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Ultimate Gaming PC Build - August ($4500)

this video is brought to you by g2 a never pay full price for a game ever again g2 a offers the best prices for any game out there for practically any platform click on the link below to see for yourself what's happening guys it's that back again from tech source and welcome to the august pc build this is XE on the 4500 ultimate gaming pc this is part 1 of 2 where i go through the parts i selected and the reasoning behind them and then part 2 will be the gaming benchmarks and performance tests by the way all the parts I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the description section both that said let's go ahead and check out the specs so I went with an Intel i7 5820k processor and msi x99s gaming 9 motherboard 3 gtx 980ti s 16 gigabytes Rd scale Ripjaws ddr4 memory and a X 1200 eye power supply with 2 512 gigabyte SSDs which will be set up in raid 0 and lastly a Lipa aqua changer 120 CPU cooler some other miscellaneous items I picked up our static and airflow fans from Corsair some red threaded SATA cables and magnetic LED strips from BitFenix and a custom threaded cable set from the guys at performance pcs all of these awesome parts will be packed inside the Magnificent Colossus case from BitFenix as soon as I laid my eyes on it I knew that this was the case for my build its an ATX full tower chassis that features two USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports along with a built-in fan and led controllers one of the main reasons why I chose this case was because of the BitFenix s3 it is a storage compartment and a security system in one place I now have a dedicated place for my external hard drive but it can also store your phone or other valuable items as well and you can lock it up with the included key there's even a dedicated place to route the cables through which really cleans up the entire case and since you can lock the top compartment you can practically lock down your keyboard mouse and USB drives and no one can take them without the key no USB ports or buttons sticking out of the case combined with the awesome LEDs makes this case an obvious choice for me in fact this is the case I'm going to be using for my ultimate water bill that's going to be happening early 2016 for the motherboard I decided to take a break from Asus and go with an MSI gaming 9 X 99 board if it isn't obvious by now I decided to stick with my trademark colors the popular red and black theme which I'm sure most of you guys are already sick of seeing on my channel the x99s model supports 8 RAM slots of 128 gigabytes of ddr4 memory up to speeds of 3333 megahertz on a quad Channel it also supports Intel i7 processors and features 5 PCI 3.0 slots that can support up to four-way SLI and also features 10 SATA ports and a single M docks to port it also has a total of 10 USB ports now some of the awesome features on the gaming 9 board that makes it an awesome choice for gaming are as follows killer doubleshot pro that ensures you won't get kicked from an online game because of high peeing streaming engine which enables you to capture high frame rate video in real time gaming without sacrificing your CPU or GPU performance it also features Sound Blaster cinema 2 you can clearly hear specific sounds and gaming environments which means that you can hear the enemies perfectly you also get amazing surround sound just by using stereo headphones or speakers turbo m2 is also another feature and you get speeds up to 32 gigabytes per second through PCI Express for the latest generation SSDs and lastly my two favorite features OC Genie 4 that will give your PC an adrenaline shot delivering up to 20 percent performance and the gaming app that will give you control on overclocking your CPU and GPU all with a touch of a button those are just some of the awesome features that the MSI gaming 9 motherboard comes with and the fact that it's in black and red made this a simple choice for me for the CPU I went with the 5820k and I'm sure a lot of you guys might be asking why I didn't go with the 59 30 K for a few hundred bucks more or even the 59 60 X or about three times the price the simple and short answer is price per performance since most games don't even support over six cores it would have been a waste going with the eight core 59 60 X now I know that the 59 30 K has 40 lanes which will give me a 16 16 8 configuration with a 3-way SLI as opposed to the 5820k S 16 8 and 4 but the performance difference is very marginal and it's not enough to justify spending a few hundred more 40-59 30k now if I was going for a Productivity type setup and I wanted to connect two or more 4k monitors than the 59 30 K would have been the ideal selection but since this is strictly a gaming PC the 5820 made more sense instead of going with a single GPU or the common 2-way SLI I decided to try something new and go with three geforce gtx 980ti s from msi as well to keep the black and red theme consistent the msi Edition on ATT I has a core clock of 1,000 megahertz 60 gigabytes of gddr5 memory with a 384-bit interface and uses 250 watts of power for each card it also has a single HDMI port three display ports and a single DVI it also features twin frozer which generates 19 percent more airflow without increasing drag for supreme silent performance in some cases eliminates the fan noise completely by stopping the fans when they are not needed one of the reasons why it took me so long to post this video is because I've been waiting for Asus to send me their enthusiast Edition as the library which even till today I still haven't received it it's actually still on backorder yes Ally Bridge comes in two three and even four way configurations and it looks badass but I'll go ahead and drop a link to that down below on where you guys can get them for a great price I should have it by the time the PC is built and part two is uploaded though since this is an X 99 build I had to go with ddr4 Ram I went with the fastest memory I can find for 3000 megahertz turns out g.skill was the obvious choice which isn't surprising since they do make some of the best RAM sticks out there for gaming oh and they look pretty badass too for cooling I went with the Aleppo aqua changer 120 millimeter unfortunately the case doesn't support 240 millimeter radiators which is why I couldn't go with the Corsair H 100 I GTX so the next best option was the aqua changer with speeds between 500 and 2,300 rpm and super quiet fan speeds this will provide enough cooling for when I overclock the CPU for storage I went with to 512 gigabytes Samsung 850 Pro SSDs that I will be hooking up together with raid zero for super fast boot up and loading times to power up all these bad boys I went with the cursor ax 1200 I supply it's a fully modular PSU and it packs enough power for 3-way SLI and more allowing the bill to be practically huger proof I did purchase some additional accessories that will definitely make the PC stand out a bit more instead of going with the standard pin connector cables from Corsair I decided to pick up some awesome custom threaded cables from cable mod by the way huge thanks to performance pcs for sending this out to me and I'll go and leave a link to the website if you guys want to pick some awesome cables up for your PC and they also have a bunch of other PC parts for modding as well so definitely check them out I also picked up some magnetic white LED strips from BitFenix which will definitely make the components inside stand out also from BitFenix are two of these threaded red SATA cables to go with my SSDs additionally I picked up some pretty sweet gaming gear that will go really well with the PC a corsair k70 RGB keyboard along with the m60 RGB gaming mouse I also picked up the Sennheiser Game one headset some additional gear include a pretty sweet headphone hangar and a sick extended gaming mat from xqo without a doubt this is going to be pretty sweet setup once it's completed and big red will officially be no more if you guys are excited to see part 2 let me know by hitting that like button so that's all the parts I'm going to be using for the build once again I'll be leaving links down below for anyone that's interested I actually picked most of the parts up from BH photo and believe it or not they actually do sell PC parts and they have really great deals on them so if you guys are building your next PC definitely check their website before you go anywhere else because chances are you'll find them a lot cheaper there anyways that's it for the video thank you guys for watching let me know what you guys think about the parts by leaving a comment down below and as always if you guys want me to continue doing these PC builds every month let me know by leaving a like on the video and if you guys want to help support the channel so I can do these builds more often you guys can bookmark one of the Amazon links down below that way I get a small kickback every time you guys shop it's completely free for you and it really does help support the channel and I can do these builds more frequently I'm actually thinking about doing these twice a month but it depends on how well the support is anyways thanks for watching make sure you guys stick around for part two right do gaming benchmarks as well as other benchmark tests on the PC coming really soon this is that from tech source see you guys in the next video
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