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Ultimate Portable PS4 Slim Setup?

mass drop and I have partnered up to bring you guys a giveaway on the popular JBL high-end speakers if you want to participate just click on the link below JBL which is also known by the king of studio monitoring has teamed up with mass drop to release their new 5 inch bookshelf speakers the LS are 30x these high-end studio monitors offer impressive bass smooth highs and evenness throughout the frequency response it comes in gloss black which looks very nice in any setup and the best part is that they offer two to three days shipping check them out by visiting the link below so like usual I was on Amazon shopping for something to make my ps4 slim more portable and oddly enough I came across the G story which is an 11.6 inch full 1080p portable monitor that had no reviews and of course I had to pick it up and test it out and see if it's actually worth the $200 price tag and I figured hey why not make a video on it and I feel like I have to say this and every single in my videos this is not sponsored I bought this with my own money here's a screenshot of me actually purchasing it on Amazon but anyways with that said let's dive into the review okay so this thing sits on top of the system and supports Full HD resolution guys that's 1920 by 1080 P so you can enjoy all your games and media and high quality this thing is going for $200 on Amazon right now so we're gonna find out if it's actually worth it the setup is very easy you basically place the device on top of the console and install the included clamps surprisingly it clamps on pretty well alright so then we have to plug in the power cord as well as the supplied HDMI cable back here will also find the two headphone jacks the two HDMI ports as well as the USB port for charging the devices once it's installed it's actually secure enough to move around the house but I wouldn't travel around with it installed on the construction of the actual unit is poor I would say and it's made of plastic and feels a bit hollow it would probably break if dropped so I'll definitely be careful with it we also get a controller inside the box with standard functionality nothing too crazy here it's a hefty price to pay for a monitor that isn't as portable as it looks now because of its external power supply there aren't many uses unless you have access to a power outlet for example you can't go out camping with this or use it in an airplane I mean not that you would but basically you can't use it without a power source which kind of defeats the portability factor of it it's portable in the sense that you can grab the whole thing and take it to your friend's house or your grandmother's house plug it in the wall and start playing it's portable in that sense however there was an alternative way to power this and that's by using an external power source something like this massive 120 thousand milliamp hour battery bank from anchor which I did a video on I think over a year ago not only can you power the monitor on there but you can also power the ps4 slim as well if you guys recall my original review of the power house I found that it couldn't power the classic ps4 but since the slim is more efficient it has no problem supplying steady power what everything connected we're getting about 4 hours of use from the power house and once again I'll drop a link to the original Power House review if you guys are interested in checking that out so I was kind of worried that they would cheap out on a displace quality fortunately they didn't the colors are rich there's good viewing angles and since it's a 1080p panel at 11 inches it has a ppi of 200 and surprisingly it gets bright enough to use outdoors out of the box does it come out a little too saturated for me but that was an easy fix through their menus so we also get audio control in here as well but unfortunately the audio is very poor the upwards firing speakers on the back are very tinny especially at higher volumes you're better off using the headphone jacks on the back or on the ps4 controllers but definitely make sure using some sort of headset because the audio is pretty bad here's an actual sample so my final conclusion for those of you are looking for a portable gaming monitor for the ps4 slim this is a pretty good deal I know $200 is a bit steep but for that price tag this is actually one of the best options if not the best option out there right now because they came across a bunch of other ones before I pull the trigger on this one but anyway there's a pretty niche market out there for portable gaming monitors for the ps4 slim especially this is a lot of people have the ps4 Pro but if you guys are looking for a portable gaming monitor like I said before this is the best option out there for $200 thank you guys so much for watching I'll drop a link to the G story down below in case you guys want to check it out but yeah maybe I'll do one for the ps4 Pro if you guys are interested let me know in the comments section if you want to see that done on the channel thank you so much again for watching I will see you in the next one
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