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Ultimate Gaming and Productivity Setup - Late 2018

what's happening guys I'm Texas and back here is our new gaming and productivity setup for our office we've been rebuilding the office and on you setup from scratch since August of this year and the purpose of this setup is not only for gaming but also content creation and media consumption as well as you can see I was going for more of a minimalistic setup with a black and green color scheme just to change things up now this Goliath of a PC that's essentially the main centerpiece of this setup is from digital storm and actually did a video on it if you want to check it out but this thing is equipped with the new 8086 k-6 core processor 32 gigs of ram and two gtx 1080p eyes and sli I did overclock the CPU to a steady 5 gigahertz and add an extra 120 megahertz offset on both GPUs needless to say it slices through footage like butter while editing and it handles 4k gaming like a champ so the games I'm playing mostly are black ops 4 and I just recently started Darksiders 2b which i think is very fun and I'm still stuck on the first boss believe it or not I'm curious if there are any Dark Souls fans out there is Darksiders 3 more difficult or Dark Souls 3 let me know what you guys think in the comments section so the monitor of choice is the new 27-inch Asus 4k gaming monitor with g-sync HDR it has a 144 Hertz or fresh rate for millisecond response time on an IPS quantum dot panel these specs are amazing if you're gaming in 4k however it's also great for color sensitive work once you enable the white color gamut option and the settings I like the aggressive stands that come with the monitor which is why I decided to keep it instead of mounting it on the wall or the desk the razor blade is mostly used as a second display while I'm gaming or editing if ever need to look something up real quick or browse through my social media accounts I don't have to all tab I can just use the blade for that I also use it for gaming so after I'm done with a video and while it's exporting I use the blade for gaming until it's complete I like the fact that I can take it with me once I'm done at the office that's actually one of the reasons why I wanted to do a single monitor setup and have a separate laptop form ability I don't really like the game on laptops but gaming on the blade is pretty fun now while the display is a 4k IPS touchscreen I'm not able to game in 4k because the gtx 1070 just can't keep up so if i want a game over 100 FPS i have to lower the settings to 1080p now the downside to that is i'll experience some screen tearing because the refresh rate is capped at 60 Hertz unfortunately it doesn't have G sync either for peripherals I got to give a huge shout out to Asus for sending these over along with the monitor so I'm using the Asus already Strix Flair keyboard with the asus rog Gladius 2 mouse the keyboard is really nice it's a full-size keyboard with cherry MX blue switches it's actually one of my favorite keyboards out there right now one of the cool things about this is that you can actually customize the plastic piece over here with your very own logo I gotta say I love the integrated media controls and the volume knob is an excellent feature as well as the USB pass-through so if you guys ever need to connect your mouse straight to your keyboard then you can speaking of the mouse it's a 12,000 VPI optical gaming mouse with Omron switches that you can swap out if you want it's very comfortable and I think it's great for both palm and quad whip types not so much fingertip I feel like Asus does RGB best when it comes to peripherals the ROG logo and the under glow is a nice touch now for audio I'm using the Edifier spinnaker is there not only are they interesting looking desktop speakers but they do sound really good nice and bacey with crisp eyes and balanced mids but one of the things that got me sold on these was this wireless remote I can basically use this to control the audio using this tiny remote I only use the speaker's when I'm watching a video or listening to music so usually when I'm in the other room shooting a video I like to blast music to kind of get in the mood but if I'm not listening to music and I'm gaming I use these bad boys the Strix fusion 500 headset it's got 50 millimeter drivers with virtual 7.1 sound and they are very comfortable to wear the padding is really soft and it covers my entire ear which helps with isolating the outside noise something really cool about this headset is the touch controls for media on the side of the ear cup you can actually use your finger and swipe or tap to adjust volume and playback they do come with two extra ear pads and a detachable microUSB as far as sound quality it's pretty good it's got a deep bass with solid mid-range so not bad for gaming there is a bit of an echo when you turn on the 7.1 so I don't recommend them for listening to music but for gaming they're great since all the peripherals are from Asus I'm able to sync all the RGB lining together even with the PC since it's using an asus motherboard speaking of lighting I decided to ditch the usual RGB strips behind the setup and go with that you guys have probably seen this from my cool tech episode back in September so these are the Nano leaf RGB panels and I absolutely love them I'm able to customize each individual panel and give them pretty cool animation effects if I want to using my smart phone you can also just pick from the pre customized templates that come with the app if you guys don't want to create your own finally let's talk about the cable management so this time around I didn't drill a hole in the desk because I don't want to ruin the mousepad so instead I wrapped both the keyboard and mouse cable together and neatly routed it alongside the monitor base this is a great alternative for people that don't want a drill a hole in their desk or their mousepad but still want a clean surface the cables under the desk were pretty easy to manage as well so I basically used a long channel raceway which routes majority of the cables from the set up straight to the PC and I used a bunch of cable clips and velcro straps to keep the path clean one thing I do recommend for people if they're hooking up power bricks underneath the desk is using strong adhesive that 3m tape doesn't cut you guys if it's really heavy I recommend using the heavy duty velcro straps with industrial strength these babies do the trick so that's it guys that is our new setup here at the office let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below I know that it's more on the overkill side and that's because we are gaming in 4k and also editing 4k footage so we do eat the specs to be a little beefy if you guys enjoy these types of videos dropping a like would mean the world to me I honestly appreciate the hell out of you guys and if you didn't enjoy the video please also drop me this like and your constructive criticism in the comment section below because I always welcome them thanks again so much for watching I love you guys honestly to death you are the best and I will see you guys and you
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