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What's In My Tech Bag - Episode 1

so a lot of you guys have been asking me to make a what's in my tech bag video so after reading all the comments I'm just kidding I made that up as an excuse to make this video nonetheless these are my tech items that I carry with me wherever I go whether it's to a CES event or to my grandma's house I must have these tech items with me at all times let's get started starting off the video we have the Bluetooth keyboard with a magnetic case by new Lexi I actually featured this in my recent cool tech video for December and ever since then I've been taking it with me everywhere the case folds itself into a kickstand which are held together by strong magnets and turns any tablet into a laptop hybrid the keyboard is awesome its clicky with amazing feedback and has zero lag while typing I do have slightly larger hands but after using it for a few hours the spacing between the keys don't bother me at all the tablet I'm using is the iPad air 2 which was custom painted by the dudes at color ware and they did a phenomenal job with it I did up for the matte black finish with a glossy red Apple logo to match my color scheme and they even do custom engravings if I want something with more power I bust up my LG gram 14 which I also did a review on a few months ago it's a 14 inch 1080p laptop with an i5 5200 CPU eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of SSD space carrying my gh4 around would be absurd which is why I carry the next best thing my sony mark 4 this is the camera I use for my vlogs on the channel and it shoots some seriously crispy 4k footage in a small compact form factor combine that with a badass mini tripod for Manfrotto and you have the ultimate run-and-gun setup so that's video for audio I carry the popular h5 zoom recorder with me and it's currently one of the best portable recording devices you can buy here's a quick sample of me talking directly into the h5 zoom without any editing here's a quick audio sample from three feet in front of the h5 zoom without any editing it records the sound file onto an SD card which I then insert into the transcend USB 3 SD card reader and then I plug that into the laptop to transfer the audio files keep the SD card reader in my little carrying case for my external hard drive I also carry a few other things in the other pocket like my 128 gigabyte USB 3.0 flash drive from SanDisk a pair align lightning cable from anchor and of course my one terabyte external hard drive I also carry a wireless gaming mouse that I picked up for around five bucks and the only reason why I don't carry my Logitech MX master mouse is because it doesn't come with a slot that I can use to carry the receiver which is extremely disappointing I almost lost it a few times before since I don't have a dedicated place for it but this $5.00 wireless gaming mouse not only has a slot for the receiver but it works great without any complaints for headphones I usually carry around to majority of the time I use my m50x says when I'm using my laptop but sometimes go wireless when I'm watching a movie or listening to music on my iPad I actually did a review on the so drop Bluetooth headphones on our channel as well if anyone is interested to keep on my devices juiced up I use the anchor power cord 10050 million power charger which is easily my favorite power bank that i've ever used it charges things fast it's powered by Qualcomm's quick charge 2.0 which means that you will always get the fastest charge possible for your devices I also have a backup wall charger from anchor as well to not only do sup my power bank when needed but charge multiple devices for emergencies this wall charger also comes with IQ charging meaning you will deliver the fastest charge possible as well last but not least I don't go anywhere let alone sleep without having my phone on me the reason I'm showing my phone is to tell you about the case I've been using and I get asked a lot about it this is the virus dam the case which I featured in my top 5 iPhone 6 cases but the reason why I ditched my premium and expensive Ventor 6 aluminum bumper case for this is simply because I hate carrying my wallet around I like to keep as few items as possible with me and that's what a damn the case comes in it has a card slot which can fit up to 3 cards which eliminates my need to carry around a wallet I just keep my driver license on my debit card on me that's basically all I need it also provides excellent protection now it is a bit bulky especially since I have a giant 6s plus but the trade-off is 100% worth it for me so before I go I want to say something real quick guys making videos like these are never easy despite how it looks and fun as a content creator I always look for other sources to integrate in my videos to make my job a lot easier and less stressful from finding great music to use in the background or using special effects or just some pretty sweet b-roll video blocks does just that you get access to over 115,000 studio-quality HD videos from after effect templates motion backgrounds and more there's even a marketplace so if you get shoot video you can actually sign up and submit your b-roll to the website and earn 100 percent commission for anyone that's interested in spicing up their videos you can actually try them out for 50% off the first year and all the details will be listed down below for you guys but that's for the video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to hit that like button and as always I will see you in the next video
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