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Watch Dogs Limited Edition for PS4 - Unboxing

what is up you guys ed here from Texas and today we're gonna be taking a look at the limited edition watchdogs for the PlayStation 4 the Limited Edition will cost you 130 if you end up picking one up for yourself and the standard edition goes for only 60 bucks however if you own a ps3 or a ps4 then you get exclusive content that's only available on the PlayStation so that's a pretty cool bonus there so with the limited edition you get some cool stuff along with your exclusive content you get a collectible 9 inch figurine an art book a mask original game soundtrack and a cool steelbook game case to keep your CDs in but those of you that don't know already I own a ps4 and I'm a huge fan in the console I normally play most of my games on the PC however there are some games that I prefer using the ps4 and this is one of those games if you guys want to see me do some gaming on the watchdog's or even a game review then let me know in the comments section down below and I will get started on that so the first thing I pulled out is the figurine and I'm gonna put this aside for now when we can take a closer look at it later they also included a blue box with the rest of the contents inside we have the watchdog's art book the vigilante mask and the steelbook case for both the discs so the main character of the game is Aiden and he wears this vigilante mask and I guess this is supposed to be an exact replica of that to be honest I'm not sure where you can wear this outside of your home but it is a pretty cool mask to own in this steelbook case are both the game disc and the original game soundtrack and over here on the left is where you can find the codes for the downloadable content this here is the exclusive 80 page art book which has a lot of pretty cool concept art the book contains drawings of every character that's in the game along with the levels that you will be playing in and near the end there are even some cool graffiti illustrations so what the watchdog's limited edition comes along a figurine it's a 9 inch statue of the game's protagonist Aiden Pearce which is done with an insane amount of detail the statue is cool and all but is the collectors edition really worth 130 price tag I think if they threw in Aiden's hat and coat then it'll definitely be worth it but anyways that is it for the unboxing portion if you guys want to see some gameplay action and hear my opinion on the game they let me know in the comments section down below I also left some links below if you guys are interested in picking up the game for yourself we have a bunch of cool videos coming your way so make sure to stick around this is that from tech source and I will see you next time
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