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Unboxing $10,000 Worth of Tech! - EP40

what's up guys welcome back to another episode of what's in the box these intros are getting cornea and cornea but anyways welcome back to another episode and you want to get huge thanks to everybody who smacked the crap out of that like button on the last video we had over 10,000 freaking likes you guys are insane so greatly appreciate your faces oh yeah what that said let's just dive right in and unbox some stuff shall we we have an exciting show for you guys today some awesome stuff coming in alright so first thing we've got is you got the MP 300 from Corsair this is a four hundred eighty gigabyte m2 SSD which is going in a build I'm not I'm not exactly sure which bill moving on to the envelopes ah this is actually a personal purchase not gonna explain this these are basically temporary body tattoos that girls put on their body for raves and festivals and stuff like that so we're gonna be going to EDC very excited for that and possibly ultra Miami so this is not mine by the way I promise you well no it's not mine this is coming from steel supplements supplements and they're not order any supplements okay looks like you have a shirt oh we have some dope shades that's that's pretty though okay I like that and we've got some some stuff some supplements this one's from steel hard AF wait what are these are you the largeman pills oh that smells really bad this was a pre-workout kind of powder thing you got shredded af which is fat loss gives you energy and then you got heart AF these are penis enlargement pills it says it right on there erection formula who sent this to me it just says steel supplements I guess that I found on the show thank you guys so much for sending these in how did you know I need these let's take a look at the shirt over here oh it's a tank top definitely not on drugs how appropriate okay I just realized you know this is probably a really good rave shirt those waivers out there probably get the joke behind this but I might even wear this for EDC who knows and these glasses I don't know about those pills though but yeah thank you guys for sending this in I guess low key on my try a few nice tonight just just to see if it works you know why not why not experiment I mean they sent over they sent over free samples cut this part of the video by the way moving right along we have something from somewhere okay that was helpful I've actually seen this as CES guys these are white sleeved accessory cables for building a PC we got USB 3 USB 2 and even the front panel connectors over here I promise you guys an all-white build and that is going inside that oh we are zooming through this episode pretty quickly this isn't necessarily tech but I were to some shoes Oh let's check this oh oh you look so damn cool so these are the Anita's honestly I don't even what they're called I saw him at the store they look dope AF and I know I had to have them so I placed an order honestly the main reason why I bought these other than the looks is because I'm looking for comfortable shoes and when I try these on I said I was walking on air solid purchase for sure okay I actually requested this from courser how nice of them to send it over so this is the corsair k70 RGB mk2 se rapid-fire keyboard with Cherry MX switches as he stands for a special edition by the way if you guys remember in my last setup video I did on the channel I was actually using a special edition white keyboard from Corsair but the problem with that one is it doesn't have a wrist rest and that really bothers the crap outta me and this is why I requested the k7 the se instead oh my gosh keyboard looks way nicer - Cherry MX Reds music to my eyes what music to my ears is what I meant to say but it's such a nice looking keyboard I wish the frame and the wrist rest was also white but I'm excited to put this and my setup and take it for a test drive I also love the fact that they stuck with the dedicated multimedia buttons and the volume knob so yeah Thank You corset for sending us over so these two boxes came in together Oh behold ladies and gentlemen I cover this in CS of this year I think this is their new Graham laptop the 17 inch this thing is so massive and so light at the same time look at the screen size on this you guys and how thin the bezels are all right so while the laptop is charging let's open up the second one which I'm also swimming is another laptop yes indeed so this is their 14 inch gram laptop and I'm actually going to be doing a review on both of these and comparing the two in an upcoming video so this is the 14 inch gram laptop it's got the i7 8th gen processor 16 gigs of ram and 512 gigabytes of space on an SSD the cool thing about the 17 inch LG gram is that it comes in a 15 inch laptop body however you get a massive 17 inch IPS screen you also get a higher resolution up from 1080p to 2560 by 1600 on an IPS screen it's not touchscreen but they did increase the aspect ratio as well so from 21 by 9 to 21 by 10 which kind of gives you more vertical real estate so I just realized there were like four other boxes in the