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Unboxing $20,000 Worth Of Tech!! - Vlog 19

so yeah guys everything here is worth about 20 grand believe it or not what's up guys long time no see I know haven't done a vlog in a while it's just been very difficult balancing life and making videos and sending up the home this past month and a half even two months I've been chaotic for me so thank you guys for your patience I know you've been asking for more vlogs and I'm trying to do as much as I can how do you know what I'm saying okay anyways look I'm not gonna be doing it what's in the box for this episode because I figured I just unbox it and vlog because I have way too many things going on wait to me boxes keep cutting it wait 20 boxes coming in as you can see they're starting to pile up over here and I got a few more boxes back there and yes I didn't move the TV to my bedroom because we're gonna be popping in these 65 inch 65 you h77 and like I said guys the ultimate gaming setup is gonna be we worked a lot of you guys weren't happy with the first one because of the ps4 slim and stuff like that but anyways hey we are I am building it so that is episode 1 as you can see I've already made some upgrades ps4 pro is coming better TV I'm getting a sound bar it's gonna be lit guys it's gonna be late I promise also here's the future plan as well this whole room here is gonna be gone so as you can see my filming desk over here is a complete mess we got a test bed over here we got some acoustic panels there is literally no room to move around my desk has gonna be gone because I got my desk actually today it's downstairs let me show you I'm not gonna go all the way downstairs but there's the two boxes right there that's the tabletop I think it's about 84 inches and with my voice is dying oh my god so that is the tabletop as you can see it's about 84 inches in width which is ridiculously long and those are like the legs and adjustable control panel and stuff like that because it is an adjustable desk but anyways in this video I'm gonna be unboxing these and those three boxes in the back and if there's time I want to take this entire desk apart everything is going to be gone and I'm gonna move that into these this next room which is where my mom is currently sleeping as you can see their house is finally completed they'll be leaving me finally this Saturday so I can finally redo this entire rooms that over there is gonna be the charging station I'm gonna move that desk actually over here against this wall and whatever has a rechargeable battery will sit on that desk with some 3m tape underneath that way it's not moving and stuff there's some stuff on the ground as well I'm only working on the cable and ruin everything is just okay I also be building myself a brand new PC this is the one I've been using for I think over a year now since I buy power sent this to me it's a solid computer honestly I no complaints I did the few upgrades actually I updated the CPU to a 69 hundred K it's got 32 gigs of RAM now instead of 16 and I swapped out the 980ti to the Titan X P so everything's fine for now it's getting the job done editing and stuff like that on my PC so that's cool but this entire section is gonna be gone I don't know if I'm gonna put the PC on my desk or I'm gonna keep the allegewi in it we'll see guys a lot of things need to be done I just love to hang this pretty dope artwork that I got I don't know where exactly but maybe I'll put it on top of my setup I don't know we'll see so yeah guys it's gonna be interesting unboxing experience and angle I've never done it this way but hey time is of essence this one was already opened because I was excited when he came in so I'm just gonna get this out of the box so guys this here is my new red camera I sent back the Red Raven and I picked up the scarlet W because of Jon from TLD he told me it's worth it to spend a few more thousand and get this that weighs future-proofed for a very long time so I listened to him because he's a good buddy of mine at least I think is a good buddy of mine and I got the red scarlet W so here it is that's that cool alright moving on this year looks like it is the charger for the scarlet W let's open this up so yeah this is just the AC adapter if I want to plug it straight to a wall and not worry about battery packs but I'm not gonna really use this as much this next box is where all the accessories are let's open up let's open up this one first actually I like how all the boxes are just black there's like nothing else on it other than the red logo oh wait no I lied actually told you what it is okay so this is the V mount to mount the battery on the back of the camera oh this is way bigger than the one that came with the Red Raven nice okay so this is the LCD monitor or LED monitor anomaly share this but just keep that on for now actually very nice okay let's put this inside two more boxes of debt this is the side handle nothing fancy I lied so this is actually the mount for the camera that way I can hook up my Canon mounts on here this is the canon EF mount so it looks like I'm missing two items my 960 gigabytes red mini mag which is the memory card and two battery packs for the red scarlet W so unfortunately I can't use the camera just yet I don't like plugging stuff in the wall I'm gonna have to use the 6500 that I'm using now to make my videos until he sent it over I think it was a special order from BH photo that is why so yeah guys everything here is worth about 20 grand believe it or not plus the battery pack and the mini mag we're looking at a total of 22 grand but everything here 20 G's believe it or not but just hope it's worth it so let's go and put everything together real quick and then we can move on to the other boxes