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Upgrading My Friends Setup! - Setup Makeover Season 2 (EP 2)

what's up guy from Texas welcome back to part two of these venom gaming room projects which is a series a part of my setup makeover episode one we're focusing on building Harry's PC which by the way it looks really awesome it's secured it's complete it's in the car ready to go this episode we're gonna be focusing on taking the stuff to Harry's house and give his room a complete makeover what do you venom spice to it also guys Harry does not know that I'm actually doing this it's gonna be a surprise to him I lied to him over the phone when I told them I'm gonna be going over to his house and shoot my new series that I'm starting on the channel where I basically go into people's houses and give tips on how they can improve their setup he has no idea that we're gonna be giving him a complete venom makeover for his setup and his room so I'm actually really excited I'm a little nervous but mostly excited I hope everything goes according to plan and most importantly I hope he really likes his new setup all right so the desk wouldn't be using is actually this it's from Rosie it's an all black gaming desk this actor is gonna fit this team really nicely but I think it's actually it's also the biggest thing obviously going to be taking with us but oh Jesus yeah it's too heavy I don't know if I can do this by myself I might I might need your help on this one actually no what let me try I can do it let's do it you gotta try this at home look at that perfect alright now for the monitors obviously you guys can tell we're doing a triple monitor setup I actually took it out of the box and set it up here because if I were being all three boxes there was no way I would have space inside the car so I took them out just as make some space alright guys that's pretty much everything I was actually surprised I was able to fit everything in one car but yeah now it's time to make the trip down to North Hollywood where Harry lives and Surprise them on an awesome venom themed gaming setup I do this hey what's up dude one time no see so Harry thanks again for taking some time off your work to come here and you have to leave a few hours early but you pretty much already have an idea why I'm here right it's a new show I'm starting where I go over to people's houses and I give them tips well first off the dredgers set up and then I give them tips on how they can improve their setup and Harry's kind of the guinea pig or the first person the show obviously if the show is successful it depending on you guys I'll continue it but yeah with that said I heard I think it's time for these take us to your room sounds good let's go here's my room here's my setup all right I'm actually I'm digging the the altar in sting wallpapers all right okay this is actually not a bad setup did rocking to 1080p my I'm against this is 1080p oh that was older so I don't think that's about like five years old but this is no that's personal oh no it's a 1440 by 900 ladies and gentlemen not by at least you got a dual monitor setup here now obviously I'm not gonna get too much into cable management it's a disaster in its own I don't think Lee wires but honestly I would say this is a clean set up you put together you kept it very clean there's no like crap or dirt or anything on the desk so except for like milk stains from my cereal milk stains so Harry tell me a little bit about what you use your setup for obviously aside from the usual gaming well yeah gaming I do and then I use it for work to like auto cad rhino and whatnot what do you do what are you doing um okay uh well I am an architect and I work as a at an engineering company currently so a lot of like planned sections details a lot of stuff and there's if there's one thing about this setup that you would upgrade what would it be one piece I kind of had idea what it is - fine but we'll stick what this I knew was gonna be monitor so that's it let's put that aside obviously what else what else would it be probably the keyboard yeah sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't as far as like the spacebar will not and it's what weeks sometimes so yeah dude I mean overall I got no complaints obviously there's some things that can be improved or upgraded how's the PC DOS take a look at this beast I know you did I know you sent me over to spec list it's rockin a 4790k and you also got the gtx 980ti which is actually pretty good for 1080 gaming has a PC giving you any issues like in terms of lagging or stuttering or anything like that for the most part not really but yeah so occasionally it does but overall like 95% of the time it's pretty good and there's a huge explosions and games and stuff sometimes it kind of drops their frames a little bit but what came what games do you play usually well right now it's mostly fortnightly if there's something you would upgrade for your p on your PC what would it be with one main component um well probably graphics card I would say I did so I told you about my new series obviously how come here give you tips on how clearly you need a lot of tips - okay just set up but the real reason I'm here is actually I'm gonna completely redo your setup what I'm gonna completely give you a brand new setup that is why I'm here I'm gonna give you a venom themed setup from scratch and a new PC get bad guys I hope you can say whatever I'm gonna blur it I'm gonna blurt if you curse but yeah you can no but see I got all the stuff in the car ready go it's kind of a surprise oh when I come here and that's why the whole show I was talking about was BS well obvious that misty too but yeah dude everything here you see is literally gonna be gone desk monitors PC everything's gonna be souped up so and you're not gonna see it until obviously it's all complete thank you well don't think yeah we'll see we'll see if you like the setup or not all right let's do it so trying to just remove all this so you got your monitor upgrade you can just over here look okay imagine ya get the text source experience when it comes to Kayla man right you just got to keep it clean once once everything's on one of these all rights now alright guys so after two full hard days the setup is finally complete it is such a badass setup I'm very envious honestly I'm not even kidding I'm jealous I've created a setup that's better than mine back at home I don't know why I keep doing this to myself but yeah everything is just it's beautiful but more importantly I want to know what Harry thinks about his setup he hasn't seen anything he hasn't been in his room for two days while I was building it for him so I'm gonna grab a little quick and see what he thinks yeah you
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