corner over there so this video might be a little longer than you're used to so I apologize to those people who perform idios all right this is mcourser see what they sent me oh my goodness okay yes yes more parts for big red yes so gonna be throwing in an extra 960 gigabyte em that to SSD we've got the MP 510 we also got the Vengeance RGB pro wrap sticks right now big red has 32 gigs of ram we're gonna bump that up to 64 gigs at 3600 megahertz beautiful last but not least we have the nx500 this is a 400 gigabyte nvme PCIe SSD which is also going in big red the only thing is I'm gonna be coloring this white so it matches the color scheme so yeah very very stoked I think is the next biggest box check this one out I wish this arrived before the frosty build a lot of you guys have been saying in the comment section but that build was unfortunately finished before this was even announced at CES so this year ladies and gentlemen is the H 100 i RGB platinum se is an all-white AIO from coarser they also threw in a commander Pro which is going in big red and this is actually gonna be going in the old white build that I'm planning on inside the 460 X RGB case from coarser which is sitting right over there I'm starting to think all the blue tape is from Corsair okay nothing exciting just the power supply from coarser the ax 850 this is going in the old white build am either gonna skin this or paint in white so it matches the theme I haven't quite decided yet three more boxes to go let's do this I wonder if my water cooling parts came in today Oh oh I looks nice we got some green boxes over here we got some beautiful razor gear the Black Widow elite mechanical keyboard we got the Mamba Elite RGB mouse and the Goliath extended chroma RGB mouse pad I won't open this one up actually real quick razor green switches all the packaging on this is insane I think this is actually the first ever razor keyboard I've been boxed on the channel oh this is a really nice looking keyboard the wrist strap is magnetic okay volume knob up here got some dedicated multimedia buttons and the keys very satisfying so the reason why Razer is sending me these parts is because I'm gonna be building an epic gaming setup from scratch something very similar to like the Wolverine setup you guys have seen or maybe the cell setup so yeah they're sending me these parts I'm gonna be building inside the Lindley razor case it's gonna be water-cooled it's gonna be epic that's all I can tell you guys for now I'm actually expecting a few more things from razor which maybe I'll unbox in the next episode we'll see alright guys two more boxes we have this massive one from Asus I always love getting boxes or Macy's I don't know why I just get I can't like wipe the smile off my face so we got a few things for my soos first up is the ROG Strix Z 390 eye gaming motherboard oh this thing is heavy oh my lord the rog zenith extreme alpha oh my god this thing is a beast if you guys remember the year 1950 xin boxed in the last episode well that is going in this bad boy over here it's gonna be the water-cooled PC inside the Ennio case oh my god is gonna be epic it's gonna be epic last but not least we can't end the video without at least one GPU in boxing so they so many our districts are TX 2080 TI which is also going inside that massive water-cooled build last but not least and I think I know what this is oh yeah this is it guys this right here is the MVP box I sure hope you stop stabbing the boxes IKEA Waits I cannot wait yes yes yes yes yes hahaha alright there's a lot of stuff in here so I'm just gonna take everything out of the box and I'll see you guys in a sec so we have majority of the water cooling parts from ek that are going inside the rebuild of big red we got the new ek vector RT X xx atti RGB blocks for the GPUs we have some radiators I'm not sure exactly which one I'm gonna be using just yet for the case we do have a mono block this time around for the asus rampage 6 extreme motherboard and some other stuff like the white fittings to match the color scheme we got some PPG tubing of course is gonna be hardline you guys know that and even some back plates for the GPU topping it up with solid scarlet red coolant my current PC it's kind of a letdown as so many things that went wrong with it and I rushed it out so it's not really representation of what I can do I talk so much about being a perfectionist and it doesn't show in that last build guys so that's why I'm redoing this to kind of just redeem myself and my reputation that's one of the reasons why I'm doing it but anyways I promise you guys it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be the best build on the channel to date and I wraps up this unboxing episode hope you guys enjoyed it dropping a like or let me know to continue to do these on the channel as always I'll drop a link to all the parts and boxed down below in case you guys want to check it out consider subscribing because I have some epic content planned for you guys especially some awesome PC builds coming up I love your faces and I will see you in the next one bye
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