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Unboxing Cool Tech From Xiaomi - Giveaway!

what's up guys after tech source and welcome to another unboxing episode here on the channel so there's this company called the Xiaomei who reached out to me and sent over a few boxes for me to open up and they said that there are some cool tech inside of them and there's extra tech for me to give away to you guys watching so if you want to participate make sure to stick around till the end of the video alright so they sent over three boxes for me to open up there's actually one of these and inside here there are several tech products and then two of these big boys this is actually the me electric scooter so I guess we'll start off the episode band boxing this this is actually the first electric scooter i've unboxed on the channel and believe it or not I've actually never win a electric scooter so it should be an interesting experience to say the least alright so inside the box you guys will pretty much get an instruction manual I'll tell you how to ride a scooter and the installation guide which is actually very simple essentially they give you some they give you four screws an allen wrench and all you have to do is install the screws on the handle over here and you're pretty much good to go I love how simple the installation is they're also kind of up to include an extended nozzle adapter that way it's a lot easier to pump air into your tire you also got your charging adapter and last but not least two extra tires in case the ones you have go flats or wear down over time so that is actually very very nice so the cool thing what the knee scooter is that you can actually fold it so it's a lot easier to carry around and travel with and even whenever you're ready to write it bring the neck back up raise the lever and then lock it in place it's actually very simple so once you're done riding the scooter all you have to do is release the lock hold it back down and lock it in place and this makes it a lot easier to carry around but anyways with that said I want to take this for a test drive I can't remember the last time I had this much fun riding something I think this Segway which was out like 2-3 years ago was the most fun but that was really dangerous this isn't as dangerous and it's really fun to drive yeah I think this will make it awesome gift for anyone to be honest doesn't matter what age you are from 10 to like 50 it's even got a bell so the battery range on any scooter lasts around 18 point 6 miles obviously it is affected by real-life situations such as if you're going over a slope but there's a bunch of wind or ground resistance it does have a built-in headlight which you can turn on and off using a switch and as even an LED indicator on the top of the scooter which will tell you how much battery life is left which is pretty cool the me scooter also comes with an energy saving mode which gives you longer range by cutting down the maximum speed and you can switch to it by tapping on the power button while it's on I'm moving on to the final box and as always guys if you want to check out anything in this video especially the scooter I'll have links below for you so so I think there are a few products in here let's see what they sent me first up we got the me robot builder we also got the me power bank Pro we got two of those the last bell nice we got a few of the me in ear headphones Pro so Before we jump into the me robot builder which actually looks very interesting let's take a look at their power banks for a second it's gonna take this out of the box so this is a 10,000 million of our power bank and it's able to fully charge an iPhone 7 up to four times you get a USB port over here USB type-c and a power button over here which will indicate how much juice is left on the power bank it's a very clean minimalistic design very sleek and it's got a matte finish on there so very clean they also included a two and one USB cable so you got the USB C and then if you pop open the cover you get a micro USB cable unfortunately there is no iPhone cable that's gonna be sold separately with that said let's move on to the me robot builder this is actually an interesting product this is basically what it sounds like you build your very own robot and you program it and get to control it via the mobile app it's got over 900 pieces and it's fully customizable with smart controls and adaptive balance system the cool thing about this is that you don't need to know anything about coding it basically uses zero code graphic programming and it's great for ages 10 and up I think this will make a great gift for anyone out there who wants to get into a new hobby or learn something new or just challenge themselves it's definitely something new and exciting but anyways as always I'll drop a link below for the me robot builder and with that said moving on to the final product of this episode which are the me in ear headphones Pro these actually have a very clean minimalistic look to them so inside the box you guys will get a few different ear tips sizes and the earbuds themselves so my first impressions these are very lights it seems to be built very well actually has a plastic frame around it that does have a braided cable let's see if it's actually comfortable to wear though he's on fairly comfortable no complaints I don't have a lightning adapter to plug into my iPhone 10 so let me borrow your Android phone actually okay so for a pair of earphones under $30 I'm gonna say these sound actually pretty good the aren't base heavy so this is definitely not aimed towards the bass heads out there but if you guys are looking for sound overall sound quality and clarity I think these are a very solid buy especially since they cost around 25 bucks another cool feature that actually adds to the overall value of these earphones is the built in microphone with the controls believe it or not you have access to the volume play pause you can even go back and skip tracks as well and that's very hard to find on a pair of quality earphones under $30 some of the features for the meet in ear headphones pro include the metal sound chamber which is crafted a 20 step process and the microphone also reduces noise interference for the price I'm very impressed I think these will make an awesome gift for anyone looking for a great sounding pair of earphones especially considering it comes with built-in controls guys this is very difficult to find on a pair of quality earphones less than 30 bucks but with that said I think I pretty much wraps up this video as always if you guys want to check out any of these products mentioned in this video I'll have a link to the Amazon page below as well as the main page for Xiaomi products I'll drop a link to their Facebook and Instagram accounts in case you guys want to give them a follow also guys underneath the Amazon links you can find promo codes that you can use to get discounts on the purchases all right so now for the giveaway just a recap we're giving away one of each we've got the me power bank Pro as well as the me robot builder and of course the electric scooter so one of each other all you guys have to do to enter is drop a like on the video and let me know in the comment section which of these products you guys want to take home and why specifically I'll announce the winners beginning of May on my Twitter account so make sure you guys follow me there thank you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next one
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