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Ultimate Protection From A BUMPER CASE?! RhinoShield

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and what I have what's up guys is that from Texas and what I have here is quite possibly the most protective bumper case that I have ever used I've dropped this case from 6 feet 70 feet and even ran over it with my car and it's still managed to survive so this is the crash guard from rhino shield and it goes for around 25 bucks with a bunch of different color options it's a pretty straightforward bumper case you have the cutouts for the speakers lightning cable and a headphone jack which is large enough to fit even third-party accessories it also has protruding tactile buttons for both the volume rockers and the power button which are surprisingly easy to press and the matte texture of the bumper gives a phone a really nice grip a few things I don't like about this case is the fact that the bumper doesn't sit flush with the back of the phone and because of that it doesn't feel natural in the hand but I get it I mean it's a bumper case and there's supposed to be a small lip to protect the case from drops another thing I don't like is how difficult it is to remove the case installing it though is fairly easy but taking the case of is harder than opening up a jar of pickles with greasy fingers aesthetically I mean it doesn't look very pleasing but what it's capable of is very impressive the first test we did was dropping the phone face first from waist height as expected no damages to the phone and light scuffs were found around the bumper second test was dropping it from six feet now keep in mind I was six - so it was a little higher again the phone is an immaculate condition with additional minor scuffs on the bumper the third test was a bit extreme we decided it would be a great idea dropping it from our rooftop which was about 70 feet high well surprisingly the phone did not receive any cosmetic damage the screen shield absorbed all of the impact as you can see here it has a bunch of things all over the front of the case but peeling off the shield you can see that the screen itself is not harmed in any way I don't know what sorcery the screen shield is using but it sure as hell works sadly though the phone does not turn on and most likely suffered internal damage then again what phone wouldn't from a height like that after all this is only a bumper case the next test we did was running over it with my car now this is a 2016 lexus 200 T and weighs 2583 pounds since the phone does not work anymore we wanted to see if the bumper would protect the phone from cosmetic damage other than some tire marks the screen is still in pristine condition there is one more test we did with the screen shield and bumper though this is effing tech source and this is iPhone 6s basketball so as you can see the phone is pretty beat up there are a lot of dings and scuffs on a screen but once again peeling it off we can see that the phone did not experience any cosmetic damages the entire time it stated that it will protect the phone from impact from at least 11 feet combined the bumper case with the impact protection screen protector and you have yourself a phone that can compete with Nokia I'm going to drop a link to both the bumper and the screen shield down below it is available for the iPhone and also a few Android devices so make sure to check them out if you guys are interested as when to give huge thanks to rhino shield for making this video possible by sending out the iPhone 6 and the bumper cases to do these insane tests that's basically a thing guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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