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What If You Were A Girl? - AskEdgar #9

are you human well there's only one way to find out what's up guys it's that back again from tech source and it's that time of the month again where I reach out to my Twitter followers and ask you guys to ask me a question with the hashtag ask Edgar let's do this are you going to do a series where you help the smaller youtubers and give them a shout outs to help them grow yes Kyle actually if you guys have been following me on Twitter I announced two new series happening either January or February the first one is a set up Wars youtuber edition where you guys send me a 60 second footage of your set up while you're yeah while you are doing a voiceover of your setup and then obviously I'll have your YouTube account linked there and then linked in the description section so it's gonna it's gonna be really great series to kind of showcase the youtubers out there but you have to have between 50 subscribers and 100,000 if you have less than 50 or if you have over 100k you don't qualify the second series I'm actually partnering up with ash from c4e tech and me and him are gonna be doing a series where we basically just promote other YouTube channels again the between 50 subscribers and a hundred thousand basically we're gonna give you guys a minute of on-screen time and you're gonna be talking about your tech channel what do you do on there and basically anything else you want to tell the subscribers or the viewers but yeah keep a lookout on those like I said if you follow me on Twitter you guys will get all of those updates would you ever suggest anyone to take up youtube as a job that's a tough question Krishna I don't know what to believe stay there if you do YouTube as a job it will never succeed it always has to start off as a passion as a hobby first and then slowly as it becomes as it grows and then and only then becomes a full-time job or a career for some people if you were a girl what would be the first thing you would do call my friends up and have a girls night out would you ever keep your own setup a seal of approval I'm surprised I never got asked that question before Joe Rick before probably not but I've improved my setup a lot since before I've got the acoustic foams and the coasters and a mechanical keyboard so yeah you know what probably not what's your best PC you've built in this channel that is an obvious one that goes to raise ox the NZXT green-themed Titan X SLI build I did in December I'll leave a link down below if you guys missed that that's actually the my best video ever done for the channel and by far the best PC I've built and I'm really happy with the way it turned out how do you see the future of your channel and do you think that there is something to improve christian Kuta for man for asking me that question the answer is yes there's always something to improve doesn't matter what equipment you're using there's a matter of the type of content you're putting out there is always room for improvement so yes I doesn't want to improve my audio and you know what I'm thinking about upgrading my camera even though I said in the past I probably won't but maybe in a few months you might see a new camera upgrade but I'm always trying to make my next video better than the one before that's kind of what my motto is but yes do you ever watch any channels of course I'm subscribed to over 100 YouTube channels most of them are music channels and then three non tech related channels that I watch religiously are dunkey filthy Frank and stop a douchebag I just can't get enough of those channels and I feel like I'm gonna get just so bad right now what was your biggest mistake you made in your YouTube career nothing really comes up on top of my head to be honest I mentioned in my previous asking me video that any mistakes I made I've actually learned from it and I became a better youtuber or a better person and I've learned a lot from that so really I don't think I believe to make any big mistakes you believe you can fly I think if you truly believe in yourself deep down inside anything is possible what tech series do you hope or want to do in the future I've been in the talks of making a new series hopefully starting this month it's called GPU wars basically it's going to be a comparison between one graphics card and the other where I go straight to the point all BS aside in and out really quickly less than four minutes long what's the price performance ratio how much performance you get out of the car and which graphics card performs the best I think that's what people really want when they're comparing graphics cards so that's kind of the series I want to start this month I'm working on a Titan X versus dual 980 t is but I don't know I'll put it up and we'll see how well it goes how you become so confident in front of the camera that's actually a good question tutor it happens over time you know I was super shy and very scared of filming myself in front of the camera because even though there are not many people around me I know that thousands of people who'll be watching a video so that kind of freaked me out at first that's actually one of the reasons why when I started the channel I was never really in front of the camera you guys would only see my hands doing unboxings and stuff like that but the more you do it the more you become calm obviously the more you become confident so it's just like I said matter of time will you ever do a challenge video that's actually really good question this is a tech channel you know and it'll always be mainly a tech channel I think the farthest I've ever ventured all from non tech related content is my vlogs which is funny because most of my vlogs have more views I'm actual tech content but that's irrelevant but I don't know I mean once in a while maybe I'll throw in something silly to kind of just take a break from tech but I would depend on the content it would depend on the challenge of course but I did I will leave a strap holding down below if you guys want to see some challenges I guess let me know by voting what video was the most fun you had making oh my god this was an easy one so I made a $1000 iPhone success case about a month ago and I think it went viral and it got a bunch of like hate comments on it and a lot of troll comments because of the price Tagg so I went through the comments section and picked out the best comments and I made a video of me reading those comments and it was the best time ever I had so many retakes I was cracking up the entire time by far the best video ever did I'll drop a link up there of you guys when I check it out in case you missed it Berle please show us your dancing skills that's not a question what software do you use and do you plan on using different software and that's a really great question Carlo thank you for asking me so mention this many times before the program I use is Sony Vegas Pro 13 because at the time when I started the channel I picked up a free version and I kind of just stuck with it for the past two and a half years and I've learned so much from it that it just doesn't make sense for me to start learning a new program but honestly believe me when I say this and I always say it but if I can go back in time and change my mind I would definitely start using Adobe Premiere instead just because it offers a lot more than Sony Vegas Pro 13 right I'm actually learning how to edit on Adobe Premiere on the side whenever I have free time because I know eventually I'm gonna have to make this switch I'm just really tired of the YouTube tutorials they're scattered everywhere and you can ever find a really great video on learning Adobe Premiere which is why I've been using the lunar comm for the past few months I'm sure you guys have heard me talk about it a few times already but this website is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn something new if you have thousands of videos shot on HT with very clear instructions whether you want to learn how to edit or shoot videos or even learn how to use a DSLR to make great videos they also have videos on coding design business music and a bunch of other topics but if you like me and want to learn something new then you can try them out for 10 days for free by visiting not gonna drop your link to it down below so yeah hopefully I can make the switch to Adobe mid 2016 that's kind of what I'm aiming at but I'll definitely keep you guys updated so that's a for the video thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoy these AskMe videos make sure to hit that like button and I make sure you follow me on Twitter if you guys want to participate in the next ask Edgar video just being the lookout for the hash tag ask Edgar there were a bunch of repeated questions that I've answered many times in my previous ask me videos so I'll drop a link to the playlist down below if you guys are bored or want to laugh or two but anyways thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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