color it's important that you choose the correct type of paint so you don't end up damaging your parts this particular paint can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees whoo it should be more than enough for the PC build in order to modify a few of the parts before painting I had to grab some sandpaper so I went with the 3m blaster Pro the reason why I went with a sponge type sandpaper is because it's going to be a lot easier to handle compared to the flat type some additional accessories I picked up were a sleeved led kit from NZXT and I plan on wiring this along the side of my case to give it that extra zing I also picked up two red SATA cables for my SSDs from BitFenix I really think that these minor additions will really clean up the build nicely and I can't wait to show you guys the result to complete the build I picked up some peripherals from Corsair which include a k70 keyboard and the m-40 mouse so that is it for the part selection of this video these are the parts I went with and I want to hear your opinion on them is there some parts that you guys would have changed let me know in the comment section down below all the parts are listed in the description section in the order they appeared for those of you that are interested and I make sure you guys stick around for the next few videos you don't want to miss them this is that from tech source and I will see you next time you
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