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WIN $10,000 Towards Your Gaming Setup | LG Ultrawide Festival

what's up guys it's a from Texas and I'm back again with another contest so LG has reached out once again and asked me to help them promote their new ultra light festival 2017 dream quest featuring their new 21 by 9 ultra light gaming monitor that I did a video on which you guys can find tomorrow on the channel and just like the previous ultra whitest ovals this one's going to have some amazing prizes as well I think the grand prize for this one is a $10,000 worth of gaming gear which is insane so the final three runner-ups will be awarded $2,000 worth of gaming gear to create their gaming setup and then one of those three will win a total grand prize of $10,000 towards their gaming setup and just to clarify the final winner will still get the $2,000 from the runner-up prize as well as an additional 8,000 for the grand prize so that is totally $10,000 worth of gaming gear towards their new setup so how do you enter the ultra white festival 2017 dream quest the instructions are actually very simple I love the link down below basically the first step is to create a video so you're gonna have to shoot and edit your own original video of 144 seconds or less showing why you need the LG ultrawide monitor be sure to show your face and the gaming PC's step 2 is to show it off you have to upload the video to your preferred social media platform to get the most likes and shares you can choose from Facebook YouTube or Instagram but make sure to use the proper hashtags otherwise your submission won't count step 3 is to complete the application click on the accept quest fund below to fill out the application form and the final step is gaining engagement what you'll have to do is promote your video to get as many likes and shares as possible so the contest runs from August 14th to August 23rd so the 23rd is actually the final day that you guys can submit your application and the way they evaluate the winner is by judging the top 50 submissions those 50 contestants will also receive a $50 Steam coupon and are qualified to move on to second quest on August 28th is one of the top 50 winning contestants with the highest combined the likes and shares will be announced so the second quest ones from August 29th to September 12th and there's actually two more missions that you guys have to participate in the top six finalists from the second quest will receive a brand new LG 34 you see 89 G monitor while the top three will move on to the final quest and over here is where you guys have to be a bit creative so this one's from October 1st through October 4th and your mission is to build the most powerful gaming setup that showcases the performance of the ultrawide monitor once again the runner-ups will receive 2 grand worth of gaming gear and the grand prize winner will receive a total of $10,000 worth of gaming gear so that is basically for the video best of luck to whoever enters I'll drop a link to the application below also leave a link to the video I did on the UCAN G which is an amazing ultra wide martyr guy g-sync 166 hertz refresh panel once it's overclocked the you guys have to check it out in case you missed it thank you so much for watching I will see you
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