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What Tech Do We Use? - Episode 2

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to episode two of what tech we use which is basically a series I started on a channel to help smaller tech channels succeed in this very oversaturated platform so in this video we'll be focusing on what camera they used to shoot their YouTube videos and also why they picked that camera and as always guys if you enjoy what you see consider checking the channels that I'll drop a link to them down below and maybe even consider subscribing I know it will mean the world to them but anyways I'm done talking I'm gonna pass it over to ash Taylor the legend himself take it away man hey guys Asha so the camera I'm using these days is the a7s2 from Sony it's been a gradual progression from where I originally started and the main reason I decided go with the camera is because it suits my style of shooting of the work and tend to do both the YouTube and externally so that's things like the internal stabilization is fantastic it works better than many of the lens implementations I've used and as an added benefit it gives me the ability to use is with lenses that don't have it then you have all that obvious stuff like the low-light capability which is nothing short of awesome but also living in a really small space having a full-frame sensor can also help as I can get a wider field of view when it comes to work outside of YouTube it really varies on the job but I've had the pleasure of using a wide range of cameras ranging from the super 16 to the bollocks to Red's epic W but I have to say the camera that impressed me the most is the Ursa mini from Blackmagic like all that stuff that had a very rocky start but the potential but this camera is truly truly insane from what you pay I love the image it's beautiful it has an organic texture to it the flexibility of recording straight pro res is a huge benefit and the menu system oh what a joy is it to use I wanna see if I needed a camera for professional work this would be it it has everything that a professional needs and does it in a way that just allows you to get on with the things that matter and focus on the content okay that's it for me Thank You Edgar for hitting me up there thanks to all of you for listening take it easy I'll see you soon what's going on text source viewers my name is Hamza and the camera that I used to film my YouTube videos is the sony a6300 and this thing is insane so by far the main feature about this camera is that practically films 6k video downscale to 4k internal recording which is crazy due to how compact the camera is the reason that I did pick up the a 6300 was in fact that if films in slow motion at 120 fps which means I can be creative and film some really cool cinematic shots using the specific mode and the results have been phenomenal I have taken this thing on various shoot tested it's low light mode and also tested its autofocus which is one of the fastest in the world on any camera this thing can get pretty powerful as you can pick two focus points while filming so overall it's an insane camera and you can't go wrong but that's about it from me I hope to see some of you guys over on my channel and yeah that's about it all right guys bye what's up guys Sam here and the camera that I've been using for the past two years is my faithful Canon t3i whilst this may not have 4k or high frame rate recording it's been an absolute trooper and workhorse of a camera so the best part about this camera is the cost it can be found for as low as around five to six hundred dollars with a kit lens so that makes it a great affordable option if you're just starting out and getting into the YouTube game the other thing that I absolutely love about this camera is the cinematic images you can capture using it especially if you're willing to get creative with your lighting perhaps the biggest downside of this camera is the low-light capabilities which are definitely not great but aside from that this is a really great entry-level DSLR camera look at your head if I could I would love to have my next camera upgrade be either the sony a7r Mark 2 the sony a7s Mark 2 given the internal 4k recording the embodied camera stabilization the full-frame sensor the crazy low-light capabilities and the list goes on so fingers crossed that might happen soon other than that a big thank you to Ed for inviting me to be involved in this video and hopefully my catchy guys over on my channel soon I'm Evo's Vox and after nearly 5 years of shooting on my Canon t3i I was finally able to upgrade to a better camera the Panasonic g7 which is what you're seeing right now this is a fantastic budget camera with a beautiful 4k image in a natural film like grain I've been able to set up some really nice in-camera settings that don't require me to do much color grading or color correction whatsoever it looks great even with the kit lens but I also went ahead and got a nice wroking on 12 millimeter F 2.2 cine lens to go with it as well and it is wonderful the g7 handles low-light way better than my t3 I ever did and with a Wi-Fi connectivity and touch screen made it super easy to learn and adapt to as well if I get a chance to upgrade again I'd have to probably upgrade to the Panasonic gh4 K 60fps 10 bit internal recording the clips that will come out of that camera are going to be beautiful and I can't wait to see what people will do with it of course I'd love to upgrade to the red 8k camera that everywhere all the tech tubers have been upgrading to lately but that's gonna be forever out of my budget hey guys my name is Victor and just like add I also run a tech channel known as everything technology and where I produce tech videos based on consumer electronics the camera I used to film all my videos is the Panasonic Lumix G 7 with the Rokinon 60 millimeter F 2.0 the reason being because it happened to be on sale bonded up with the rode videomic pro at the same time when every techy tuber was switching to 4k I really like this camera because it shoots 4k has a touchscreen articulating display and the soft on it is really easy to use if I was to upgrade right now but I don't plan on I would probably go with the Sony HTTP hundred because it's another budget 4k camera and it has an aps-c sensor and that's gonna do for my part thanks dad for having me on so that is it for this collab as always make sure to check out the talent I'll drop a link to their channels down below guys consider checking them out maybe even subscribe if you like what you see thank you so much for watching leave a like if you enjoy the series and I'll see you in the next video you
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