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What Tech Do We Use? - Episode 1

so if you weeks back I reached on Twitter and I stated that I wanted to do a collab with smaller channels anywhere between five thousand subscribers and a hundred thousand and I got over 50 submissions so basically I wanted to pick nine of the first people that sent me an email and here we are so yes this is gonna be a new series I will try and aim and do it at least once a month we'll see how this goes but the point of this is to basically help out smaller tech channels to get some exposure I did something like this months ago with keyboards but I'm trying to make this a series on the channel I for one know how difficult it is to grow a channel especially a tech channel when I started out it was just it was really difficult I can only imagine how difficult it is now just just I think YouTube is just oversaturated with tech channels and I feel like this this series is definitely gonna help those smaller channels get some exposure maybe get some momentum going that's one of the reasons I actually started set up or is youtuber edition to kind of get some exposure on those small YouTube channels but eventually the series died because I wasn't getting any more submissions so here's the new series in order to help smaller channels succeed so for this first episode we'll be focusing on the mice that we use whether it's for gaming or productivity now guys it's really easy to make a 1 minute long video on a product there's so much you can do with 60 seconds but if you cut that in half to 30 seconds that in itself is a challenge so this entire new series is basically gonna be 30 seconds for each person that basically collabs with me guys I will have a link to everyone's channels linked down below in the order that you see them so if you like what you see consider checking their channel out and maybe even consider subscribing if you guys like the content I produce that's basically let's let's not waste any more time and start the show I hope you guys enjoy what's up guys Matthew mon is here and this is the SteelSeries rival 100 gaming mouse it retails for about 30 bucks it's an ambidextrous mouse so it works with your right or left hand and it comes in a pretty small form-factor so it's not too small it's not too big it's just the right size it caters to all three grip styles palm claw and fingertips so it's not a racist mouse it doesn't discriminate but the main reason I bought it is for traveling it's a good size I can edit video with it and when I have some downtime I can own some noobs and overwatch so if you're looking for a portable comfortable non-racist gaming mouse that check this one out you really can't go wrong for 30 bucks thanks edy for having me on and I'll see you guys in another video yeah I'm Brian p from bad seat tech and what's really good my daily driver gaming mouse is the razer deathadder chroma it's got a crazy responsive sensor really snappy Omron switches on the buttons but the star of this show is the shape where those sessions get long and the action gets hard I just grip this big black mother I mean it's a really comfortable gaming mouse that's why it's my daily driver what thanks so much for let me be a part of the video and everybody else come check out the channel my daily driver Mouse is an rog spatha it's a very big mouse and at the same time it's also very expensive it's a wireless RGB mouse with a bunch of buttons and features so what about ergonomics well at first it seemed too big to even be comfortable but I gotta say after a couple of days it feels great that is my daily driver mouse please go ahead and click that link in the video description and hopefully subscribe what's going on everyone is capping your f---ing ultimate egg Thank You ed for having me on your show my mouse of choice is a lot of Czech MX master I was this mouse for productivity and for editing as I find it extremely comfortable to use over an extended period of time and I also really love the horizontal scrolling wheel as it really speeds up my workflow to quickly go through my timeline that's it for me though I hope to catch you guys on my channel and I'll hopefully see you guys in the next video bye hey guys tuck him here so for the mouth I use daily I use the Razer Ouroboros because it is a fantastic mast particularly for gamers it's one of the high-end gaming mouses costing 150 US dollars but what you get is a great design and the buttons are very satisfying to clipping it also comes with a charging dock for your mouse when using the wireless feature and customization is key on the Ouroboros as there are interchangeable side panels and the mouse can also adjust to suit your hand perfectly overall our voice is a great mouse to have and I hope to see some of you guys over on my channel peace the Logitech m5 10 is my mouse of choice for surfing editing and why it's a no-frills wireless mouse that has your classing layout with forward and back buttons or makes it a winner though is how comfortable it is even over extended usage but it's also small enough to throw and store into my bag the rubber-coated sides feel great to hold and really help with maneuvering but the comp has a glossy finish that easily catches breeze when you're eating or doing whatever else you'd like to do at night along with the two year rated battery life it's an overall budget friendly comfortable and reliable Mouse on the go hey guys my name is Anton and the mouse I use for all my everyday tasks video editing and gaming is the logitech g502 organ omix is great on the 502 it's mostly good for a claw or hybrid grip it has six macro buttons that you can easily program in Logitech's well-developed gaming software all the buttons are Omron switches with a 20 million click rating the scroll wheel also has a super-nice mode that allows you to scroll almost forever with a click of a button finally underneath is a Pixar pmw 3366 which gives fast and accurate tracking with no acceleration all those dope features pretty much come together to make the best all-around Mouse in my opinion hey what's up everyone danny here from budgeted the mouse that I use is the red dragon central forest I read you about it to use as a temporary mouse while waiting for a bigger brand-name going to go on sale and ended up exceeding my expectations so almost two years later it's still my daily driver in terms of features it has 6 buttons of braided cable adjustable weights and it's a Mexico - the side buttons my time on the computer is mostly spent browsing creating content and playing casual games for which it works perfectly thanks for putting together this collaboration man and thank you all for watching hope to see some of you on my channel what is going on guys Alex here and the mouse loads on a daily basis is the row cat covert the lighting on it is absolutely awesome with the one around the scroll wheel and the little base of it as well this is just so comfortable to use in general and that's why I've actually stayed with this one it doesn't stick to any surfaces it's like nice and smooth it does have some significant weight to it which is also an added bonus and that's about all I have to say about my daily driver Mouse so thank you to add to having me on the show and I will see you guys over on my channel so that is it for the collab I'm gonna give you huge thanks to everyone who participated guys make sure to check them out how their links down below as always consider subscribing and show some love also let me know if you guys have any feedback in the comments section down below it is a new series so I'm still things around if you enjoy the series also make sure to leave a like if you have a youtube channel between 2500 subscribers and also 100k subscribers make sure to follow me on Twitter because that is when I'll be announcing the next collab sometime in December so if you guys want to participate that is where it's gonna happen thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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