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Unboxing $8000 Worth of Tech - What's In The Box | EP 26

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to another episode of what's in the box so this one's gonna be very short because we only have four boxes to open up and that is because we're not opening up any fan mail since I haven't been to my P o box and over a month now I think which reminds me by the way if you guys want to send some stuff and have it featured in the next episode of what's in the box I'll have my PA box linked below how many times did I say box already but anyways with that said technically we have three boxes to open up because this one arrived just like this without a packaging box and this is pretty obvious that's gonna be an alienware a laptop open it up wow this is I think the Alienware 13-inch I could be mistaken but as you can see it's got some really nice custom v-band skins on there feel like this laptop was purposely skinned with me and mind this is exactly my color scheme and oh wow even inside we got black carbon fiber that is pretty sick so black carbon fiber inside and then the outside we got red and black mats and we have skin so we have skins in the back as well wow that is a sick color scheme I know black and red is overused and a lot of things guys especially in laptops but I don't know to me I just can't get bored of seeing black and red that's just me personally guys I haven't done a video on an alienware product over in over two years I think which is crazy so it's gonna be definitely interesting to finally review one on the channel so yeah very excited this is the 13 inch I'll drop a link to it below if you guys want to check it out with the specs and everything but this thing is walking the I 770 820 HK this is an eight-core processor guys and it has 32 gigs of ram a gtx 1070 wow this is pretty much decked out I think this is their high-end 13-inch laptop if I'm not mistaken I don't know if you can get the 1080p option but I'm not sure if they have a GTX 1080 variant but anyways I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out yeah there should be a very interesting video but yeah Thank You D brands for sending us out we're gonna we're gonna have some fun with this all right so this next one is clearly from EMA side judging by the MSI tape so let's see what they sent me no way do you guys remember the last crappy episode I did of what's in the box and I had a little skit in there because of something either now receive I've been awake every night since then contemplating wondering why this made me question the choices I've made I thought we were friends [Laughter] it's here oh my goodness I feel like either AMD or MSI heard my cries and they sent me thread Ripper guys they send me the 1950 X I'll take it you know what let's unbox this I'm excited let's let's unbox this right now because I didn't get a chance to make a video on this better late than never I am seriously happy right now okay so far so good so under here looks like there is a little brochure installation instructions which I don't need because I've seen enough videos to know what the hell I'm doing and then you got the tools down here which is needed to install the CPU on the new TR 4 socket so with that out of the way let's open up the actual CPU how does this thing open oh okay oh my god that is gorgeous just look at it don't even touch it just look at it look at the beauty now to get this out of here looks sexy looks like there's a clip oh you push down on the clips here okay duh Wow oh my god orgasm whoa that was close so pops out just like this so this is the actual part that you slide into the tr4 socket on the motherboard I'm not gonna doing this video because I'm sure you guys have seen it a thousand times but seriously MSI you guys are amazing thank you so much for hearing my cries and sending out the 1950 ex for me to check out I cannot wait to do an awesome build and show you guys what this thing is capable of doing I got a had at AMD for the packaging though this is definitely one of the best unboxing experiences when it comes to CPU until definitely needs to step up their game a lot of you guys are probably freaking out there was no CPU in that box I purposely took it out before I threw it because I knew you guys were gonna be screaming in the comments section so I like control you guys sometimes so this is the motherboard I'm gonna be using for the 1950 ex a PC build if it isn't obvious at this point this is Emma sighs new X 399 gaming Pro carbon a/c motherboard it does come equipped with the new socket tr4 that way I can use it with the 1950 X let's pop this baby open and let's take a closer look at this bad boy so here's the motherboard itself MSI honestly has been stepping up their motherboard game recently and I've just been a huge fan of their design so I'm gonna put this aside will quick check out the rest of this stuff inside the box so we got a 2-way SLI bridge the usual SATA cables IO shield the 4-pin RGB cable to sync your LEDs to the motherboard okay so the motherboard doesn't come with built-in Wi-Fi so I'm guessing they sent over an optional Wi-Fi adapter via PCIe in case you guys do want to install it on your motherboard and here are the antennas included with that they've even included a USB extension cable wow this is very rare to find in motherboards believe it or not I've done so many builds and this cable here literally can change everything a huge props to msi for including this in their box it's gonna make my life so much easier when building pcs believe it or not there are some cables out there that are way too short to reach the USB header on the motherboard and that is where this cable comes in to save the day wow are these swappable heatsink covers looks like there's one in gold and one in silver personally I'm not a fan of gold or silver I just don't think there are popular colors not a lot of people use these color schemes in their PC builds but I would love to see red blue maybe even green but the best part about it is actually you can custom 3d print your own if you guys don't like to stock ones alright so this is something I've never seen on any other motherboard and I feel like MSI is always coming up with these pretty cool inventions for their motherboards so check this out guys this is a fan holder you might be asking what is a fan holder well it's to hold a fan but there's an actual purpose for this fan hold or let me show you guys so basically this is right above the CPU socket right over here and it has come with some standoffs screws and thumb screws to install this on your motherboard and the fan sits directly on top of the bracket they're actually labeling it the overclock fan stand and because of that I'm going to assume that it's gonna help with overclocking temperatures I mean theoretically it is a fan sitting above the CPU socket pushing cold air through the CPU area whether using an air cooler or an a i/o cooler theoretically it's supposed to help lower temps but I'm gonna have to test that to see if it actually does anything but that is definitely a pretty cool feature that I've never seen anywhere so the X 399 gaming Pro carbon has a teen phase premium PWM design to maximize the Red River performance so best believe that I'll be overclocking the 1950 ex to its maximum potential it also comes with three turbo MDOT two slots with MDOT two shields I don't think the end that to shield offers much in terms of cooling performance based on previous benchmarks but it honestly adds a really cool aesthetic to the motherboard and it protects your MDOT too especially if you're rocking those ugly blue or green pcbm twos these will not only cover it but it also add a nice aesthetic to your overall PC build it does support for way SLI and four-way crossfire and as I mentioned before it does have Wi-Fi support and delivers wireless AC speeds up to 867 megabits per second I mean this thing is packing all the bells and whistles as expected from a high-end motherboard from MSI so this is the ex 399 gaming Pro carbon AC I'll jump a link below in case you guys want to check that out but I will be doing a build with this and I'll be overclocking in 1950 X as well so yeah because I excited let me know in the comments section below and let me know what color scheme I should focus on for this specific and B build I kind of want to stay away from black and red I've done so many of those in the past so give me a unique color scheme justjust don't say black or gold I don't like gold last but not least we are saving the biggest box for the end of course so yeah there's obviously something from Razer inside this box I'm sure a lot of guys I already know what it is but the interesting thing is I've never reviewed a Razer product ever on tech source so the first ever review on tech source is gonna be on wow this thing is heavy heavier than it looks so as usual cables and accessories I'm not gonna really go through here but this ladies and gentlemen is the Razer Blade Pro 17.3 inch gaming laptop Wow so the specs on here are somewhat similar to the Alienware laptop I opened up earlier in the video it's got a 72 20 HK 8 core processor 32 gigs of ram but this has a GTX 1080 inside of a 1070 but what I love about this keyboard is this the 17 inch 4k display with g-sync and it's also a touch screen another thing I love about the laptop already is the keyboard layouts as you guys can see the trackpad is all the way on the right side and then the keys are on the left so while you're typing or gaming you're not constantly coming into contact with the trackpad which is pretty cool by the way is what that said I think I'm gonna wrap up the video then guys so much for watching if you enjoy be what's in the box series let me know by leaving a like and we'll see you in the next video
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