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Unboxing AMD RX VEGA 56/64 - What's In The Box | EP 25

what's up guys it's effin sex toys and welcome to another episode of what's in the box AMD edition now as you guys can see the setup is kind of different also the lighting is very crappy and I apologize I finally moved to my new location and I'm shooting with a different camera by the way so the quality may not be the best I got the a 6500 right now and I got the g7 up top which is my overhead camera so if we kind of went back and forth with the red raven anyway that's a completely different story let's not get sidetracked so yeah I got some Vega samples as you guys can see but Before we jump into that of course I want open up some fan mail and sitting in my storage room for about two months now I've been very busy with the move as you guys can probably tell i've been unpacking things setting things up ordering stuff is just been chaos this past month also have a new peel box by the way somewhere that's very close to my home so the chatsworth one is no longer valid so I'll have a link below in case you guys want to send some stuff and have it featured on what's in the box but anyways moving on to some fan mail it's opening up real quick whoa I just got a CPU what the heck I know you already have a lot of RAM sticks so I decided to send you this old CPU I found I hope you like it keep up the good content greetings from Croatia the question is email does the CPU even work and what the hell is this exactly it's an Intel Celeron 2.4 gigahertz if it works maybe I'll do a PC build who knows around 2 $300 but thank you email for sending and the CPU this one feels like a t-shirt yep if steel skill is whoa the lighting is so bad right now I apologize you guys this let its setting down right now this is literally the worst time to shoot a video here at the office because I can turn on my studio lights so yeah I have no choice I got to make this video now because I got to get these things out of the boxes and start benchmarking it because the NBA releases in two days gotta get these videos ready for Monday my name is Jason I'm 26 and I live in Montana about two years ago I started planning my build for my first ever gaming computer I watched depend on your videos this brings me to the t-shirt enclosed I have been working on my brand tuxedo flamingo that's an interesting name over the last few months there are tons of people that know me by my build style but I'm trying to get my name out there more so this dude's name is tuxedo flamingo apparently he does some pretty cool custom loops and he has his own brand and logo which is a flamingo when I took seed oh how interesting thank you Jason for sending this in and the t-shirt as well best of luck on your new brand I hope it works out thank you again for sending it in so the next one is from Office Depot or Office Max or even the same company I don't even know anyways it's just at address to source tech I don't know if that's a troll or an honest mistake because I don't know how hard is it to mess up tech stores to be honest I think it's a troll but pretty funny so okay this is just the catalog for Office Depot does Office Depot watch me Loki if you guys are watching I want to sponsor an episode of setup makeover hit me up one more box and then we're moving on to AMD stuff I promise this one is also fan mail I don't know what on earth this can possibly be maybe a painting or it's too light to be a skateboard I don't know check it out so this is please don't cut bubble wrap off just be careful for what's in the box episode this literally is shaped like a skateboard what the heck is this I know you said don't cut the bubble wrap off but I got to get the tape off somehow whoa what what is this it's like a black and red skateboard top board what is this cleaning call that even though it's got my tech stores logo although it's missing the outline that still looks pretty dope and one of my previous drafts of my logo that looks pretty sick and I've been watching you and your videos for the past year or so now I watch every video you post I especially love your setup or series which inspired me to make my own badass setup which I'll be submitting for an episode in the coming weeks and what's in the box so I made you a game of Thrones slash tech stories board it's not perfect but I put a lot of work into it I don't know if I know how to ride one but to be honest I would be honored if you'd hang it on your wall that's what I would do keep doing what you're doing and I can't wait to see the what's in the box episode where you open this Thank You Nathan Pollock Nathan to lock honestly dude boom follow me right now I had no idea this was Game of Thrones as well I don't really see oh I was forgot it here is the three-headed dragon whoa this is the Targaryen House Targaryen logo I'm guessing that's what that is I was kind of questioning why it was Game of Thrones as well that is freakin sick dude latching on there's nicely done you've been watching my videos for a long time because I only mentioned that a few times I represent House Targaryen so props on that Nathan see you're the best you are awesome thank you so much for setting this in I will find a way to put this somewhere and my setup may be when I'm working on my setup tour I'll have this in the background somewhere so you see though this is amazing thank you so much for setting this and it's a shame I don't like skateboard then again I wouldn't dare damage something this beautiful so this is definitely a work of art stand out Hank I rather hang this and step on it and write it thank you again dude all right there's no more fan mail now it's time for the amv stuff which I'm sure a lot of you guys are here for so actually remove the box from this one but I didn't take it out of its packaging I left it just like this for this video all of the stuff is under NDA unfortunately I cannot talk about specs can't talk about pricing I cannot talk about anything the only thing I can do is