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What Headphones Do We Use? | Youtuber Edition

what's up guys it's ed from Texas and I've teamed up with some really talented youtubers to bring you a very special video so have you guys ever wondered what pair of headphones your favorite tech youtuber wears behind the camera well it's kind of what this video is about so without wasting any more time let's dive right in hey what is up guys I'm cabby HD here and one of my favorite pair of headphones is the audio technica ath m50x a newer version of the m50 is that i've used for years and one of the reasons these are so good is they're not just one specific purpose they're really good all-around headphones so while they are reference monitors by name they're not a perfectly flat sound they do have a little bit of color a little bit of low end and a little bit of spice to it so it does sound great for listening to music for traveling for casual use but at the same time I'm so familiar with the sound and it is pretty balanced and you can use it for editing so if you edit video or if you edit audio this is something you can definitely use for that too and on top of that they're comfortable enough to wear for multiple hours on end they got a little bunch of padding they look pretty good they're pretty portable they fold so there's a lot going for these as an all-around pair of headphones to pick up for the price so kind of hard not to recommend so my favorite headphones are the Grado SR ates so the headphones that use as often as I can now the problem with them and one of the big advantages is that they are open back so that means that on one hand you get a really nice sound stage they sound awesome especially considering that there are a hundred dollars on the downside everyone around you can hear exactly what you're listening to one thing I really like is the retro look these look straight of the 80s now while they might not be the most comfortable headphones in the world $400 you are not going to find better sounding headphones than this well if you do just let me know what's up guys Traverse consumer and my pick has to be the Sony xb9 50 bt these are a pair of bluetooth headphones with a pretty large but super comfortable design the earcup cushions feel like giant marshmallows so you can use them for long listening sessions and they provide a great seal if you're looking for some passive noise canceling now since these are bluetooth that means you're getting access to a ton of controls on the side of the ear cups so you can control your audio without having to touch your device now how do they sound pretty amazing these offer some great overall sound quality but if you into bass these are made especially for that and if you think you're really about that life then there's an insane bass boost button that I highly suggest trying out one of my all-time favorite pairs of headphones that I've owned now for over three years arm I mean issue of pro 40's and I find myself coming back to these koi often because of the fact they are extremely versatile doesn't matter if you're really into music or you're a content creator or a producer the wide versatility of these headphones are going to make them perfect for pretty much any scenario in any genre of music they don't require a lot of power to operate so you can use them on your mobile devices or you can easily hook these up to a sound board to get extremely accurate audio which makes them also perfect for monitor situations and content creation with the extremely wide frequency reproduction range of these that makes them perfect for all genres whether it be heavy bass or high clarity and acoustics and those are just a few of the many reasons why the pro 40s from you Nishio are one of my go-to headphones hello everyone I'm Dimitri with Hardware Canucks and my daily headphone driver for the past year or so have been the San Heiser HD 800 I am a bit of a son Heiser nut and also really appreciate open-back headphones because I need to feel like I'm in the same audio environment as the audio source itself plus they are incredibly comfortable so I never feel like I have headphones on they also use very unique audio drivers that have fantastic control through the entire frequency range like these don't distort at all even at super loud volumes they're not bass heavy not particularly hot on the treble but deliver natural representation so I can edit videos with these no problem for reference audio and because of the insanely large soundstage these produce they are also my main gaming pair with a mod mic attachment they are a luxury pair but they're also for life thanks Edgar for having me on I hope you enjoyed what's up edie and tech source fans my name's Kyle from awesomesauce network you can go ahead and check out my channel on youtube at awesome sauce Network I do tech videos and stuff but these are my headphones of choice these are the beyerdynamic ooh the biodynamic dt 880 pros and I've had these things since 2012 and I've gone through a lot of other headphones I've encountered a lot of different other headphone options since then and still keep going back to these because they just sound so good and they're comfortable for hours on end they've got faux leather it's got a faux leather headband and the velour earpads are super comfy also they just sound amazing I use them for editing and gaming as well they're semi open back design so you get a really nice soundstage which gives you really good