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What Keyboards Do We Use? | Youtuber Edition

so a few weeks back I reached out on Twitter and asked if anyone is interested in participating in my next collab and I got over 100 emails within that day so I went ahead and picked the first 10 in stead well actually the first 11 since I don't know how to count very much like my previous collab featuring Marquez and Austin and a bunch of really cool tech youtubers this time I'm gonna be focusing on keyboards instead there will be many more collabs like this so if you guys want to participate in my next one and have a youtube channel make sure you're following me on twitter and be on the lookout for my next tweet regarding giveaways brad also you guys can find the links to everyone's channel that's featured in this video linked below so make sure you check them out and subscribe if you enjoy their content all the ways to get more time let's begin what's up guys my name is Kevin and the keyboard that I use on a daily basis is the logitech k400 it's not for everyone but if you have a TV bass set up or just like to keep things minimalistic you really can't go wrong with this what sets this apart from others is the touchpad and with that we have the exclusion of a number pad but I think it's really well worth the trade-off it connects via a small dongle which allows this keyboard to work on almost any device best of all you can find this thing on Amazon for only around $30 which is a steal hey guys jacking your fee nothing my tag and the keyboard I'm currently using on the daily is a Das Keyboard X 40 the X 40 is a mechanical keyboard from the das ultimates gaming series line up the version I appear offers tactile and audible switches which is a must in any type of gaming keyboard for me I also really dig its customizable place and the red backlighting it is a great addition to my setup and a must pick up for anyone with a red and black theme lastly for me I hope you got you guys in my next video thank you guys all for watching what's up guys my name is join Brite and my keyboard of choice is the CM storm quickfire rapid keyboard when I was first looking for a keyboard that fits my super minimalistic vibe this one definitely jumped out at me it looks super clean and doesn't have any unnecessary gimmicks which get in the way and make the keyboard look big and clunky also the keyboard is not Wireless but I did add a hole in the desk for the cable to route through which makes your setup look way cooler the keyboard is mechanical and feels amazing when typing on mine I'm rocking the Cherry MX blue switches over all this keyboard feels amazing looks super clean and if you're willing to deal with a few small things like not having LEDs then this is perfect for you thanks to Ed for having me on and I hope to see all of you guys on my channel very soon this is a habbit HP KB 380 L keyboard it is a mechanical style keyboard as you can see and as these awesome LED backlit keys and a super tough metal build I'm obsessed with using this keyboard because how insanely responsive it is typing on it is super comfortable super smooth and it's going to react quickly to every single keystroke what's really cool about it and what I really like is that you can easily transition this from a regular daily typing keyboard to a gaming keyboard you're playing some games on it and it's really impressive they definitely recommend you guys check this out hey what's up guys Dan here back at it again with another video the courser k4 TS been my keyboard of choice for about the past year and a half now and I've gotten to know it pretty well the keys on this RGB keyboard are rubber dome and feel very similar to MX brown switches the slightly less clicky it features anti-ghosting though you do need to bottom out the keys for a keystroke to register the keyboard isn't too loud though would say it's a little bit louder than average at around 70 bucks you can't really go wrong with the k4 though there are a plethora of other options that are much better for only 10 or 15 dollars more so if you can save a few extra pennies I would definitely recommend going with them hey guys my name is anthon and to script my own tech videos I use the Logitech G 810 the G a 10 is a gaming keyboard at heart but it can transform into a professional and businesslike keyboard so it uses romaji switches which are pretty good for gaming they kind of feel like Cherry MX browns with a ring inside and a faster actuation the J 10 also has RGB lighting which definitely puts on a hell of a show aside from fancy switches or lighting it does do the simple things right like nice multimedia buttons a big scroll wheel and program will keys but it does come at a steep 160 dollar price tag so you have to see if it's worth it for your cause hey what's up guys Joker here and this is my code keyboard with cherry MX clear switches I use this keyboard as my daily driver because of its simple design and the great build quality the clear switches are also extremely satisfying to type and game on and if you're familiar with brown switches they have the same design using the tactile bump but are a little stiffer requiring 65 grams of actuation force lastly the custom key caps and signatures from fellow tech youtubers that I got at LAN Syndicate really do make this a one-of-a-kind keyboard hey guys I'm a Somerville and my keyboard of choice is the perixx px 3200 gaming keyboard what I really like about this keyboard is the twelve programmable keys on each side as well as the lengthy palm wrist and this keyboard is an essentially an all plastic build but it's very sturdy and certified rage proof the keyboard has LED backlit keys as well as a couple special keys including a Windows lock button now I'm not that big of a gamer but with a sturdy build solid typing experience and even a headphone jack this keyboard suits my needs perfectly thanks again to Ed for having me on this collab and I'll catch you guys later what's up guys at sudonym tech devoted in the kyboot i use is the Devastator mb 24 this keyboard actually comes as a part of the cooler master storm devastated gaming keyboard and mouse combo but since we're only talking about key booster day let's put the mouse aside I honestly cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars on a keyboard so the main reason why I got this one is because of the value it offers for money it comes in a $30 US and it looks great as you may have already noticed it's got blue LED lights and it looks really badass the buttons attack Thailand don't make a lot of noise I'm not going to bore you with the specifications of this keyboard because honestly I don't know what a lot of it even means but what I can tell you is this is one amazing keyboard for the price not to mention it also comes with that mouse last but not least a big thanks to Ed for having me on the show and I hope you have enjoyed hello everyone my name is anna-marie postbox and i actually rock two different keyboards so i rocked the wasd or wast code keyboard it's an 87 q keyboard with no number pad on the right-hand side and it has Cherry MX blue switches with LED backlighting on the keys themselves my other keyboard is the generation CP 48 48 key macro keypad that I have fully decked out and fully customized for Adobe Audition Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects in Adobe Photoshop keyboard macros and shortcuts to do everything get basically one button press so I've transitions audio processing various effects and things like that all set up so that's all I have to do is hit one button and apply a lot of effects which speeds up my editing efficiency greatly you can check out that video up on my channel eight sex toys fans my name is Justin and my favorite keyboard is the Apple wireless keyboard it's not what might be considered a gaming keyboard but it's what works best for me what I love about it is the design and tight integration with OS 10 the chiclet keys provide just the right amount of feedback for a satisfactory typing experience not only that but the addition of media controls is something I cannot live without as I'm constantly listening to music while working the keyboard definitely complements my setup and the battery life is also stellar I can go for months of use before needing to replace the two double-a batteries thank you so much ed for having me on this episode so that's it for the video a huge thanks to everyone who participated I also make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed these collab style videos and be sure to check out the talent i'll leave their channels linked below you guys it's basically a thing guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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