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What Do You Drive? - ASK ME #5

what's up guys is that back again from tech source and welcome to another ask me episode so once again I reached out on Twitter and I asked you guys to send me in your questions so I can feature them in this next episode so yeah let's get started so before I start answering some questions but you guys might be asking in the comments section even now as we speak what happened to big red it's no longer here well I did mention that on Twitter and Instagram I'm actually working on a project and it's still in progress it will most likely be up on Tuesday of next week so make sure yes stick around for that what slider and tripod combo do you use after you got rid of the shark slider actually I went with the canova slider but then it was a piece of crap and I sent it back and went back to the shark slider in addition to the Sharks slider I also picked up a wireless slider kit and I'm absolutely loving this thing what do you recommend spending more money on keyboard or mouse and that comes from my good friend kappa i would definitely say well my personal experience the mouse just because I'm using the mouse a lot more but it would then depend on your experience if you use the keyboard more maybe you spend a little bit more on the keyboard windows 8.1 or 10 for gaming you know when Windows 10 came out it had a lot of bugs and I'm actually made my PC crash a few times so I can revert back to 8.1 but I love Windows 10 so much so once the bugs are cleared and it's up to date I would definitely go with Windows 10 what is your pet hate apart from people not having an extended Mass Effect I think even pet peeve aside from that I would say definitely cable management it just is just a bunch of cables on the ground it kind of makes me like cringe a little bit what made you start wanting to make tech videos I don't know actually what made me transition to tech videos my original II started YouTube as a hobby and I think the first ever video was me on my motorcycle I was filming having fun and then like after a month or so and gained like a hundred thousand views and that was like I was like whoa people actually watch my videos that's kind of what made me continue making videos but then I slowly transition into tech because I enjoy tech how old are you actually answer this time I very first ask me video I think but I was born on April 8 1988 so that makes me 27 what camera or camera gear do you recommend to beginning tech youtubers I actually put together a bunch of gear including a camera for people that are starting out on YouTube or their film career and stuff and you guys can find a link to that down below but it's basically on every single one of my videos if you guys ever want to check them out cuz I will constantly update them iOS or Android plug old windows what does your favorite god and smite gee that's a good question I love Zeus and I love Ratatat and you squirrel God that was released like a few weeks ago that he is Opie what type of laptop would you recommend for partial gaming and for music production for light gaming and productivity if you have four or five hundred bucks I would definitely tell you to check out the Zen book from Asus I'll leave a link down below for a few of them you should check out will you ever stream on twitch TV I don't know I've never really a screamer type of guy but right now my main focus is making YouTube videos but maybe in the near future or way in the future when I maybe do gaming videos for fun maybe can you make a video on best budget graphics cards yes I did announce that on my top five CPU video I want to make that video when I have every single graphics card in hand so I can do benchmarks and stuff and then get my personal recommendation to you guys so that won't happen until October because this months gonna be extremely busy for me so if you guys have patience please wait for it it will happen it's under fifty PC build possible to make maybe in the year 3000 what other color combos do you like apart from red and black I like red black and white what do you drive I actually posted this on Instagram as well but I Drive a 2013 Scion fr-s and the lease is actually up this December or November I think and I'm thinking about either paying off the rest of the amount owed and just keeping it or upgrading and getting a different car but still thinking about it there will definitely be a vlog so stick around which countries would you like to visit in your life I am planning actually I'm not really planning but my first country I want to visit coz I haven't really been out of the country ever in my life it's going to be Japan Tokyo and that's gonna happen sometime next year but really anywhere in Europe would be nice after that what is the thing you like most on your channel you guys honestly though the most rewarding thing I would say is your feedback after watching my videos the way you guys do comments and the likes and all that it's just the most rewarding thing ever how do you manage to be such a cool and calm guy as well as managed a successful YouTube channel I may seem like I'm cool and calm now but when the cameras off I am very stressed and I'm not as cool so yeah the power of editing makes me seem that way but and thank you so much for calling the channel successful I don't think I can really stay successful until I reach the million subscriber mark at least to me what will you be using big red for so much Anisa before on my Twitter and my periscope I think but big red will be given to Bob temporarily and he's gonna use that PC to help make videos for a tech source and then I'm gonna be building myself a sky like PC hopefully either this month or next what is your favorite type of game MMO Moab FPS I think I meant to say MOBA but my favorite type of game it used to be FPS but now it's RPG and I absolutely love the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series those are my top favorite games of all time are you thinking of doing vlogs I've been asked if so many times but I may in the future or maybe near future start a vlog channel but it won't be a daily kind of vlog thing maybe just once in a while if I have something interesting going on I'll just bring up the camera and make a vlog but if I'm gonna do a vlog it's gonna be well done it's not gonna be crappy shaky camera stuff like that so definitely yes how old is Snowie so snow I appeared first on my cool tech September video he's he's my dog he's a Maltese and poodle mix and he is I think two years old now or a year and a half I would say but I here's a picture of him so that's it for all the questions thank you guys so much for sending them and I'm extremely sorry if I didn't get to answer your question I answer as many as I can in a short amount of time in this video but make sure you guys are following me an instant Instagram yeah Twitter and Instagram because that is where I'll be reaching out and asking you guys to send me more questions because I will be doing this once a month real quick a lot of you guys been asking me about the t-shirts that I've been posting on Instagram these are my personal shirts that I made for the channel I don't I'm not making them for sale just yet but you guys have been asking me if I will be doing this and apparently a lot of you guys want it so definitely later this year I will make a few t-shirts available on piece Pring so but I will make out an update on that later when it happens but also another thing I want to mention if you guys haven't noticed I have a new domain Edgard at Tech if you guys go to that website it will redirect you straight to my youtube channel so if you guys have a youtube channel or maybe just a website you're starting up and you want a cool dot's tech domain then you guys can check out the link down below and use the coupon code to get yourself a dot tech domain as well but anyways thanks again so much for watching guys if you guys enjoy these types of videos make sure to let me know by leaving a like and that's basically it I will see you next time
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