let's pop open the sensor cover take a look at that guys 5k sensor so pretty gotta make sure to align the pins on the bottom and there you got it kind of like building Legos pretty fun actually alright so onto the battery mounting plate so I'm guessing the same concept goes just make sure the pins align just sits like this I think yeah there we go alright that is done let's put on the handle where are we gonna put this actually they just have a pin oh it does so that goes on top of dad you baby looking pretty sweet well that was close our final piece is the LCD monitor and then we can move on from this once again same concept match the pins just like that just gonna tighten it to be on the safe side and there you have a guy's tiny yet powerful red scarlet double you might kill this thing off that was a horrible job but hey don't let the size fool you guys this thing is freaking heavy and I don't even have a lens on or a battery pack so yeah it's gonna be very very hard to do it one hand you definitely both hands to hold this thing alright so now with that out of the way we are actually four boxes to open up I'm not sure why I said three but yeah this is jump right into it what was I trying to say oh yeah the style of unboxings is different I like it it's chill there's no like scripting or anything there's nothing to set up I just sit here on the carpet and open up boxes let me know what you guys prefer this style unboxings or my what's in the box style videos either way I enjoy doing both either way I enjoy doing both so let me know your comments down below guys so these are the fans I'm going to be using in the build I'm calling it Jack the Ripper I don't if I told you guys but yeah the threat Ripper build calling it Jack the Ripper I'm very creative alright let's open up this one ooh so this is I don't know if this is on their NDA or not but this is logitech's new mechanical gaming keyboard apparently this is the g6 13 oh they sent a mouse to the jew 603 so yeah maybe you guys will see it in the video it's kind of for those minimalistic people who are looking for just a solid keyboard and mouse you don't get anything fancy or flashy with these but yeah probably put it in a video or something next box I always read your comments you're like Edie stop cutting boxes with the knife towards you always go away from you and I never listen one of these days I'm gonna cut myself away bad and you guys are gonna be like I told you so so remember I said earlier in the video that I'm gonna be building myself a PC these other parts I'm gonna be using EVG IX 299 micro ATX board I should probably not shake it like that we got the EVGA g3 1000 watt power supply and I wonder if you guys can guess what GPU I'm gonna be using let me know in the comment section quick I'm gonna be using not one but two a VGA GT X 1080 t is this is the FTW three I believe or is it oh it is I'm blind I don't usually have it like in front of their box I guess they changed it but it's located right over here FTW three as you guys can see so yeah there's only one of the box because they can only send me one unfortunately so I had to buy the other one from BH photo it's on its way it should be here actually tomorrow I couldn't wait so I had to get all these things in box today because I want to start putting things together but here it is you are the parts oh and with the case let me show you guys the case so yeah this is the case the cougar conquer this thing is looking like a transformer it's gonna look awesome obviously it's gonna be a black and orange theme in case you guys haven't deduced that already here's another shot of the case alright one more final box guys I'm just gonna unbox it like this ooh what is this I mean obviously it's a laptop but curious what kind of laptop this was because I have no idea that this was being sent to me Wow oh so I think this is the Acer predator Helios I think I'm sorry pronounce it which is $1,000 worth laptop it means got a GTX 1060 in here and a 7700 HQ I could be wrong and look no surprise black and red color scheme of course every laptop and their mother's come in black and red but anyways you guys can expect a video on this of course along with the other two laptops holy crap I have so much work to do I'm gonna die oh and one final box I almost completely forgot about this guys remember I told you about the that I'm swapping the ps4 slim with the ps4 Pro well that's what this is I also picked up an extra ps4 controller and I got the same stand but for the ps4 Pro - the - the stand because I don't really have them actually I have zero games to be honest all my games are stored online or on the SSD so so I do not need that plus looks a lot cleaner in my opinion the ps4 Pro obviously I'm gonna pick up some skins cuz black is a bit too bland for me you guys already know deep bran is where I'm gonna be getting them from but let's put this over here I promise you guys episode 2 of the ultimate gaming setup is gonna be way better than the first one the ps4 slim thing is still on here actually me okay wear this and put the other one but anyways I don't wanna be what do I know so yeah guys I'm gonna go ahead and wrap up the vlog here I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did feel free to leave a like if you don't if you thought this vlog episode it's crap feel free to dislike as well and let me know in the comment section what unboxing style you guys enjoy the most this one the chill version or the what's in the box version let me know in the comments I love you guys everything I mentioned in this video except the red camera of course I'm here link below I'm done I'm like losing my voice everybody I'll see you guys in the next one peace
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