show you guys the actual product and the actual boxing unboxing and also this is not the retail packaging guys so the stuff is clean here are just press samples so don't expect this to be retail packaging anyways so yeah I don't expect any packaging like this if you were to buy it from a store but anyways it's open stuff so I believe this one is the rx 64 you can see the Radeon rx Day your logo over here looks like there is a flap of pop this open there is a tiny brochure what does it say until now game developers have been shackled by hardware limitations unable to witness the full extent of their imagination a lot of hype in this Vegas stuff guys oh wow this is very clean what the heck is this like a glass cube this looks pretty sick I'm not going to I go to but also if there was like a tech stores logo engraved on here that have been really sweet to put on my desk I don't know exactly what that is inside but it looks freaking awesome the way they did that I don't know if you guys can tell through the video but there's something inside that represents the video logo you go see Intel coming up a packaging like this do you guys need to step up your game out there so we've got a wrist strap in here Radeon rx Vega we got some screws and I don't know if this is a real working GPU chip but they've included like a mock-up or a model of it inside here that is pretty cool no I think this is definitely a model this is not working put this aside check out the rest of the stuff and the GPU itself which is surprisingly heavy actually wow this is nice a lot of you guys know that I wasn't a fan of the original GPU reference designs it was very bland and just wasn't a fan of it but this this I like very sleek very clean design so there you have it guys this is the RX Vega 64 water-cooled the GPU so it's not supposed to compete against the GTX 10-7 a and as always make sure you guys stick around because you will see my benchmarks on these alright next up is another AMD sample or one that was this one might be Oh Moo yeah and speaking of old reference design it is the same design which I said before I'm not a fan of but not about how looks about how it performs so and as always I will be putting this to the benchmarks right alongside the rx 64 I'll be comparing it against the gtx 1070 to 1080 and as well as the 1060 and bring you guys full coverage on those as well so make sure you subscribe to the channel if you aren't already I also want to ask you guys what type of content other than benchmark support that you want to see done with these two GPUs do you want a super high end build or do you want a balanced mid-range build let me know in the comments section what you guys want to see done all right let's not mess around with this so aside from the GPU I did get some hardware to help me with the build this first one is from MSI I believe let's see what they sent me so the first one is the cooler master 240 looks like it's their new CPU cooler that supports the am 4 socket surprisingly this doesn't come with thermal paste applied so I'm assuming that they're going to supply you guys good guy cooler master looks like this did supply you guys with thermal paste so that's always cool so yeah the cooler master 240 millimeter a IO cool are very excited to use this of one of my AMD build coming up on the channel so make sure you guys stick around for that speaking of AMD build guys a lot of you were wondering why you didn't see any thread Ripper coverage on taxes the real reason was I didn't get any samples I've been awake every night since then contemplating wondering why why did I am me not send me any driver for samples it's something I said they might have good enough what is it that I don't have that other much smaller channels do does mainly question the choices I've made please and tell me I thought we were friends [Laughter] I guess I was a bit night I knew all along who my true friends really are Thank You Andy but it's time to finally move on all jokes aside I am not mad at AMD this I was just joking guys they did send me all my biggest samples so obviously I'm grateful for that so thank you so much I will just kind of confused at one point why other channels got it not me but it's all good in the hood I will try and get my hands on threader for samples even though it's going to be late because I do want to do some builds with the 1950 ex and I know a lot of you guys have been asking me that specifically so I will give you guys what you want just give me some time to get a hold of some samples as they come in final package is also from AMD again thank you guys so much oh I did not even know they were sending me this one so guys this is a 27 inch 4k gaming monitor from viewsonic holy moly it could be a lot of work to open this one up so I'm just going to leave this one closed for now I'll drop a link to it though down below in case you guys want to check it out so apparently this has Ultra HD IPS panel and it's got AMD freesync so that's one of the reasons why they sent this to me is that I can do my benchmarks on it very excited to check this monitor out though with a 4k display from viewsonic Wow so that is it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you drum that what's in the box videos make sure to leave a like to show your support and if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike as well that is cool too huge thanks to a and B for sending is then I have a lot of work to do this weekend apparently also huge thanks to Nathan for sending the frickin skateboard thing that's taken to sake so I got to figure out a place to put that yeah thank you guys so much for watching and let me know again guys in the comment section what you want to see done with these two GPUs which want to build which one do you want to see a build with VR x64 or the rx 54 but that will do it for this video as always anything mentioned in this video will be linked below if it's available of course I will see you with an excellent
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