positional audio in games and just these are pro level headphones for for like studio recording and things like that so when I'm video editing its they're just super clean and I can hear every little detail in the audio which is really important to me so highly recommend DTA 80 pros back to whoever's going to be talking after me what's up guys my name is Paul my youtube channel is Paul's hardware and thank you very much edie for having me on the show my daily driver headphones are these AKG K 553 pros list price on them is about $200 although you can get them cheaper 130 to 150 I got them through mass drop where they were significantly reduced in price I like them because they have a nice level sound reproduction they don't add a lot although they're a little bit heavy on the bass side they're also very comfortable they have leather ik ear cups I've considered swapping those up because they can get a little bit warm in the summer months but overall they're not too bad at all sound reproduction as mentioned is fabulous and even though they are close design so I can't hear much it's going on outside the soundstage that I get is still fairly open which I definitely appreciate so k 553 pros from AKG and I give them thumbs up what's going on guys my name is matt from ms tack and my headphones of choice are the meze 99 classics and they're not that well known but the rather unique in that they combined real wood with gold accents to produce a classy look overall the ear cups are super soft right out of the box and the headband uses this suspension system that allows the headphones to automatically adjust to your head size when you put them on and in terms of sound quality they are absolutely phenomenal but that's to be expected from a pair of headphones costing close to $300 not only are they great for everyday tasks like watching videos and listening to music but they're also killer for editing sound especially for videos like these because the mids and highs are extremely crisp that I can hear every single detail in my voice anyway I think it add for having me in this video and I'll see you guys later what's up guys I'm random Frank P and I say the headphones at IU most often for gaming our my AKG K 7x X headphones for mass drop I prefer these because they are extremely lightweight and that self adjustable headband feels great on my head without applying any pressure the large 55 millimeter drivers on the inside are coupled with very soft memory foam velour earpads and the open back design is just awesome for gaming has a very large soundstage it makes you feel extremely immersed and like I'm in the middle of the battlefield whenever I use these have a nice long detachable breakaway cable in case anything happens the headphones won't be damaged and for the price I think these are one-of-a-kind and provides some of the best sound quality which is why they are my go-to pair of headphones for gaming hey guys Asha's so the pair of cans that I'm most intimate with are the bare dynamic DT 770 pros now your tents TVs all over the place and that's for a very good reason for the price they offer a lot of appealing characteristics many have fallen in love with now sound is a very very subjective thing it feels like it's the one element of people going to argue and argue about but it's for good reason there is no pure objectivity in audio now when I originally bought these I ended up hating them I thought they were terribly harsh on the top end however this is pretty much basically down to me not being used to the sound stage it was also pretty crazy because I realized that some of the stuff that I've been listening to hadn't really been mastered properly it was completely accentuated on the 770 pros anyway I truly do love these now and whilst they aren't the most neutral cans if you want a neutral port look at the 880 pros the 770's are balanced overall gives a well-thought-out sound and my versions the 250 ohm ones only get better with a proper amp you'd be surprised just to see how much changes and to finish it off they're built really well they have a cushion headband which is removable and below ear cups on what are closed back headphones done dusted solid choice and finally the headphones that I use are the m50x is but I'm sure most of you guys already know that mark has pretty much nailed all the same reasons why I use these but as you can see mine look a little different despite what some people say about the comfort level of these headphones I can't wear them for over an hour because they start to hurt my ears which is why I replaced the stock ear cups with these brain waves memory foam cups the difference is night and day the only downside is that there is a little more distance between the headphones and your ears and what that means is that you don't get that really snug tight seal like before and you get this tinny sound to be honest the trade-off was well worth it but I go to drop links to the cushions down below if anyone wants to check it out I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated in this collab and I'll go to drop links to the channels below so make sure you guys check them out and subscribe if you haven't already they make some of the finest tech content on YouTube and also if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and let me know if you guys want to see more collabs like these on the channel thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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