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Unboxing the Trident Z Royal RGB RAM the WRONG way

it's almost 2019 and the RGB game has stepped up once again if you guys are not wearing RGB pajamas you shouldn't be watching this video but in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the very hyped RGB RAM sticks from g.skill these are the Trident Z Royale and I think they've been featured in last year's CES so if I actually have the samples in front of me will it unbox them and take a closer look at them so yeah what that said let's do this so actually I'm gonna flip these over real quick and see the backside we can clearly see on here that we have a 32 gig kit so we have four eight gigabyte modules at 3200 megahertz there's really no difference between these two other than the last two letters there's our s on this one and then our G on this one which I have no idea what those mean we're gonna obviously open it up and figure it out so let's actually start up with this one and take a look at the packaging from g.skill now I don't know if this is gonna be the actual retail packaging but this is the sample that they sent me to unboxing this video here yeah here we go let's do this what these are not your average RAM sticks ladies and gentlemen take a look at this Wow so we have an old silver aesthetic it's actually has a mirrored finish down these are blinged up this is crazy that actually looks pretty dope I'm not gonna lie this house so freakin they look so dope I just put these aside real quick I'll point up these other ones man these are fingerprint magnets definitely gotta be careful when handling these you do not want to touch the surface at all so I'm guessing that s on the back here stands for silver and which makes sense the G on the other one stands for gold so let's go to put these aside and open up the gold one I think Gold's gonna be my favorite to be honest let's put this aside oh my god haha look at this yeah I think the gold is definitely my favorite and it's so crazy I think my all-time favorite RGB RAM sticks had to be the original tried and Z from G scale but I feel like these these are gonna be my new favorite Wow look at that surprisingly they're actually very lights I would think they would they would make this out of metal but it kind of feels like plastic so doesn't really had any any weight to this I'm even scared to put it to put this on the table like I don't even want to scratch this thing just gonna put it I'm just gonna put it back in here guys I'll show you some sexy b-roll as I'm talking about it obviously but yes pretty much not much else to it they did send me this box as well which I'm not really sure what's inside it's opened us up and take a closer look at it I would love to pop this in a system and see how these light up on the top portion over here but let's see what this is there's a compartment down here its pop this open looks like we have a micro USB cable on a microfiber cloth that looks like a jewelry box Oh what it just looks like empty DIMM slots for some reason am I supposed to I'm supposed to plug these in hold up let me let me try something I think I think I know what this is for actually let me plug this in real quick and pop these RAM sticks in here and I'll be right back hi guys so I plugged in the USB to my laptop let's pop these bad boys in and see if it lights up I mean audacity why else would there be a microUSB cable oh I'm so scared of touching a service these are so damn beautiful damn I feel like if I'll wrap our bill the PC like it would be using these kind of rap sticks bling it up there they're rigged like I guess it's not lighting up I think I broke it I think I'm stick wow that was easy well I guess since we opened it up let's take a closer look inside shall we wait I guess you know what my issue was I guess I'm supposed to push on both sides I was pushing on only one side and kind of snapped up so my fault my fault and I don't know guys this might be the engineering samples so this might not be the actual retail samples so yeah just don't don't pay attention to any of this so this crystal piece over here just sits on top this is all plastic by the way then you got the adhesive script kind of just squeezing everything together yeah that's let's put this aside let's go let's move on to the gold kit all right take two let's do the gold kit I'm gonna be careful this is the one I actually liked so okay I'm gonna try not to break this one there we go for a split second I did see the RAM sticks light up though so it's pop this and I'm so scared how am I gonna snap this in where's the why isn't lighting up oh oh that is so sweet that looks legit that looks legit Wow okay let's put on the other three actually see how it looks like I'm still scared on snapping in place you may just got a defective Ram stick he looked so nice though I'm not gonna lie I would definitely use these in a build what would you guys rather see these RAM sticks and would you want to see the gold sticks in an old gold /black bill that would you like to see the silver RAM sticks in a black and silver bill let me know in the comment section because I am down to use these in an upcoming build for sure and then I break any ramp sticks okay we're good we are good but take a look at this guy's isn't that magnificent just want to learn it all the way there we go so it looks like juice skills sent this kind of display box to showcase how the RGB RAM sticks would light up in your PC and I think right now it's only compatible with Asus are a sync but you guys can download the software from G skills website so we're using a different motherboard like MSI for example you can download software straight from the website and configure these you can configure each stick individually or you can sync them all together whichever you prefer obviously for your color scheme but yes pretty much yeah what do you guys think about these meetings too much bling or doing is just the right amount let me know in the comment section as well as what build I should wear what color schema I should be using these in yeah I mean they look pretty dope one thing I noticed is that the crystallized plastic on the top here helps kind of scatter the lighting so there isn't any hot spots when I like I usually see on on the ramp stick so that actually works as evenly spread across the top here I was just thinking what if I do like a gold and silver build like alternate the RAM sticks do like gold silver gold silver and then throughout the case you would see like gold and silver parts from the cables to other parts of the PC I think that will look even more unique than just doing to alternate colors by guys I pretty much wraps up is quick unboxing and look at the descale Trident Zyl RGB RAM sticks damn that's a lot of words to say I just really hope the final product isn't as flimsy or fragile because I don't think I even applied that much pressure here we play the clip again real quick I just feel like the heat subscrip maybe wasn't applied on the right way or it's not strong enough that's the only thing I could think of why it pops out but any who's I'm pretty much done here I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check these babies out expect that in the coming build of course that's pretty much it I love your faces drop a like if you guys enjoy the video and I'll see you in the next video
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