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Updated My Desk Setup! - VLOG #3

today is a very sad day indeed rest in peace ray zaps it's time to move on to other bills protip if you're cleaning the thermal compound of the processor and the CPU cooler make sure you're using some rubbing alcohol and some toilet paper or soft tissue nice and clean that is what remains of raised ox in the ultimate PC for November let's have a moment of silence and remember how magnificent this PC was that's enough oh yeah here are the custom parts put them all together after to find a place to put these I'm just glad that this project is over every time have to do a PC project like this it takes a lot out of me so I'm glad to finally move on and start on my next PC project in case you guys haven't noticed the pattern I do ultimate PC and then I go to a budget build and I do an ultimate PC back and forth so to try and change things up and of course I always try and add my layer of spice to each of these builds instead of just assembling parts together so yeah that's it I'm really happy with the way the build came along the video is actually getting lots of feedback Corsair side and video side NZXT retweeted the post so yeah mission accomplished time to move on alright so raised hogs is officially no more as you can see and I took some time to clean up the place so I think that a pretty damn good job considering the fact that this place is a complete chaos this past week or so oh and I'm editing vlog number 2 rendering I keep saying editing exporting aka rendering vlog number 2 we look how clean the places compared to before I think I did a pretty damn good job I still want to do something about these cables but honestly I don't think there's anything I can do the table is really thin there's really no place to hide those unless I can somehow wrap them up together and stick them on the roof there but I don't know we'll see ok so the next thing I want to work on is this I'm gonna get these foams installed somewhere on the top there against a wall to absorb to absorb some sound but yeah let's go ahead and see what I can do Oh so far so good that looks pretty sweet I'm not gonna lie I they try and get it as straight as possible but I don't think it's perfect pretty damn close though wait where's Tony what you going he doesn't realize that she's in the closet where she's knowing where she where she huh where she she in there all right so I did my best to align the phones but unfortunately the eyeball is not good enough so I'm gonna go to those tomorrow I'll pick up a leveler so I can make sure that these are even because they are crooked I'm not you can tell but they are not parallel to my desk or to the monitor it's slightly crooked it's gonna bother the living out of me so I was order some more foams to kind of fill up the top because I don't know I kind of don't like that design maybe I'll even fill the entire wall I don't know we'll see but so far looks pretty badass love the color and I hope this is gonna help out with the voiceovers there'll be a lot less echo in the room for sure buddy that's it I'm gonna wrap this vlog up thank you guys again for why Ching if you enjoy these vlogs let me know by dropping a like on the video and leave a comment down below I honestly you look to your feedback to decide if I should continue these or not but anyways I hope you enjoyed it I'll see you guys in the next video
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